Top 20 Games Like Harvest Moon For Android

Harvest Moon has been the best RPG based farm simulation game since 1996. Games Like Harvest Moon have encouraged the players to create their vision to maintain a farm and take things at their own pace.

When I think of Harvest Moon, I remember myself managing a cute and amazing little farm, maintaining the bond with the neighbours and embracing the small town gentle pace. Doesn’t it sound relaxing and fun?

Why Games Like Harvest Moon?

But some games have been a sequel to Harvest Moon and released under this name. These games are nothing but horrible imitation looks and cheap games under great brand recognition. Thankfully there are more farming games like Harvest Moon with rewarding gameplay and interesting characters. Here, we have covered the 20 best games like Harvest Moon to refresh your playstyle. Check out the games like Harvest Moon below and choose the one that makes you fall for it.

20 Best Games Similar to Harvest Moon

Best Games Like Harvest Moon Reviews

Here we enlisted all types of games that are similar to Harvest Moon. Most of the games are available on Steam and some are available on Nintendo switch and their respective websites. So check the list out and read about the games below.

  1. Don’t Starve Together: Best survival game
  2. World’s Dawn: Colourful Social Simulated Game
  3. Hay Day: One of the Best Farm Simulated Game
  4. Diaries of A Spaceport Janitor: Space-based Anti-Adventure Game
  5. Staxel: Multiplayer Farming Game
  6. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns: Best Farm Simulation Role Playing Game
  7. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles: Open-World Adventure Game
  8. Animal Crossing: New Horizon: Creative Game
  9. Moonlighter: Action-Based RPG Game
  10. My Time at Portia: RPG and Farm Simulated Game
  11. Terraria: Classic Action Game
  12. Wayward: Challenging Survival Game 
  13. Plantera: Garden-Based Simulated Game
  14. Kynseed: Sandbox Life Simulated Game
  15. Fantasy Farming: Orange Season: Farm Life RPG Simulated Game
  16. Forager: 2D Open World Game
  17. Voodoo Garden: Swamp Themed Game
  18. Stardew Valley: Farming RPG Simulated Game
  19. Graveyard Keeper: Cemetery Management Simulation Game
  20. Garden Paws: Colourful Relaxing Game

Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together
Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is a survival game with adventure by Klei Entertainment. This game is full of adventure, science, and entertainment. Explore the world of experience full of dangers, creatures, and surprises. Find yourself stuck between demons and make strategies to survive. Also, you have to harvest and make your food by yourself and you have to make sure that your food stays safe. Start the game with your crafting and mining skills and fight to stay in it. It’s a great Harvest Moon alternative game. Though in this game the characters and the surroundings are a little drab and dull. Moreover, this doesn’t have the same sweet and fun vibe as the Harvest Moon. But it has the RPG and a little vibe of farming simulation 

However, in this game, the creatures are made in 2D and developed into 3D animals.


  • Hunting and gathering resources.
  • Multiplayer game mode to share and survive together.
  • Creating own tools, food items, and many more to survive through the tough gameplay.
  • Unique and different generated gaming world.
  • Refreshing SFX and soundtrack.


  • This is a challenging video game.
  • It is a multiplayer game.
  • Excellent survival, crafting, and exploration system.
  • The atmosphere and the graphics of the game are incredible.
  • The gripping elements of this game are outstanding.


  • This game is a little dull looking.
  • It doesn’t have proper rewards.

World’s Dawn

World's Dawn
World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn is an amazing social simulator game with amazing seaside views inspired by the Harvest Moon Series. The World’s Dawn offers a seaside village where the players grow their own food and live a peaceful life surrounded by an amazing view.

It features vibrant graphics and cute characters with amazing gameplay. Soak in enchanted and peaceful surrounding places, this game is an amazing farm simulation game. However, in this game, you can engage in harvesting crops, building relationships, cooking, mining, discovering magical secrets and many more at your own pace.


  • Vibrant top class graphics.
  • A huge cast of cute characters.
  • 30+ hours of amazing gameplay.
  • Dynamic seaside village.
  • Engaging and relaxed gameplay.


  • 32 charming characters.
  • Dynamic seaside village.
  • Relaxed gameplay system.
  • 30+ hours of gameplay.


  • This game is a bit slow.

Hay Day

Hay Day
Hay Day

Hay Day is the most played and one of the best games like Harvest Moon for android. This game has addictive gameplay sessions that will make you crave for more of it.

Moreover, the best thing about this game is, it’s free and easy to download. You’ll get the best farming game experience modified in adventurous games. You can grow crops and processed foods in this game. Also, you’ll get real-life crops growing and trading experience. You can trade your products and visit other farms as well. It is another one of the best farming games like Harvest Moon. 


  • Growing crops, cultivating bushes and trees.
  • Crafting products.
  • Fishing is also a part of this amazing game.
  • Decorations and customization is another charming feature of this game.
  • It has thematic seasonal changes.


  • Great animation and sound.
  • Free game to play.
  • Easy and smooth control over the game.
  • Addicting gameplay.
  • This game is beautifully presented.


  • Though Hay Day is a free game, there are still some features that you have to buy with real money. 

Diaries of A Spaceport Janitor

Diaries of A Spaceport Janitor
Diaries of A Spaceport Janitor

Photo Courtesy: Steam

Diaries of A Spaceport Janitor is an excellent anti-adventure game about picking garbage from an alien bazaar. It has an RPG element and farm simulation in this game. You’ll play as the Janitor, as an Alaensee Girl who has a municipally-subsidized trash incineration job.

It has a routine you have to follow, about cleaning the trash and making the planet clean. You can explore the Spaceport and all the places you search for the trash to burn. As the Janitor, completing your daily tasks is an obvious thing to complete to survive in this game. Do not forget to do tasks that are important to you or you’ll get punished for not following your routine. Experience this anti-adventure game and play hard to reach Xabran’s Rock. 


  1. Unique and different types of trash to deal with.
  2. Cleaning the spaceport with your inclination.
  3. Explore different places.
  4. Adventure and social simulation genres game.


  • Lively Game.
  • Crazy weapons to play with.
  • Comfortable and relaxing game.
  • Wonderful little world to explore.


  • Getting around in this game is a bit confusing.



Staxel is another best game like Harvest moon for android and PC. In this game, there is a local village with all sorts of fun activities and characters to meet. You’ll see yourself taking up a new hobby, making new friends, hitting the shops, and doing all the chores you need to do. Also, you can catch up on the news of your society with the neighbours. However, it’s a farm and social simulator game. Moreover, you’ll feel like you’re living a real local village life.

However, in Staxel you can customize your tools and other constructions. At this point, you can show all of your creativity because it’s the main tool of your game. Your main job will be to improve, maintain and fix up your homestead. Also, you have to take care of a variety of cute animals.  


  • Amazing Multiplayer mode.
  • A lot of farming mechanics.
  • Collecting quests.
  • Intuitive approaching mode.
  • Taking care of farm animals.


  • Freedom of crafting the game.
  • Amazing art style.
  • The cooking system is easy and simple.
  • It can be played among friends also with its multiplayer mode.


  • The villagers in this game don’t feel fleshed out.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is one of the best selling games like Harvest Moon and it’s the original story based farm and life simulator. Also, this game has an amazing RPG element that you’ll love. You’ll play the role of a city boy who always dreamed of having a farm and working there. Your dream takes you to the place and you’ll get to spend your life between decorations, animals, crops, and many more.

However, you’ll be in charge of an expensive farm in three different farms. Westown has everything that a classic farm needs with its corrals and cows. The next amazing town in this game is Lulukoko town which is a warm and friendly place that will make you feel that you’re in paradise. The next amazing neighbourhood is Tsuyukusa, which is a traditional place far from Eastern Village. Connect with the other farmers, help them. Meet with other farmers like you via the internet. 

Make everything all by yourself and set the game perfectly in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. 


  • You can do Farm customization.
  • This game has some amazing characters.
  • 3-in-1 world. In this game, there are 3 amazing places.
  • Explore and be creative in the world of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.
  • New ways to grow the bond of family and friends.


  • This game has simple and sweet music.
  • Wonderful 3D Graphics.
  • Big gaming world to explore.
  • Upgraded tools.
  • Crafting and exploring is available in this game.


  • This is a farm and life simulator game. But this game needs to work on farming development.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is an amazing open-world game with lots of vibrant and beautiful islands for you to explore. Moreover, this game is set on a massive island named Game. You’ll love the beachy environment here. The sunny tropical environment will make you feel like you’re on a beach not into a game. Each place in this game has its own flora and fauna. 

Like the real environment, the environment of each place of this game will change day and night cycles with seasons and other things too. Besides, you have to contribute to making this island more beautiful. 

Game seems like a paradise, but it has an evil that has submerged the land and kept the people as its captive. 

So you have to save Games and restore its beauty by clearing the Murk as you’ll be the Hero in this game.


  • A colourful open world to explore.
  • You can set the game according to your pace.
  • This game has amazing character customization.
  • Trade and craft items to defeat the enemy Murk.
  • Harvesting crops and building farms.
  • It has multiple creative ways to achieve objectives.


  • Welcome world to play in.
  • A dynamic live world with changing weather and environments.
  • You can master different types of professions like carpenter, chef, tailor and many more so that you can help the people of Gamea.


  • The map icons of different places are not accurate and well defined.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing: New Horizon
Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Live your life at your own pace in a cute 3D world in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Escape from your lifeless island and create your paradise by exploring, crafting, customizing in this game. 

Moreover, this game is full of objectives that can be used for crafting the island and cute creatures. However, there are so many things you can do in this game. You can decorate the paradise throughout the daytime, or you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying fishing in the river. 

The developer has made this game seasonal changes. So the environment of this game will change according to the date and time. Whether you are offline or online you can share the gameplay with others too. Each day in this game contains new surprises. You have to explore and find what is the hidden surprise for you today in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.


  • This game is available in Multiplayer mode.
  • Customization and creative games.
  • A vast collection of objectives.
  • Seasons change according to the date and time when you play this game.
  • Big 3D graphic world to explore.


  • Each island is populated with cute characters.
  • The graphics of this game are vibrant and simple.
  • Great level of customization.
  • The music in this game is excellent.
  • You can share your gameplay and chat with other AC players.


  • This game is a little bit slow.



Moonlighter is an RPG based action game with some rogue-lite elements. In this game, you’ll play as a shopkeeper who survives through all kinds of problems and becomes a hero. This is one of the best adventurous survival games like Harvest Moon. 

Since Moonlighter has been published, it has updated a lot of new content. It fixed all of its problems, the graphics, bugs, and each problem it had before. Now this game has improved so much that you will get to feel a real-time adventure. You’ll get to explore Rynoka, a village a place for hardcore adventurers who sell their hard-earned objectives.

Moonlighter is an Action RPG game where you will make a journey to become a hero from a mere shopkeeper.


  • Conducting business like a pro.  
  • Deep combat mechanics help to defeat strong enemies.
  • Developing relationships with neighbours.
  • Filled with a crafting system.
  • It creates enchants to make equipment more powerful.
  • Valuable resources to collect.


  • Balanced between the dungeon and shop.
  • Nice background music.
  • The mechanics of this game are fun.
  • Simple and fun combat system.


  • The controls of this game get a little touchy sometimes.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia
My Time at Portia

My time at Portia is one of the top hit 3D simulation RPG based games like Harvest Moon for android. Besides, this amazing game is also available for PC. In this game, you have to explore and restore the eminence of human civilization in a post-apocalyptic place.

You’ll play the role of a son who inherits his father’s workshop, builds and crafts your way to being the best builder of the town Portia.

However, The town is full of friendly people with an amazing environment. You have to be friendly with them, request them to help you in your need. In return, you’ll have to help them out too and uncover some deep secrets that are hidden beneath the town.

My time at Portia is an excellent game inspired by the magic studio Ghibli that will take you to the World of wonder that you won’t forget.


  • Building workshops and crafting the way to become the best builder.
  • Growing crops and nurturing animals.
  • Craft your workshop, home, and farm and boost up your character.
  • Become an important part of Portia’s amazing community.
  • Explore the world of Portia and exchange challenging battles.
  • You can level up your character with a variety of skills.


  • Original gameplay and amazing experience.
  • A 3D magical world with nice characters.
  • Adventures and challenging battles in old civilization.
  • The social simulation included.


  • It requires a lot of time to get an object to complete your crafting. Sometimes you have to wait 90% of the time for your Gameplay. The developers should work on this issue. 



Terraria is an adventure game with amazing 2D graphics where you have to survive through many difficulties, and defeat the final boss. It’s an addictive game for those who love adventures and crafts. 

Terraria is a passionate game for those who love adventures, crafting games and defeating the opposition who are called the Boss.

Moreover, Terraria offers you to mine, craft, go through many difficulties, and defeat the final boss. Here you have to It’s a fantastic game for those who love adventure. Though it was released a long ago, the gamers are loving this ultimate game day by day. 

This is one of the best games like Harvest Moon, which has crafting, adventure and exploration. You have to survive through many tough challenges, make strategies, and many more.


  • Great difficulty level with amazing control.
  • Unique powers like weather control, item duplication, and many more.
  • Test your skill with the master mode.
  • Strong opposition to defeat.
  • Dungeon and 2D graphics element.


  • A great amount of content.
  • This game offers rewarding Exploration.
  • In-Depth Crafting Systems.
  • A 2D graphic world filled with challenges and excitement.


  • The cooperative model of this game is tricky to handle.



Wayward is a turn-based, challenging and more importantly an amazing surviving game with lots of excitement and thrill. In this game, the main focus is the survival simulation which makes it one of the best games like Harvest Moon for android. There are no levels or classes in Wayward, you survive the battle, you progress further in the game.

There are tons of objectives in this game to use to survive your battle. Moreover, you’re free to explore and play the game in any strategy you want.

Wayward’s world evolves from time to time and opens up to new modes for your gameplay. The progress in this game only depends on your strategies to win the combat.


  • More than 500 objects to craft and mine.
  • Lots of animals to harvest and combat.
  • Open world gameplay.
  • Roguelike gameplay mixed with sandbox game mechanics.
  • The difficulty system of this game is dynamic.
  • The game can change into day and night mode.


  • The presentation of this game is like a storybook.
  • Open world and open-ended gameplay.
  • Steam and modding workshop support.
  • The characters of this game can be customized.


  1. Poor visualization.
  2. This game has a lack of variety in challenges.



Plantera is a simple and cute farm simulation game, where you have to build your garden. The cute animals and farming system of this game has made it have a place on the list of Best games like Harvest Moon for android. 

Once you start to play this game and start to make your farm big, there are some cute little round-shaped helpers to help you to collect the crops and many more.

If you’re away from your crops these cute helpers will help you. You can spend your time building, or invest in new plants.

But you have to make sure that critters don’t ruin your crops and to do that, you can invest in a guard dog also. 


  • Unlocking different things as you progress in the game.
  • It has so many animals, plants and trees you can place.
  • There are critters and predators to damage your crops.
  • Sideway map scrolling.
  • The farm in this game is expandable.
  • The farming management of this game is cute and simple.


  • Adorable farm simulation game.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Cute graphics and characters.


  • The gameplay of Plantera is a little bit Shallow. Because it doesn’t have any difficulty level.



Kynseed is a simple game with life simulation and RPG. You can live your life as an immortal quirky character in the world of Kynseed. Moreover, the pets you’ll have in this game are also immortal. So enjoy your immortality by playing this simple but amazing game Kynseed.

Kynseed is developed by PixelCount Studios who developed the fable series for the Lionhead Developers. 

In this game, you have to control the world of Kynseed and develop the land by becoming a blacksmith or a farmer. Grow your family here and pass the legacy to your children so that they can develop the land of Kynseed properly.

Live your life the way you want in the handcrafted world of Kynseed. 


  • Different roles have different tasks to complete.
  • Fighting fairy creatures in dark regions. 
  • Unlocking secrets to conquer the fairy world.
  • Lots of creating and crafting material.
  • A 2D handcrafted open-world game.


  • Retro looking graphics.
  • Life simulated game.
  • Relaxing gameplay.
  • Developed by renowned developers.


  • It doesn’t have any difficulty level.

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season
Fantasy Farming: Orange Season

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season is both an indie game and an adventure game with life simulation objects. Explore the village of Fantasy farming and build an amazing farm with your skills. Make your farming dreams come true by starting with a plot of land to harvest.

Visit the charming village and get friendly with the other residents.

Fantasy Farming: Orange Season is a game where you can play hours and hours but you won’t get enough with its amazing environment. It’s a farm simulation focusing game with hundreds of gameplay hours.


  • Focusing exploration with highly handcrafted areas.
  • Plant crops and raise animals.
  • Make wild animals your pet with love and care.
  • The modes of the game are available in the game, so the player can easily modify the game how they want.
  • Interacting with villagers and completing quests.


  • Open world game.
  • Easy to grow crops.
  • 30 different types of animals.
  • It also contains different mini-games.


  • Though it’s easy to grow crops, the crops take too much time to grow, which is really annoying.



Forager is an amazing open-world game with lots of adventure with cute RPG elements. This cute adventure-filled world has lots of exploration and finding objectives. You can set your own goals and achievements in this game. 

This game is a really developed and immensely satisfying game.

Here players will be able to buy lands to expand and explore as they want. The world of Forager is filled with secrets, puzzles, friendly and cute characters and foes to fight with. 

Forager is hard to put down, once you start to play the game, as this game is full of interesting progression systems. Build and defend your places and pace up your skills.


  • You can achieve anything you want.
  • Craft structures and useful items.
  • Find secrets, raid dungeons and solve puzzles.
  • Learn new skills and abilities.
  • Grow and build things out of nothing.


  • Variety of contents and progression in-game.
  • Open-world and engaging gameplay.
  • The creativity level of this game is amazing.
  • An auditory and visual stunner.


  • The bosses and enemies are underwhelming.

Voodoo Garden

Voodoo Garden
Voodoo Garden

Image Courtesy: Steam

Become the owner of a little hut in a bustling swamp with Voodoo Garden. With the help of cute looking spirits, you can earn gold and money by producing different types of Voodoo Supplies.

In order to grow fruits, mushrooms, leaves, and many more things, you have to plant trees, herbs, and shrubs in Voodoo Garden. By catching wild swamp animals and harvesting plants for the progress of your game.

There are amazing and cute pets and lovely spirits in your game that will stay by your side and help you to get rewards in this game.


  1. Life simulation role-playing game.
  2. Filled with enjoyment and fun.
  3. Simple controls.
  4. Colourful graphics.


  • Available for PC also.
  • Offers a variety of plants and helper spirits.


  • This game is quite time-consuming. 

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the farming games like Harvest Moon for android. Moreover, here you’ll play the same role as Harvest Moon. In Stardew Valley, you’ll inherit your Grandfather’s Old Farm Plot with a few coins and hand-me-down tools. You have to turn the overgrown Valley into a sweet home place.

The Stardew Valley is full of possibilities and sweet people. 

Stardew Valley is a smashing farm simulation game with an open-world RPG. Moreover, this game is available for every platform, Windows, iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Linux, macOS. It’s a fresh game because it was just released a few years ago and won everyone’s hearts with its amazing gameplay features.


  • A vast world to explore.
  • Relaxing gameplay.
  • Becoming a part of a big community.
  • Different and unique characters.
  • High levelled gameplay to level up your skill. 
  • Harvesting lots of crops.
  • Multiplayer mode is available for 4 players. 


  • A peaceful farm simulator game.
  • It updates from time to time.
  • The art style is amazing.
  • Fun activities.
  • Hours of gameplay.


  • The schedule of this game is a little boring.

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper
Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a management simulation game themed in a graveyard with the touch of an RPG. You’ll play the role of a graveyard keeper and manage the graveyard by saving its costs. You have to find all the resources and find a way to cut your expenses.

Mainly this game is about saving and managing the graveyard with the resources the game has and doing it for a thriving business thrill. 

You have to gather resources and valuable materials to craft new items. Explore the graveyard to gather the resources properly. Apply your managing skills and manage the graveyard, fulfilling your responsibility as a Graveyard Keeper.


  • Full of resources.
  • Exploring the area of the graveyard.
  • Mysterious dungeons.
  • Make business alliances with dead body organs.
  • Compatible with every device.


  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Different ways to achieve goals.
  • Full of activities.
  • Many characters. 


  • The farming part of this game is a bit boring.

Garden Paws

Garden Paws
Garden Paws

Garden Paws is another of the amazing farming simulation games like Harvest Moon for android. Here you’ll inherit your grandparent’s farm and expand the home and your nearby town. To do that you have to earn by selling things. Explore the world to search for the things you’ll sell to the people of the town. Once you collect the seeds, you can start your farming.

There are other activities like fishing, questing, crafting, building and many more. If you gather enough coins, you can build something in the town. It’s an amazing farming and managing simulation game to enjoy. 


  • A vast gameplay world.
  • Lots of characters and animals.
  • Different areas to explore.
  • 10 amazing levels in the dungeon.
  • The characters can be customized.
  • Crafting is also included.


  • Exciting character customization.
  • Lots of quests to solve.
  • Management and farming simulator game.


  • The controls need refinement.


If you’re searching for some amazing games like Harvest Moon for android, our article will help you to find the best one for you. Download the game you like from here and enjoy! If we have missed any game, you can suggest to us with pleasure and if you’re looking for more Farming game Suggestions you can see our 15 Best Farming Games and Simulators for Android.

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