Top 8 Best Laptops for Streaming and Gaming for 2023

Best Laptops for Streaming and Gaming

Streaming is a great way for passive earning when you have leisure time to stream content for your dear hobbies. Not only you, as a gamer, get to showcase your skills, highlights of the games you are playing, but you get to interact with an audience. We have to understand that PC gaming isn’t just … Read more

Top 10 Best Gaming Setups for 2023: Ultimate Guide

Top 10 Best Gaming Setups of 2022

As modern technology is flourishing day by day, so is the gaming industry. Manufacturers have stepped up largely and made tremendous improvements over the past productors. From newer generations of processors to advanced leaps in ray tracing core functionalities, it is all there! Last 2 years have been very difficult for mankind with the pandemic … Read more

Top 8 Best HDMI Switches for Gaming for 2023

Best HDMI Switches for Gaming

Are you tired of limited ports in your top-end ultrawide displays or fancy OLED TVs? Are you facing difficulties sharing your display with multiple other displays? Do you wish to hook up multiple peripherals to share and stream your gaming experience?  Then you, my friend, are in dire need to get your hands on the … Read more

Why Are Graphics Cards So Expensive? (10 Crucial Reasons)

Why Are Graphics Cards So Expensive

Once upon a time, gamers were scared of getting shot with a sniper from long range. But now, they fear the cost of buying a graphics card. An amalgamation of constituents have pushed the gaming card prices to the stratosphere. There is no indication when they will fall down to the Earth any time soon. … Read more