Top 9 Best Food Delivery Apps for Restaurants in 2023

Nowadays people tend to order food online from their favorite restaurants instead of visiting there. Additionally, they even pick up food using food delivery apps because these apps provide amazing deals and offers every single day. So we can understand how popular the food delivery app market is and how fast it is growing! One major reason behind that is the unfortunate pandemic. During this period dining in was not even an option for many and now that all the restrictions are left off, most people still do not consider dining in. Therefore, the growth of the food delivery app market is not diving down anytime soon. 

So restaurant owners, food business or cloud kitchen owners, whoever wants to grow their food business in this digital era, collaborating with food delivery apps is a must. We are all aware that in a growing market, the competition is high and without a surprise, there are hundreds of food delivery apps providing better offers and competing with each other. Thus, choosing the best food delivery app is quite a big confusing task. But no worries! We are here to take you out from all this confusion.

Top 9 Cheapest and Best Food Delivery Service Apps in 2023

Here is the list of best food delivery apps

  1. DoorDash (Android/iOS)Best Food Delivery App in the USA
  2. UberEats (Android/iOS) – Most Trusted Food Delivery App
  3. Grubhub (Android/iOS) – Cheapest Food Delivery App
  4. Postmates (Android/iOS) – Best for Local Restaurants
  5. (Android/iOS) – Best for Merchant
  6. ChowNow (Android/iOS) – Best for Local Restaurants
  7. Seamless (Android/iOS) – Flexible and Low Cost Food Delivery App
  8. Caviar (Android/iOS) – Best for Merchant and Local Foods
  9. GoPuff (Android/iOS) – Best for Product Availabilty

We have analyzed many food delivery apps based on the market share, availability, usability, pricing plans, and benefits for restaurants and compiled the best ones in this article. So let’s start with the food delivery service app that comes first in the USA according to Market Share, DoorDash. But what is the real scenario? For actual feedback from users, you need to read the whole article then choose which one is right for your business.

1. DoorDash

DoorDash Food Delivery App

DoorDash is one of the best food delivery apps that deliver groceries, flowers, pet stuff, or even alcohol as well. It is found in 4000+ cities across the USA, UK, and Australia. Moreover, DoorDash covers the highest market share of food delivery apps in the USA and the number is 55% (more than the other app’s share in total). So no surprise why it stands at the number one spot for the best and cheapest food delivery apps. More than 25 million users use the DoorDash delivery app around the world and 43% of the order at least once a month. So business owners who want to collaborate or partner with online delivery apps must consider the DoorDash app first.

Why should you become a DoorDash Merchant? 

One of the main reasons for DoorDash having the most market share among other food delivery apps is it delivers grocery and other items as well. So users get other products from different categories using only one app. That also opens the door to start a business for other shop owners as well. If you own such a business, putting your business on DoorDash will introduce you to more customers. 

In addition, being a DoorDash merchant, you can increase your sales by entering new locations and reaching out to new consumers. Besides this, DoorDash provides exclusive marketing tools called Promotions. Promotions help you customize your target customers and incentives according to the business aim and by doing promotions you can increase up to 20% of your sales.

Moreover, DoorDash gives your customers a seamless ordering experience with an average delivery time of 35 minutes only starting from placing the order to having the parcel dropped at their doorstep. So with DoorDash, your customers are happy and satisfied with your service. 

Lastly, a DoorDash merchant does not need to worry about the delivery process as doordashers take care of that. So just prepare your product according to your customer’s order and instructions and hand it over to the dasher.

Why should you not become a DoorDash Merchant?

  • Only available across the USA, UK, and Australia, recently growing in Japan and Germany. 
  • Commission caps for restaurants differ from state to state.

Requirements to get started as a DoorDash Merchant

  1. Owning a Business in following categories –
    1. Restaurants,
    2. Groceries,
    3. Alcohol,
    4. Convenience,
    5. Flower Shops and 
    6. Pet Stores. 
  2. Go to this link and enter your business name and address.
  3. Enter your Business type.
  4. Lastly enter your valid email address and phone number.
  5. Install the DoorDash app and login with your merchant details on the DoorDash app. In order to install the app, your phone must support the following app specifications.

App Specifications 

  • App size – 53 Mbs for Android and 325.4 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 5 or up and iOS 14 or later
  • Language – English, Frech, German, Japanese, Spanish
  • Current App Version – 15.39.14
  • App Price – Free

Benefits for DoorDash Merchants

Businesses partnered with DoorDash get the following benefits from the App based on the plan merchants pick. It provides three types of plans with a 30-day free trial. Check out in the table below! 

Key Benefits Merchants Get from the DoorDash AppBasicPlusPremier
Reliable & Fast Delivery YesYesYes
DashPass – access to high values customers NoYesYes
Access to a Bigger Delivery AreaNoYesYes
Accept at least 20 orders/month or pay no commissionNoNoYes
Rate of the Delivery Commission15%25%30%
Rate of the Pickup Commission6%6%6%

Here are some other benefits merchants get from DoorDash:

  • Exclusive marketing tools and promotions to boost online visibility of your business that increase sales upto 20%.
  • No need to worry about the delivery process, leave it to the dashers and stay cost effective.

Pros of Using the DoorDash App for Merchants

  • Receiving and navigating orders are way easy with the app.
  • Manage and customize your menu quickly using the app.
  • View your customer name, order details and expected time to the order all at one place.
  • Step by step order states that lets you  easily monitor which order is at which state. 
  • Watch In-app tutorials or ask for help directly through the DoorDash app. 
  • Manage business with the advanced DoorDash Business Manager App.

Download the DoorDash App: Google Play or Apple App Store.

2. UberEats

UberEats Food Delivery Service App

UberEats is the most globally found online food delivery app, available in 24 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and many more in Europe, South America, and Asia. It also holds the second most market share of the total used food delivery apps in the USA with 22%. So restaurant or food business owners who are looking for partnering with an online food delivery app, check UberEats, it is most likely to be found in your locality, unlike DoorDash or Grubhub.

Why should you become an UberEats Partner?

As we have already said UberEats is the most globally found online food delivery app, partnering with your restaurant business will expose it to a wider range of customers at uber speed. Being an UberEats Merchant, you can grow your business in the following ways:

  1. Get more orders online, offering home delivery or even pickup with UberEats.
  2. Promote your business with UberEats to drive more customers.
  3. Improve your business strategy and operate it with UberEats to increase sales.
  4. Your food will reach people very quickly as the UberEats delivery persons are very passionate.

Why should you not join UberEats?

  • UberEats activation fee is expensive compared to other food delivery apps.
  • Food delivery radius for restaurants vary from city to city. So if you own multiple restaurants in different cities, the customer range may be different.

Requirements to sign up as an UberEats Merchant

  1. Own a restaurant business, homemade food business or any kind of a business related to food.
  2. Fill-up this form using the required details such as., store name, address, floor/suite, your name, email and contact details. Then submit the form and sign-up as an UberEats Merchant.
  3. Download and install the UberEats App, make sure your device is suitable with the app specifications.

App Specifications

  • App size – 86 Mbs for Android and 293.5 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 5 or up and iOS 13.7 or later
  • Current App Version – 6.99.10002
  • App Price – Free
  • Language – English, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Benefits by Plans for UberEats Merchants

UberEats offers many benefits to its merchants depending on three types of pricing plans that are – Lite, Plus, and Premium Plan. Check the table below for the details.

Benefits for UberEats MerchantsLite PlanPlus PlanPremium Plan
Fees for Delivery Orders15%25%30%
Fees for Pickup Orders6%6%6%
Visibility on the AppIf customers search for you only.Your business will be visible on the app’s home screen and search results.Your business will be shown higher on the app’s home screen and search results.
Choose your own Delivery PersonsYesYesYes
Switch between PlansYesYesYes
24/7 Support from UberEats TeamYesYesYes
Welcome Kits and professional PhotoshootYesYesYes
Tablet & Restaurant SoftwareYesYesYes

Pick the Premium Plan if you want your business to stand out right from the beginning. 

Pros of Using UberEats App for Restaurant Owners

  • UberEats App offers advanced marketing tools to grow and promote your restaurant business, get more orders and increase sales.
  • Deliver food to your customers without directly getting involved with the delivery process.
  • Choose your own delivery persons and pay 10% less than delivering with independent delivery persons.
  • You do not need to buy a separate tablet or do your restaurant’s photoshoots, the app does it for you.

Download the UberEats App: Google Play or Apple App Store.

3. Grubhub

Grubhub food delivery app

Grubhub is one of the largest food delivery service platforms in the USA. It was founded in Chicago in the year 2004 and is now available in 3,200 cities across all 50 states of the USA. In addition, Grubhub holds 17% of the total market share of food delivery apps in the USA. It is a food delivery app that is purely dedicated to users’ safety having the largest selection of restaurants that you can choose from. But what about business owners? Well, Grubhub provides the easiest ways for restaurants to partner with it. Let’s find it out below!

Why should you get partnered with Grubhub?

The first motto of using a food delivery app as a restaurant owner is introducing his business to larger and potential diners. Then getting more and more orders and gaining additional revenue through those orders or takeaways. Grubhub is one of the very few apps that not only fulfills these aims of an owner but also provides exceptional High Return on Investment (ROI).

As we have already mentioned, Grubhub covers 17% market share of food delivery apps in the USA and its estimated users are more than 30 million, so the first motto of partnering your restaurant business with Grubhub can be easily fulfilled via this marketplace. In addition, the registration process is also very easy. Just sign-up and get started to take and deliver orders!

In case of growing your online restaurant business in the world full of competition, Grubhub marketplace has also thought about that for you. Grubhub provides you awareness for your restaurant in your locality and easy-to-use marketing tools to grow your business. So let’s look at the pros of becoming a Grubhub merchant in short.

Pros of Partnering your Restaurant with Grubhub

  • You get more ROI while making additional revenue on each order and takeaways than the other competing apps.
  • Grubhub is best for increasing customer frequency.
  • Your restaurant gets an immediate boost and raise for delivery on the app.

Cons || Why should you not get partnered with Grubhub?

  • Listing your restaurant depends on the amount of commission you want to pay to Grubhub. A higher commission will mark your business as sponsored and the list will be higher. This type is chosen by most of the restaurants on Grubhub. A lower commission does the opposite.
  • Grubhub is not available globally, only found all over the USA and several cities in the UK. So most parts of the world are deprived of using a great food delivery app like Grubhub.

Requirements to sign-up on Grubhub as a Restaurant Owner

  1. Personal information such as, name, address and email.
  2. Business name and additional details.
  3. Android or iOS device with supported OS version. Check app specifications below.
  4. Self-calculate your ROI HERE if needed and just Sign-up HERE!

App Specifications

  • App size – 63 Mbs for Android and 196.1 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 5 or up and iOS 13 or later
  • Language – English
  • Current App Version – 2022.4.1
  • App Price – Free

Benefits by Plans for Restaurants partnered with Grubhub 

Restaurants partnered with Grubhub get the following benefits from the APP based on the plan they pick. Grubhub provides three types of plans with a risk-free trial of 30 days to restaurants. Check out in the table below! 

Benefits Restaurant GetsBasicPlusPremium
Diners Delivery Chargesx3x2x1
Free Menu Photoshoot & Grubhub TabletYesYesYes
Menu Consultation ServiceYesYesYes
POS Integration YesYesYes
Access to Brand Ordering SiteYesYesYes
Free Trial of 30 DaysYesYesYes
Multiple Payment GatewaysYesYesYes
Access to loyal Grubhub dinersNoYesYes
Promotions & loyalty toolsNoNoYes
Access for responding to Reviews and RatingsNoNoYes

If you want your food delivery business to grow right from the start of this partnership with Grubhub, then pick the premium plan. 

Download the Grubhub app from Google Play or Apple App Store.

4. Postmates

Postmates Food Delivery App

Looking for an app that delivers food, drinks, groceries 24/7 and 365 a day? Meet Postmates. It is a USA-based food delivery ecommerce service owned by Uber from 2020. So in order to open a business account or add your restaurant or grocery shop on Postmates, you have to partner with Uber first. Postmates currently holds 5% of the total market share of food delivery apps in the USA. 

Why should you join Postmates?

The fact that Postmates still holds 5% of the total market share among the other food delivery apps in the USA even after being sold to Uber completely, means it is still very popular among the users. Many users still use Postmates instead of UberEats and place food, grocery, or other orders through the app. Thus it pretty much seems like using a separate app to order from UberEats for users now. However, for restaurant or store owners and delivery people, registering on Postmates is not an option anymore. They must be UberEats partners and one benefit is, they can serve two apps users separately. 

As Postmates has been integrated with UberEats, adding your restaurant on UberEats means you are available for 81 million users worldwide. Moreover, if you make your restaurant available on Postmates it exposes to 10 million daily active users of Postmates as well. Therefore, you get double customers with the same registration process. So in short, Postmates helps your restaurant to – 

  • Increase visibility to larger customers.
  • Share the same space on the app like McDonald’s or StarBucks even if you own a small business.
  • Make more money with online delivery and pickup orders.

Why should you not join Postmates?

  • Postmates do not share pricing plans on the web, so you have to reach their team to know about it.
  • It has a lot of fees, and many restaurants find them expensive.

Requirements to sign up as a Merchant

Same as UberEats as they share the same sign-up platform, but devices that support the following app specifications.

App Specifications

  • App size – 83 Mbs for Android and 276.1 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 5 or up and iOS 13.7 or later
  • Current App Version – 6.100.10001
  • App Price – Free
  • Language – English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Download the Postmates App: Google Play or Apple App Store.


Delivery App
Delivery App is a user-friendly order management system that lets you join as a merchant for free. Here you only pay for the orders you get from whether you own a restaurant, liquor stores, grocery stores, or laundromats. It is available in 2400+ cities in the USA and over 3 million users order from this service. Till now more than 19000+ merchants are eagerly growing their business with

Why should you join as a Merchant?

If you want your shop, restaurant, or business to provide online services like taking orders and delivering your product to users’ doorstep you may find many popular apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, or UberEats. But all these apps charge joining fees with pricing plans for partnering your business. In this case, is different. It does not cost any fees to join as merchants. Therefore adding your business with saves a huge amount of money and you just have to pay a commission to the service only if you get an order from them.

In addition, boosts your business by providing various types of business management tools, techs, and strategic partnerships.

Why should you not join as a Merchant?

  • No delivery fees for the customers, charges commissions from the merchants on each order customers place to their stores.
  • Only available in the USA.

Requirements to sign up as a Merchant

  1. Own a restaurant, grocery, medicine, liquor or any business.
  2. Fill up this form with required info – business name, address, email, location, contact etc.
  3. Get started immediately.
  4. Use app on android or iOS supporting the app specifications.

App Specifications

  • App size – 46 Mbs for Android and 162.2 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 5 or up and iOS 11 or later
  • Current App Version – 5.21.9
  • Last Updated – 27 August, 2021
  • App Price – Free
  • Language – English

Benefits a Merchant get from 

  1. MenuConnect: With MenuConnect, merchants can contact the merchant delivery team by filling up a form in order to add and customize their menu with their store website on
  2. StoreFront: Manage your online store with the simplest tool powered by
  3. Digital Marketing: Get suitable packages for making your business more visible on social media, website or apps.
  4. Out of Home Marketing: Dedicated account manager to get advice on marketing strategy.

Pros of Using App for Merchants

  • The app is free of cost and provides multiple payment gateways.
  • Pay commission to the only when you receive an order through them. No additional fees or pricing plans.
  • Easily manage your store, navigate orders and prepare than on time with the app.

Download the App: Google Play or Apple App Store.

6. ChowNow

ChowNow Food Delivery Service App

ChowNow is an online food ordering system that connects local restaurants with customers. It has claimed to be a commission-free online food ordering system that helps local restaurants to feed their customers through the ChowNow app. It charges zero hidden fees from the customers and absolutely no commission from the restaurant owners. ChowNow is mainly Los Angeles, California-based food delivery service, also available in several localities in the USA and Canada. More than 12 million diners use ChowNow to get their favorite local food delivered at their home and according to ChowNow, they are processing $200 million worth orders per month! So ChowNow is becoming a very popular food delivery app day by day.

Why should your restaurant join ChowNow?

ChowNow is the best commission-free food delivery app for restaurants. It lets local restaurant owners grow their businesses without paying any commission. By joining ChowNow, restaurants expand their reach to larger customers and increase repeat customers. So the summary is – 

  • You keep 100% profit your restaurant makes from any order received via ChowNow.
  • ChowNow takes a monthly service charge from restaurants instead of charging commission from each order.
  • Diners do not even pay a hidden charge so more people are encouraged to join ChowNow, which opens the opportunity for your restaurant to expand to more customers.
  • ChowNow Direct boosts your restaurant’s presence online by providing advanced custom marketing tools, branded apps, memberships and more.

Why Should Your Restaurant Not Join ChowNow?

  • ChowNow only works in the USA and Canada, limited to localities as well.
  • ChowNow is not mainly a delivery service, rather it works like a middle man who lets restaurants hire their own delivery people. If restaurants fail to do that, ChowNow can arrange third-party delivery services partnering with DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats and other competitive food delivery services. 

Requirements to sign up on ChowNow for Restaurants

  1. Owning or operating a restaurant in the USA or Canada.
  2. Go to this link and register with valid information.
  3. Sign up and use ChowNow app for free on devices that support the following specifications.

App Specifications

  • App size – 27 Mbs for Android and 60.6 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 6 or up and iOS 13 or later
  • Current App Version – 1.18.0
  • App Price – Free
  • Language – English

Pros of Using the ChowNow App for Restaurants

  1. Easy and faster way to get notified about customers orders.
  2. Free to use.
  3. Quick menu management.
  4. 24/7 support from the ChowNow team.
  5. User friendly and easy to navigate each order states.

Download the ChowNow App for free: Google Play or Apple App Store.

7. Seamless

Seamless food delivery app

Seamless is an instant food delivery app that is powered by Grubhub. Using the Seamless app and web, millions of users order their favorite food from local cafes and restaurants. They get home delivery 24/7. They can pick up their order anytime from hundreds of cities in the USA and from several specific locations in London as well. However, Seamless provides the best food delivery service in New York. Seamless is now one of the most used food delivery apps in the USA. 

Why should your Restaurant join Seamless?

Seamless for restaurants comes with several advantages for owners which are given below:

  • Seamless provides the best delivery service for your food to reach your customer’s doorstep.
  • Diners on Seamless have to place a minimum dollar order in order to order anything from your restaurant. So you get enough money worth delivering the parcel.
  • Customers can pay using various payment gateways including industry encrypted credit card protection.

Why should you not join your restaurant on Seamless?

Seamless is only available in hundreds of cities in the USA and UK. So if your business is outside the USA or UK, join UberEats or other food delivery service apps we have mentioned earlier.

Requirements to sign up as a Merchant

As Seamless is powered by Grubhub, to sign up as a restaurant owner or join your restaurant on Seamless you need to register on Grubhub. The requirements and registration process are the same as Grubhub but you need to have devices supporting the following app specifications to use the Seamless app. 

App Specifications

  • App size – 61 Mbs for Android and 181.1 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 5 or up and iOS 13 or later
  • Current App Version – 2022.6
  • App Price – Free
  • Language – English

Seamless or Grubhub?

Seamless and Grubhub both are partners of Grubhub Inc. and very similar two each other. Both share the same registration process for restaurants, charge the same amount of fees and commissions. Both services are found in the same areas so join any of you like.

Download the Seamless App: Google Play or Apple App Store.

8. Caviar

Caviar Food Delivery App

Caviar is also an American-based food delivery service that has been acquired by DoorDash in 2019. After that Caviar has grown more in a number of users and merchants. It is now available in 20+ areas across only 13 cities in the USA, serving thousands of users to grab their favorite local foods. 

Pros! || Why should you join Caviar?

Caviar is owned by DoorDash, helping the dashers to get more orders from both services. Except for the app requirements and availability, Caviar has the same delivery service, requirements for joining, and pricing plans for restaurant owners as DoorDash food delivery service.


  • Caviar is only available in several cities in the USA. Find out here whether Caviar is in your area.
  • Fees charged by Caviar are categorized in taxes, commissions, service charge and others, so it is expensive both for users and restaurant owners. 

App Specifications

  • App size – 53 Mbs for Android and 325.2 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 5 or up and iOS 14 or later
  • Current App Version – 15.39.14
  • App Price – Free
  • Language – English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Download the Caviar App: Google Play or Apple App Store.

9. GoPuff (Bonus Mention)

GoPuff Food Delivery App

GoPuff is a daily essential delivery service that delivers thousands of items (from cleaning supplies to food) to your doorstep. It is an American-based consumer goods and food delivery service, available only in the USA and operates in 650+ US cities. There are 15 million and counting users of GoPuff across the USA and according to a GoPuff blog, it has covered 75% of the market share in the instant needs category last year. So, for anyone who wants to grow their brand by partnering with an online delivery service, GoPuff can be a great platform for them.

Why should you get partnered with GoPuff?

Partnering with GoPuff has a lot of advantages in order to grow your brand because GoPuff uses, an industry-standard product discovery platform. RangeMe works in three following ways for your brand:

  1. It showcases your products by creating a free profile. The profile plays a key role to highlight your brand’s product and business information.
  2. When your profile is ready, your products reach the relevant buyers, you get discovered more and get more orders.
  3. Buyers can reach you directly even if they get to know you on GoPuff.

Why shouldn’t you get partnered with GoPuff?

GoPuff is not dedicated to restaurant businesses, rather it lists your products, food items, or any grocery items you want to sell. It works as a third-party selling marketplace for your brand.

Requirements to sign up as a Merchant

  1. Owning a food, grocery or any product business.
  2. Click this link and fill-in the form.
  3. Get a device supporting the following app specifications.

App Specifications

  • App size – 207 Mbs for Android and 325.2 Mbs for iPhone
  • OS version – Android 6 or up and iOS 14 or later
  • Current App Version – 15.39.14
  • App Price – Free
  • Language – English

Download the GoPuff App: Google Play or Apple App Store

Selection Criteria | What should be considered in order to choose the Best Food Delivery App for Business?

Selecting any platform to partner with your business is not an easy task and it gets more difficult in terms of choosing the best food delivery apps for restaurant owners. Many think the best food delivery app has to be the cheapest, offering the lowest delivery charge and commission from the restaurants. However many others think the best food delivery app should be operated in the most number of countries, places, or localities. None of them are wrong. In fact, the best food delivery service app should be decided by considering the following aspects!


Food delivery apps are locality-based. For example, or Caviar is only available in America, DoorDash is available in the USA, Canada, UK, or Australia, and UberEats is found in many countries in the world. Therefore choosing the best food delivery apps for your restaurant depends largely on whether the app or service you want to collaborate with is available in your locality. So check out below to know where the popular food delivery service apps are available across the planet.

Food Delivery Service AppsCountriesNumber of States/CitiesMost Popular in 
DoorDashAvailable in the USA, UK, and Australia. Growing in Japan and Germany as well.4000+ cities San Francisco. DoorDash accounts for 74% market share in San Francisco.
UberEatsAvailable in 45+ countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and many more in Europe, South America, and Asia6000+ citiesUberEats is most popular in Miami, having the highest market share as well.
Grubhub Available in 25 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, China, and more.6000+ citiesGrubhub is most popular in New York City, holding the highest (37%) share among the food delivery service apps.
PostmatesAvailable in 45 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, and more.6000+ citiesPostmates is most popular in Los Angeles. It shares 29% of the market of food delivery services.
Delivery.comAvailable only in the USA.2400+ citiesNew York
ChowNowAvailable only in the USA and Canada50+ statesNot specified, best for local businesses in the USA and Canada. Free of commission.
SeamlessUSA and UK450+ citiesVery popular in New York for local restaurants.
CaviarOnly in the USA8 states and 18+ citiesNot specified.
GoPuffUSA, UK, Germany, Spain2000+ cities across the worldAtlanta, Chicago, Austin, and more.
JustEatAvailable in 13 countries across Europe, Asia, America, and Oceania. Operates for 50,000+ restaurants. (not specified in state or city numbers)JustEat is the most popular in the UK. It holds 50% of the food delivery market share in the UK.
ZomatoAvailable in 24 countries, founded in India.10000+ cities across the world, including 500+ cities in IndiaZomato has the most popularity in Kota, in Rajasthan, India.
SwiggyAvailable in India.500+ cities in IndiaSwiggy is most used in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi.
FoodPanda40+ countries, mostly in Asia.100 citiesFood Panda is very popular in Asia, especially in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

What is the Cheapest Delivery App? DoorDash or UberEats or Grubhub?

The amount of delivery charge and commission fees are two of the major criteria to look for while choosing the best food delivery app. Generally, users avoid ordering from the app that charges more delivery fees. In addition, restaurants tend to join food delivery services that charge less commission on each order. So restaurants that aim to get more online orders, look for food delivery service apps that charge less delivery and commission fees. Although these fees vary from location to location and city to city, here we have a generic delivery and commission charge sheet of the best food delivery apps below:

Delivery Charge and Commission Fees

Food Delivery Service AppsDelivery ChargeCommission Fees
DoorDash$1.99 to $5.9915% to 30%
UberEats$0.99 to $7.9915% to 30%
Grubhub $1 to $7.50 (set by restaurants)15% to 30%
Postmates$0.99 to $3.99 for partnered restaurants, $5.99 to $9.99 for merchants.15% to 30%$5 to $1015%
ChowNowCharged monthly or annually. Subscription-based.Charged monthly or annually. Subscription-based.
SeamlessCharge set by restaurants.15% to 30%
CaviarCharged monthly or annually. Subscription-based.Charged monthly or annually. Subscription-based.
GoPuff$1.95Not specified.
JustEat0.59 to €1.0025%
Zomato$0.54 to $1.3518% to 25%
Swiggy$0.54 to $1.3518% to 23%
FoodPanda$0.99 to $2.9915% to 25%

Minimum Order Value

Food delivery service apps let restaurants set a minimum order value so that restaurants get orders worth delivering. Now restaurant owners might think a greater number of minimum order values is profitable for them. Unfortunately, it is not. Users prefer ordering from apps that have a lower number of the minimum order values or do not have it at all. So being a restaurant owner, you should set a compatible and valid minimum order value. In case your customers order under the minimum value, your food delivery apps should charge them some extra money. So it is always in favor of restaurants. 

User Experience

User Experience matters the most in running any business and a business-like delivering food where customers and restaurants are directly connected, ensuring the best UX is the key to success. Being a restaurant owner you have to make sure the delivery app or service you choose is easy to navigate both for your employees and customers. The best food delivery apps or websites provide state-of-the-art online services, user-friendly User Interfaces, and advanced filter search. And our above-mentioned food delivery service apps provide the best user experience as well.

Payment Methods

Many online food delivery services and apps support multiple payment gateways such as card payments with credit or debit cards and cash on delivery as well so that users find it easier to pay however they like. In addition, paying commission to the delivery service app gets easier with multiple payment methods for restaurant owners. But, very few of the apps provide industry encrypted credit card protection. So you must make sure the app you are choosing is best for payment protection as well. 

Market Share

Joining your restaurant or food business with the best online food delivery service app depends on market share as well. For example, if you partner your restaurant with an app that holds the majority of a market share, it means the app is the most popular one. Thus it enhances your chance to expand your business to larger customers. So we suggest you check this table in order to find out the best food delivery app based on areas and popularity.

According to Statista, Food Delivery Companies Market Share in the USA

  • DoorDash 55%
  • UberEats 22%
  • Grubhub 17%
  • Postmates 5%
  • Other 1%

Outside of the USA

  • Deliveroo and Just Eat Popular in the UK
  • Wolt and Foodora popular in Europe
  • Swiggy and Zomato popular in India
  • Foodpanda popular in Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan)

Wrap Up!

Ordering food online from our favorite restaurant and getting it delivered to our doorstep is something we all need on a daily basis. And that’s what food delivery apps do! Therefore, thousands of new local restaurants are joining this online platform and many are still thinking about which food delivery app would be the best for their restaurant. Well, we have made the job easier for them in this article. We hope you have found what you have been looking for in selecting the best food delivery service app.

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