AMD Overdrive Utility Download (Latest Version)

AMD Override Utility Download

AMD Overdrive Utilityindustry-leading software that is specially designed to boost and improve the performance of AMD chipset results. It allows users to control and adjust the system abilities with an affluent surfeit of features of AMD Overdrive Utility. Download AMD Overdrive because it is a popular software that is chosen by the majority of overclockers from all over the World.


Last Update1st March 2018
File Size 30.4 MB

About AMD Overdrive Utility

The intuitive and modern interface ensures the easy use of this amazing software and that makes AMD Overdrive a top-notched product. Moreover, endless tweaking possibilities is another amazing feature of this software. It has access for all types of users from beginners to pro levelled. The general feel and look of AMD Driver stimulates professionalism. In addition, it needs to be acknowledged with care with precision so that the possibility of damage lessens up because of misuse. Download AMD Overdrive today!

Why Download AMD Overdrive?

AMD Overdrive offers to perform a number of benchmarks, adjustments, and tests that leads to success. Moreover, it offers full control over the memory and processor. AMD Overdrive is able to provide overclocking the chipset, which leads the user to have an outstanding performance with less effort from the consumer’s side.

The professionals can manually modify a lot of characteristics such as voltage, timings, and frequency while in complex games gamers need ultimate power to win.

The Newbies can easily take the advantage of the easy interface that AMD drivers have. The pre-tuned memory of the driver in order to boost the system speed. So it can be optimized easily by beginners. 

What’s New

  • Black Edition Memory Profile is no longer supported in AOD.
  • Now it displays CPU Temperature and The AOD will report thermal margin. The thermal margin indicates how much the current operating systems take up the temperature.

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