6 Best Samsung Apps That Android Users Should Install

Best Samsung Apps for Android

Samsung has always been renowned for producing top-notch smartphones. But did you know they also offer some great apps for Android? They include useful tools such as S Health, S Note, etc. Samsung Apps is a collection of applications developed specifically for use with Samsung devices. These apps are compatible with Android phones running 2.3 … Read more

Top 10 Best Apps That Turn Pictures Into Cartoons

apps that turn pictures into cartoons

Cartoon pictures have become very popular today. With the advancement of technology, we have many cartoon picture apps. Nowadays, many people are fond of making cartoon pictures. There are many apps that are available on our app store either on iOS or Android. You may download some of them for free, others are paid. You … Read more

8 Best Music Apps that Don’t Need Data or Wifi

Music Apps that Don't Need Data

How does it feel when banging your head to the beats of your favorite song, it suddenly stops? One look at your device tells you that it’s not connected to the internet anymore. Realization hits you when you remember that your music streaming app cannot keep playing your favorite tracks without wifi or data. Your … Read more