15 Best Games like Age of Empires to Play in 2023

Age of Empires – a real-time strategy game based on historical events. The game was released in 1997; since then, it has won many gamers’ hearts. We can never deny that Age of Empires is undoubtedly one of the best games, but people always look to try new and trendy things, right? They love trying something new yet similar, so it gives them the same joy in a new outlook. That’s why we have picked the right games like Age of Empires that can give your gameplay a new experience.

If you’re one of those that have completed every title and campaign of the age of empires and proved yourself as a multiplayer skirmish, we have picked the 15 best games like Age of Empires to keep your town-building and civilization-destroying abilities going. Some of them can be played on the PC, while others can play on your android. Keep reading the article to know the best alternative to the age of empires.

Why Choose the Alternative to Games like Age of Empires?

Best Games Like Age of Empires Reviews

In our list, these games like Age of Empires will keep your gameplay and strategy at the top while you wait for Age of Empires 4. Does a game strategy with a historical hustle or a fantasy flavor filled with plenty of lands to conquer resource management, and city planning skills be your cup of tea? If so, this is the right place to play some fantastic games that are like the age of empires.

Some of them have advanced alien technology, while the others have some essential Stone Age tools. Age of Empire has not yet confirmed its release date, and it is currently in development with Relic Entertainment until we can play these best games like Age of Empires to keep you busy and entertained.

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15 Best Games Like Age of Empires in 2023

Age of Empires follows a real-time strategy (RTS) formula where players start the game with a town center with a small number of workers. After that, players gather their resources, create units, construct buildings, and research technologies to advance their civilization. 

In the game, players play several ages that represent historical times and periods. With each age(level), players discover new and advanced technology, units, and strategies to use. The game also provides a variety of civilizations to experience and play. 

  1. Northgard: A real-time strategy game
  2. Rise of Nations: A historical civilization-building game
  3. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3: The game is based on science fiction regions
  4. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade: A ads-free fantastic game like Age of Empires
  5. DomiNations: A exciting multiplayer game that gives historical personalities knowledge
  6. The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth: Good graphical games
  7. Age of Mythology: The game is built based on mythological history
  8. Tooth and Tail: Well crafted, fast-paced video game
  9. Starcraft: The best space-focused RTS game
  10. Warcraft: Fantastic new characters with a tremendous gameplay
  11. Anno Online: Impressive visuals and graphics
  12. The Settlers Online: The premium, online browser-based game
  13. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun: Amazing game level and world design
  14. Stronghold: You can experience multiple elements, from economic to military
  15. Etherium: The game has both multiplayer and single-player option

1. Northgard


Vikings are always popular among gamers, so the developers made a real-time Strategy game with the same theme, Northgard. It is a real-time strategy game, and it is one of the best games like Age of Empires. You have your units to find food, wood, and other resources to play the game. The players must survive the weather, so if you face winter, you need to gather proper structures and survive the winter. It is the most exciting gameplay that makes the game different.

Northgard has cartoonish graphics, and it cannot take place next to the original Age of Empires 2. You’ll lead a clan of Vikings to discover ashore using all the typical tricks like- build a village, collect resources, recruit a force of warriors, and expand your territory. In this indie game, you can control your clan, find success and renown through trade, conquest, and lore. Northgard isn’t afraid to jump into Norse mythology; some gods play an essential role in this game. All you need to do is keep an eye on the weather report so that a harsh winter cannot end your saga as a band of marauders. 


  • A real-time strategy game based on Norse mythology.
  • The gameplay is excellent and unique.
  • PC controls are excellently mapped.
  • Telegraphed disasters keep gameplay fresh.


  • Very slow gameplay pace.
  • No touch screen support.

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2. Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations
Rise of Nations

If you are a big fan of Age of Empires because of its historical events, and you love watching your civilization develop through the years, then Rise of Nations could be the best option for you. You can rule an empire from its ancient through the Information Age and make the civilization advance from swords and archers to gunpowder infantry and eventually nuclear weapons. In the game, you need to battle for domination and capture enemies based on historically-inspired campaigns. 

Rise of Nations is famous for its ‘territory’ system. You can extend your empire’s reach within the bounds of your national borders. It is an aggressive RTS game in which combat is constantly evolving, and massive battles are always there over minor confrontations. You can never sit idly after planning your next heroic assault. You will also get technological innovations while managing your economy to defeat the progress ahead of the enemy. However, Rise of Nations has the same concepts of Age of Empires and boosts up them.


  • The game has 18 major civilizations, and you can be their guide through 6,000 years of history.
  • The game has a realistic map that can expand your knowledge.
  • You can get to know over 50 different types of technologies.
  • A good combination of military strength, technology, and diplomacy.


  • Some people faced issues while playing the game on Windows 10.

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3. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 is one of the famous real-time strategy games like Age of Empires. It was released before the age of Empires. The game has lighter gameplay and nature, so you should take a look at C&C. It’s not as deep as AoE, and there’s a very different vibe to it.

C&C is full of modern technologies, and the game is based on science fiction regions. The Red Alert sub-series is famous for its light-hearted, comedic tone and its Full Motion Video. If you’re a fan of RTS binge, check that one for a change of pace and style. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is similar to the previous Red Alert games, where you’ll get all the experience of an alternative reality. Being a previous fan, you can quickly jump right into the setting. The game has the same three factions against each other.


  • The campaigns of the game are fun.
  • Co-campaign is also well designed.
  • Enemy and Friendly AI are programmed.
  • Solid sound.
  • Multiplayer mode.
  • Excellent graphics.
  • The cooperative movement gives standard missions new life.


  • Not very much strategic depth in this game.
  • It can seem repetitive after a time.

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4. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms
Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is one of the fantastic games like Age of Empires for android. If you compare the game to most strategy games, Rise of Kingdoms offers almost the same features as Age of Empires. Rise of Kingdoms provides you with 11 civilizations to rule and take part in real-time battles. You can use any historical heroes to win the fight. If you get tired and don’t want to defeat the war, you can also explore new territories or take care of your citizens.

Since Rise of Kingdoms is an online game, you should have a stable data connection. However, it boasts incredible gameplay, art and does not support annoying ads. It is also one of the free games like Age of Empires available to mobile phone users in which you will be the head and create your civilization.

Each civilization in this game has its architecture, advantages, and units. As a head, you can direct your people wisely so that your kingdom can conquer the world. But this is difficult, and you must create your tactic to manage your units and make the most of your thinking. The real-time battles in this game can give you great satisfaction. You can explore the world and take the best care of the development of your civilization. Prove the best strategies and intelligence in the game!


  • You’ll get a more active kingdom and alliance, with more activities going around, 
  • The game provides you with help for alliance centers, barbs, forts, and guardians killing.
  • It is easier to strive for higher honor points that unlock the other achievement rewards.
  • More players can join your rally if you ever need them.


  • It’s problematic to rank in the top 10 in the events.
  • Things get out of control if you do not handle them properly.

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5. DomiNations


DomiNations is a combination of traditional real-time strategy games. It is one of the best android games like Age of Empires with a more modern mobile genre, and it offers an excellent strategy challenge on mobile devices. It is unique mobile strategy gameplay where you need to achieve its objectives. Like other games, DomiNations is an intellectual game, and it depends on actual history. You can learn from the most well-known historical personalities, for example- Leonardo da Vinci, Catherine the Great, and King Sejong. The game has all the elements that the other games of the genre, which makes it one of the best games like Age of Empires, including battles and resource collection.

DomiNations comes with modern mobile gameplay that is dominated by the likes of Clash of Clans. You need to take the small nation from the stone age to the space age in the game. You can also use different types of new technologies to dominate their competition. DomiNations is an exciting multiplayer game. Firstly, you need to build a base and an Economy. At present, the game has dozens of ages, with each unlocking a new economy, army, defensive and wonder buildings to improve your empire from the very beginning. DomiNations is perfect for any strategy fan looking for a mobile strategy genre or people looking for a mobile adventure with a wonderful setting.


  • Multiple historic nations.
  • The game and the characters are wonderfully presented with historically accurate units, buildings, and leaders.
  • You will get rewards for careful city planning roads within your empire.
  • Speedy and satisfying gameplay.


  • The game has slow gameplay to win. 

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6. The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth

The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth
The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth

The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth came from the movie named “The Lord of The Rings,” but it has much more things than the usual movie. Battle For Middle-Earth is surprisingly one of the exciting real-time strategy games like the Age of Empire Real-Time Strategy game. It is strategy gameplay where you can grow your defense and armies, make a good position, and manage resources. Combining these things made the game more fun to play, which eventually gave us an even better game, making the game one of the best console RTS games ever.

The game may not necessarily have the core stories of the books, but the developers somehow managed to translate the feel of the source material into a game which makes the game a must-try! This would be the best option for you if you are looking for the pc games like Age of empires. The game has six different factions. Each of them has its units and structures with preferred gameplay. For example, Goblin focuses on over-running your enemy while the Ents are masters of siege combat. This mixture of factions provides each faction with a different playstyle and also encourages plenty of replays.


  • The game provides good graphics. 
  • It uses music from the movies that make the game more enjoyable and fun.
  • The game is very easy to learn.
  • You can customize your favourite hero according to their abilities and power.
  • The game has both single-player and multiplayer mode.
  • Fight in any side with 1 or 3 groups.
  • One of the best pc games like age of empires.


  • The game can get repetitive, which may annoy you.

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7. Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology
Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology is a classic yet one of the best real-time strategy games like Age of Empires. The developer of Age of Empires decided to make a video game based on mythological history. This game happens between Atlantis and focuses on well-known Greek, Egyptian, and Norse myths and legends. 

In the game, you need to build an army, manage resources, and conquer the opposite side’s civilizations in the game. You can choose your civilization from- Greek, Egyptian, and Norse to play. Different civilizations have different religions and cultures. Moreover, the game allows you to select the major God based on the civilization you have chosen before. If you can complete the stage and move on to the next one, the game unlocks minor God’s unique abilities.

Like other strategy games, you can establish your units and towns and gather food for fighters defending the homeland in the Age of Mythology. If the players follow the game plan, they can beat and defeat competing towns and civilizations. During the game, players need to develop their culture through four “Ages” that begin with the Archaic Age and upgrade to Classical Age, Heroic Age, and the Mythic Age, which is the final round. With each upgrade and level, new units and technologies are given to the player who helps them reach their ultimate goal. 


  • Mythology-based real-time strategy.
  • Different classical stages for your civilization’s development.
  • Provides with a multiplayer segment.
  • The game has a refreshed Extended Edition.


  • The Atlantean god powers are too weak.

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8. Tooth and Tail

Tooth and Tail
Tooth and Tail

Tooth and Tail is a civil war, and it takes the role of a general in one of four factions. You can directly handle the action on the battlefield, attacks, scouting, and building, all at a crazy pace. In a dark 1980’s cartoon, the game will deliver a challenge even if you are the most battle-hardened RTS player.

The game’s challenge is to keep on top of all of your furry soldiers, make sure they’re in the correct position and don’t need to fall back, and ensure that you’ve got the right tools for the job. The players have got a lot of health, but with a focused attack, that decreased rapidly. It makes every battle of the game exciting, keeps your game moving, and keeps changing targets. 

Tooth and Tail may seem a charming strategy romp at first glance, but behind its adorable animal antics lies hard-nosed revolutionary ideals. No matter what commander you play, each of them is hilarious, anthropomorphic. You’ll use them to direct the game and attack, move, or retreat, putting them in harm’s way when they are into a battle. The base-building of the game is light, with resource-gatherers. Besides its fantastic gameplay, Tooth and Tail is a fantastic game you must try!


  • The storyline is robust and enjoyable. 
  • Well crafted, fast-paced video game.
  • A reviving game genre.
  • An excellent strategic depth on the story of the game.
  • The graphics and music of the game are amazing.


  • The combat system sometimes makes the game terrible.

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9. Starcraft


Starcraft is one of the best space-focused RTS games like Age of Empires on the list. Blizzard Entertainment developed the game, and it takes place in a 26th-century science fiction universe. The game uses the same gameplay like Age of Empires to have a powerful AoE feel while you play. The game is between four different species for total universe domination. These species are Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. The Terran campaign consists of the original StarCraft replaced with an interactive battlecruiser Hyperion, with Jim Raynor, the mercenary captain, and the protagonist. The single-player missions are designed to foster specific arrangements and tailored sequences.

The game is considered the national sport in South Korea, so it would be a crime not to include Starcraft. They have an impressive narrative storyline that can give you joy for so much time. The game is so addictive and a real-time strategy game for people looking for pc games like Age of Empire. Sending real-time strategy into space, the StarCraft series is hugely popular among gamers. When this game was released, it became the best-selling PC game of the year, and StarCraft has sold 9.5 million copies so far.


  • Three factions with different playstyles.
  • A fantastic science fiction setting.
  • A very popular e-sport for two decades.
  • Memorable characters if you care about them.


  • Advancing the armies can become exhausting sometimes.

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10. Warcraft


Warcraft is an enjoyable RTS game like Age of Empires 2 that could take the mantle ‘star of the genre.’ The game’s surviving legacy is impressive, and it is the best single-player game to have some quality time. The game has four playable factions – Humans, Orcs, Undead, and Night Elves. Each section has its traits and playstyles to make up the bulk of your forces. Moreover, Warcraft is one of the more grounded RTS games out there. The game is famous for its narrative commitment. If you want a single-player experience, try out the game that provides you with a graphical improvement.

In this game, you can be a part of the faction and command the people in your group. It would be best to make your group as strong as possible to attack enemies and establish your team’s dominance. Nowadays, the game is trendy, and it has two sequels. The sequels are well known for having balanced gameplay with many memorable characters. Want to explore more then check out another game like skyrim.


  • Fantastic new characters with tremendous gameplay.
  • War Campaign gives you a real-life experience. 
  • New Dungeons are fun to play and challenging at the same time.


  • The game can seem monotonous and repetitive sometimes.

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11. Anno Online

Anno Online
Anno Online

Anno Online is one of the best free games like Age of Empires mixed with strategy and city-building experience. It is a part of the popular Anno series, one of the series’s fan favorites, and a real-time strategy game from Ubisoft where players build the city and manage the economic processes. Moreover, they have to develop and expand their countries and defend against rivals. The gameplay is similar to all the other games, with some new additions and the game setting. Players need to start with their unnamed country to expand throughout the game world. As you advance and develop your civilization in the game, you can invade and defeat your enemies.

Besides building the city, the game also provides the gamers with some other features like- combat, exploration, diplomacy, and trade. If you are a student from the economics department, you will enjoy playing this game. The game is combined with conventional economics and allows players to run the whole set of cities. The players can also control their key island and build their business empire by fulfilling the needs of their community, forming new buildings, and maintaining the production line. You can unlock new buildings if you roam around and confront new challenges that your environment and the population will demand from you.


  • A seamless region with an impressive technical feat.
  • An exhaustive Industrial Age city-builder as anyone could hope for.
  • The “move” tool is fantastic to play.
  • Amazing economic depth.
  • Impressive visuals and graphics.


  • Not good at giving critical information.
  • Besides the visual detail and beauty, the game might feel dry and cold.

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12. The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online
The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is one of the premium, online browser-based games like Age of Empires. This is one of the fantastic games like Age of Empires and is designed by BlueBite. The settlers online have a few in-game purchases, and the game arrives with some latest additions and improvements. Players have to collect resources to complete the missions in the game to build their medieval kingdom. The game has a couple of levels to unlock, progress through, and interact with human players in the world. It is a free browser-based strategy game with gameplay like Age of Empires. Check out other exciting games like starcraft.

The game stays true to the roots of other Settlers games, considering the significant number of quality games in this genre. Players of the Settlers games need to collect the necessary resources to expand their town hall. Other online strategy variants will recognize the gameplay where the players need to build up their city while gaining experience and unlocking new technology to defeat the next opponent. The game can give you endless joy with lots of different options. Moreover, the game has a large community to join forces with the guild and trading systems.


  • Captures the old Settlers games. 
  • Amazing visuals and graphics. 
  • Solid gameplay.
  • Setting efficient paths is crucial.


  • Waiting to create the building can be boring sometimes.

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13. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is the best modern RTS game and the best alternative to games like Age of Empires. In this game, you guide an elite group of five characters with different skills and strengths. Unfortunately, the game also owes a debt to stealth games, so you must be careful when making decisions. It is another best real-time strategy game with a new campaign level and new stealth puzzle to solve with your different soldiers. Each level can swap which characters you can control, and they end up with one of Shadow Tactics’ most surprising strengths.

The game is less narrative and more focused on the gameplay. Each fighter is unique, and they have different fighting styles with different abilities. Also, they have different personalities and backstories that make them unique from each character. Each character earns sympathy in their way, and each level adds a little bit more to the personalities and stories. The detail of the stealth and gameplay keeps the player engaged for a very long time. The visual is eye-catching that keeps the game unique for the rest of the game. The


  • Amazing game level and world design.
  • The depth of the tactical options is fantastic, combined with stealth-based gameplay.
  • Clever game with an outstanding design set.


  • The game has some minor technical hiccups.

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14. Stronghold


Stronghold is a series of real-time strategy games and one of the best PC games like Age of Empires. In this game, the player can become a lord and take control of a town. Like Age of Empires, the game is focused on two things: military and economic. You need to defend your land, conquer enemies’ territories, and provide resources to develop the town and train your army. There are various elements of a stronghold to choose from so the players can create something unique. The rules of the game are simple: recruited forces have different levels of strength and durability. 

In this game, you can have multiple elements, from economic to military. The systems of this game are intense and unpredictable, so you need to adapt to the game world with thousands of other players constantly. Moreover, you need to pay attention to your kingdom because it can significantly impact your resource generation. The game starts with one village player expanding an empire by taking them from their enemies. Then, players can take over other castles with other forces. If you want to achieve your desired strategy, you need to find the technology paths to define your civilization.


  • The game is based on an MMO on the Stronghold universe.
  • All game elements are intense to play.
  • You can battle with countless medieval units.
  • The game has a lot of PvE and PvP content.
  • The game is simple yet engaging.


  • It does not have enough different buildings.
  • You may face some bugs while playing the game.

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15. Etherium


Etherium is one of the best real-time strategy games like Age of Empires set in a science-fiction universe. You will have three factions battle for a mysterious and rare resource named ‘Etherium’ in the game. You need to manage your resources, develop your base, and command infantry, tanks, and aircraft. Etherium is highly strategic and original RTS gameplay. Moreover, the game has a single-player Conquest mode to develop your technological capabilities and expand your colonies. 

The three factions have their strengths and weaknesses, different tactical command skills like- map exposure, climate control, etc. To defeat the enemy, you need to create your strategy by striking their mother-ship from the planet’s surface or rapidly crushing their colonies. In multiplayer mode, you can team up or wage battle with four players! This is an action and fast-paced strategy game that can give you joy in your boredom.


  • The game has included new RTS features.
  • It has both multiplayer and single-player option.
  • It is an overall fun game.


  • The setup is hard.

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Age of Empires is appreciated by players all over the world. Players love the game as they can build their kingdoms and create an army to protect the domain. But the gamers can not play this game on a mobile device. So if you are a big fan of Age of Empires and looking for games like Age of Empires, this article should help you. These games will keep you entertained for a long time while you wait for Age of Empires 4 to release. If strategy with a historical hustle or a fantasy flavour is your choice, these games are a must-try. Some of them have some fantastic technology, while the others will provide you with the essential Stone Age tools.

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