Top 10 Best Gaming Wrist Rests in 2023 [Reviews]

Gaming Wrist Rest – is the most effective device used to relax your wrists when you engage with typing or using pc or mouse. According to doctors, it can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome because it can support your wrist from improper typing posture. Want to pick the suitable one, stay with us, and go through the best gaming wrist rest. We value your choice and healthy lifestyle. So let’s dig down together!

The idea of wrist rest comes to serve comfort typing and remove wrist tension. However, the thought of wrist rest rarely comes to our mind when we set up our workstation. We rarely know the benefits of this device because the most significant point is PC configuration, or gaming mouse, or other hardware information or comfort gaming chair. You will find multiple wrist pads in the marketplace, but the perfect and suitable one is rare. For this reason, we enlisted the best gaming wrist rest.

A health-conscious gamer knows the essential accessories for the ultimate gaming experience, and they are engaged with typing for a long time. For this reason, the wrist rest becomes blessings towards them. In this article, you can discover the best gaming wrist rest as per your needs and choice. Stay with us!

The 10 Best Gaming Wrist Rests in 2023 [Reviews]

Welcome to the Pick Latest world, where you can discover the most trendy and latest technological accessories. Now we list the best gaming wrist rest. We know typing is not harmful, but continuously folding the wrist can suffer you a lot. Using a wrist rest can protect your hands and give muscles relaxation. 

  1. Aidata CGL006B Crystal Gel Wrist Rest: Transparent soft gel is best for wrist pain.
  2. HyperX Wrist Rest: Qualityful and Affordable Wrist Rest with Anti-slip Gel Memory Foam.
  3. 3M Gel Wrist Rest: Budget-friendly and serve anti-microbial features.
  4. Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest Bundle: Most attractive duo gel both for mouse and keyboard.
  5. Aelfox Wrist Rest: Best support for laptop, keyboard, and mouse.
  6. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest: Best for game lovers.
  7. Bailey Leather Wrist Rest: Prevents Carpal Tunnel and Bursitis disease.
  8. BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest: Fit for office work, PC gaming, laptop.
  9. Gimars Memory Foam Set: Comfortable and smooth wrist pad with mouse and keyboard combo.
  10. Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest: Waterproof and high-quality pad.

1. Aidata CGL006B Crystal Gel Wrist Rest

Aidata CGL006B Crystal Gel Wrist Rest
Aidata CGL006B Crystal Gel Wrist Rest

Aidata wrist rest is Ergonomic Design and offers numerous products for many different purposes, and the pad is quite vast. The pad is easy to clean and can control water resistance. Non-skid PU rubber helps to place the pad in place. The pad is made with a foam cushion or a foam cushion mixed with gel. Aidata Crystal Gel wrist rest offers a unique experience and fabulous looking. 

The crystal gel helps to give extra smoothness and comfort. When you are busy working then, the Aidata wrist rest is the most comfortable one. However, the product is expensive but serves you excellently. It serves extra durability no matter how much you use it.

Type: Keyboard Accessory

Dimensions: 8.25×9.75×1 inches


  • Easy to clean.
  • Stainless and much durability.
  • Water-resistance.


  • Expensive.

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2. Hyperx Wrist Rest – Ergonomic

Hyperx Wrist Rest - Ergonomic
Hyperx Wrist Rest – Ergonomic

HyperX wrist rest achieves a vast rating and love from users. If you look at the design of this wrist rest, then you definitely love it. The idea of wrist rest comes to provide comfort in our working zone when we are busy typing. The HyperX is a perfect keyboard accessory that fits full-sized and beautifully designed with anti-fray stitching. It easily fits anywhere without wasting extra space. 

HyperX is designed with black cloth, and the exterior creates no distractions. For this reason, you enjoy your typing and focus on your work with total concentration. However, when you buy this wrist rest, you find out that the logo of HyperX is placed on top but very lightly, and it is invisible in low lighting. Therefore, this wrist rest is built to long-lasting, not for only looks. 

The rubber on the bottom can prevent any slippage. For this reason, you and your keyboard won’t distract from work. The stitching on the outside is the reason to avoid fraying. The HyperX is covered with a smooth cloth, and surface cleaning is very easy, which takes only a few seconds. But if you have a question about why and which makes this wrist rest most popular, you should look inwards. 

HyperX is the combination of gel and foam support; a cool gel infused memory foam interior. The overall design allows for tremendous support to serve comfort. Otherwise, your hand heat may disturb you the most. I am pretty sure you enjoy this wrist rest very much because by using this, you feel soft and relaxed under your wrist every time. 

The price is the main issue to buy, but if you are a serious gamer who knows quality, comfort, and aesthetics, you buy it without any worries. HyperX’s material is stable, washable, comfortable. And this combination makes this pad the perfect one, and those who need a large wrist rest for a smooth movement can pick this pad without any hesitation.

Type: Keyboard Accessory

Dimensions: 18×3.9×0.9 inches


  • Suitable for large keyboards. 
  • Extra durability, stability, and anti-slip grip.
  • The pad is made with cool gel memory foam.
  • The Ergonomic design is the reason to serve anti-fray stitching.
  • Serve 1 Year no-questions-asked Warranty.
  • Great rubber base.


  • Higher price.
  • Not much flexible.

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3. 3M Gel Wrist Rest

3m Gel Wrist Rest
3m Gel Wrist Rest

The 3M Gel wrist rest has a classic look with adorable color (black) and no-frills. It is made with leatherette material which can give high durability. Everyone likes to use this wrist rest because it comes with four variations: 7, 8, 19, and 25-inch options. It is the best wrist rest for typing and ensures high-quality gel-like material

Just a few wrist rests can provide excellent support and comfort, and 3m Gel Wrist rest is among them. In addition, the pad serves soft gel technology so that you enjoy your game without any wrist pain. Unfortunately, the 3M gel wrist rest has only one keyboard edition. The surface of 3M gel wrist pads offers effective antimicrobial protection. 

The pad can prevent your wrist from microbial and bacterial infection. So who have extreme sweat problems can use this pad without any worries and enjoy the heavy gaming experience. The soft gel with a thickness relieves pain from pressure points and gives wrists an optimal position for better placement. 

Who suffers minor pain for improper placement of wrists when typing for the whole day can pick this pad to resolve the problem. It looks great and fits perfectly over the gaming desks, workstations, or any place. In addition, the pad supports gamers and creates an eco-friendly environment.

Type: Keyboard Accessory

Dimensions: 18×2.7×0.75 inches


  • It can fit any size of keyboards.
  • It is made with an anti-microbial leatherette cover.
  • Washable material and easy to clean.
  • Comfortable and reduce stress on the wrists.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The surface gets dirty quickly.
  • After continuous use, the pad leaks out.
  • Thin leatherette can tear easily.

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4. Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest Bundle

Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest Bundle
Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest Bundle

The Kensington Duo gel wrist rest serves as a combo package with a mouse and keyboard. The brand is new for some gamers but gaining popularity day by day for its most appealing and innovative look. The keyboard and mouse wrist pads can easily adjust the wrist’s size and shape. It has a ventilation channel to reduce perspiration issues and always keep your wrists dry and cool. 

A person who suffers from a sweating problem can choose this wrist rest. The pad comes with different color combinations and looks like red + black, blue + black, and silver + black colors. The curved design concept comes to place wrist and hands comfortably when clicking, scrolling, or typing. The gel pillow supports your wrist enough from any injuries which may cause by typing continuously. The product achieved maximum positive customer loves and reviews. 

However, the pad is not washable, but it is pretty easy to clean. The Kensington gel mouse and keyboard pads are the most comfortable as like 3M Gel wrist rest. Overall, the wrist rest serves as a horizontal mouse and a long keyboard so that you can enjoy your gaming environment. Unfortunately, for the person who has a vertical mouse, the design won’t support them. If you have a vertical one, then you can try Brila Ergonomic memory foam wrist rest.

Type: Keyboard and mouse accessory

Dimensions: ‎17.8x 11.3×1.7 inches


  • Excellent and attractive design.
  • Serve gel pillow with a ventilation channel.
  • The pad is easy to clean.
  • There are different types of colors.


  • The gel pillow is weak.
  • The pad supports only a horizontal mouse, not a vertical one.

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5. Aelfox Wrist Rest

Aelfox Wrist Rest
Aelfox Wrist Rest

Aelfox wrist rest can remove wrist pain easily; who suffers most. The design is adorable, and you love it at first glance. The pad is made with high-quality medical memory foam and serves long-term stability. It is the most comfortable one than others cheaper memory foam wrist rests. The rubber base helps keep the wrist rest fairly stable. 

It is the perfect combination with both keyboard and mouse. You can get this fantastic pad in two colors: black and light grey that allows you to pick which suits your choice and gaming setup. However, there is a problem with cleaning the pad. But there is no complaint about this pad. The wrist rest is quite costly. 

Aelfox offers a combo pack solution who are searching for both mouse and keyboard wrist rests. At this point, the price is lower than others. You can enjoy a gaming environment with laptops, mice, and keyboards wrist rests. The dimensions are quite impressive both mouse (5.31 x 2.76 x 0.89 inch) and keyboard (17.32 x 2.76 x 0.89 inch). For this reason, Aelfox size fits almost all of the keyboards, laptops, and mice. What makes this pad different from others? Well, the strong point is the mouse and keyboard combination and the manufacturing materials.  

The Aelfox upper surface has small circular holes that offer better comfort and air circulation and helps to reduce tension on your pressure points. The product quality is more satisfying, and all the materials are qualityful to use every day smoothly.

Type: Keyboard and mouse accessory


  • Keyboard Wrist Rest Foam: 17.32 x 2.76 x 0.89inch.
  • Mouse Wrist Rest: 5.31 x 2.76 x 0.89inch.


  • The best treatment for carpal tunnel. 
  • It helps to reduce discomfort, stress, and tiredness from long-term work pressure. 
  • Best combo package including mouse and keyboard wrist rest.
  • Good quality medical-grade foam. 
  • The size is flexible for all types of mice and keyboards.


  • Costly than others wrist rest.
  • Face difficulty to clean.
  • Less Durability.

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6. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest
Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

The Glorious gaming wrist pad is the best pad with a perfect stitching frame with Dual Lock Anti-Fraying capability. The Stitching is strong enough and doesn’t tear easily. Glorious offers better comfort when you are busy playing the game. This is made for gamers and covers all the bases of the wrist. 

The glorious pad is a full-sized wrist rest with perfect dimension, and you can use it with mechanical keyboards that include a number pad. The body is slim in height and designed with a high-quality foam interior. The pad is lightweight, only 7.2 ounces, and provides a medium level of firmness. It has dual-lock Stitching, and you won’t find any frayed edges. 

A smooth cloth is placed on the exterior so that you can move your hands without irritation. The materials are easy to clean. When you buy this pad do not forget to check the logo. The underneath anti-slip rubber base ensures that this wrist rest is secure to use even in the most frantic matches. The product serves a one-year no-questions-asked warranty, which means it offers a replacement free of charge if you encounter any quality issues.

Type: Keyboard accessory

Dimensions: 17.5×4 inches and 1in thick (25mm‎)


  • It easily covers the entire keyboard.
  • Rubber base.
  • Dual Lock Anti-Fraying frame.
  • Durable Stitching.
  • Washable.
  • Awesome build quality.
  • You can explore the variety of sizes.


  • Expensive.
  • Not very stable on the smoother surfaces. 
  • Medium firmness.

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7. Bailey Leather Wrist Rest

Bailey Leather Wrist Rest
Bailey Leather Wrist Rest

Bailey leather wrist rest comes with extra firm, ample padding that helps to lead a healthy and neutral wrist position. In addition, it is made with leather and serves extra durability and comfort. The stitching is organized well than other gaming pads/wrist rest. For this reason, the pad supports you for a long time, and by using this, your hand moves quickly without any wrist pain. 

The pad’s size can fit every medium-sized keyboard as well as a large gaming keyboard. However, when you want to buy the best wrist rest, the most considerable point is support and thickness. Mainly, you accept the wrist rest for extra relief to your hands and prevent feelings of pain even after non-stop gaming for many hours. As a gamer, you love this wrist rest.  

The rubber base is the reason to reduce slipping and double stitching construction that increases durability. In addition, the pad can prevent Carpel tunnel and Bursitis disease. Bailey Leather wrist rest is perfect that gives maximum longevity, and the surface of the pad is smooth enough to avoid any friction. 

Just like Glorious gaming wrist rest, the Bailey Leather has its original position with high-quality features. Also, the material is easy to wash and soft. The weight of this pad is around 1.1 pounds and comes in three different colors: nightfall, stone, and woodland. The leather is the best choice for those who suffer lots of sweating.

Type: Keyboard Accessory

Dimensions: 17.0×4.0x1.0 inches


  • Best choice for gamers and official use.
  • Perfect length and width. 
  • The best solution for preventing carpal tunnel injury.
  • Durability and stability gain fame.
  • Waste zero space.


  • After long-term use, leather gives a foul smell.

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8. BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam

BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam
BRILA Ergonomic Memory Foam

BRILA Ergonomic wrist rest is the unique one that is built with medical-grade foam. The pad is manufactured with bounce-back memory foam gels and top-graded silky smooth LYCA fabric that offers comfortable touch. The quality memory foam padding guarantees the mouse smoothness, and the shape is responsible for long-term use.

The innovative ergonomic wrist-shape groove and massaging holes designs is the reason to prevent the wrist disease (carpal tunnel). The pad is perfectly fitted in your wrist and palm when you put your wrist on the mice. In this way, you can work comfortably. In addition, BRILA has rubber PU materials on the back base, Skid-proof mice wrist rest, and easy to use and secure to continuously operating mice. 

The pad is suitable for all sizes of office and gaming computer mouses, and it gives a professional look and a 2-year replacement guarantee. The wrist rest comes in three different lengths, including 4.7 inches, 0.8 inches, and 2.8 inches. The pad comes in different styles and colors including aquamarine, black, floral, grey, pink, and nebula.

Type: Mouse Accessory

Dimensions: 5.1×3.1×0.8 inches


  • The soft memory gel foam gives comfort. 
  • Easily washable.
  • It has holes over the surface that offers smoothness to the wrist.
  • Serve medical-grade material.


  • The pad has no much durability.

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9. Gimars Memory Foam Set

Gimars Memory Foam Set
Gimars Memory Foam Set

The wrist rest is made for gamers, and the design is impressive. Ergonomic brands make gamers wrist pads that can prevent typing-related wrist pain. The good thing about this pad is its flexible size, and the extra-wide pad means you can focus on work and move your hands quickly. However, the size fits almost all the standard mice and keyboards. 

The laptop users may not feel flexible to use this pad for its height. But is the excellent combo wrist that serves both keyboards and mouse. The outer is smooth. You can easily clean this pad because it has stain-resistant Lycra material guarantees. The base is made of an anti-slip gel. Gimars wrist rest has slight sticking for keeping the pad flat. But it faces many questions for the lackings of anti-fray stitching.

The aim of this pad is for users can enjoy their computer experience with soft memory foam. If you want the variation in this pad, then you are lucky to pick the Gimars pad. The pad gives you three different colors: black, blue, and green. The weight of this pad is only 4.2 ounces that allows you to carry it in any place if needed. 

Gimars wrist rest set is the perfect combo for users who want to explore a lot of typing and need comfort. The minimum standard criteria is a skid-proof rubber material that helps to avoid sliding. Overall you love this combo without any hesitation for its budget and high-quality materials.

Type: Keyboard and Mouse Accessory


  • Mouse pad size 6.3x3x1 inches.
  • Keyboard size 17×3.4×1 inches.


  • Affordable price.
  • It is built with memory foam that lasts longer.
  • The design can support both hands and wrists. 
  • Gimars wrist rest has good reviews and customer appreciation. 
  • Smooth and comfortable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Less stability and durability.
  • Edges may curl up.

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10. Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest
Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Razer’s wrist rest is known for its outstanding design and high-quality products. Unfortunately, you will never find any RGB but experience innovative construction. The wrist rest is best for game lovers. When you buy, you should check the logo of the company. It supports any PC setup. The pad comes with an artificial leather exterior. 

You can clean the pad easily by using a regular cloth and also waterproof. Razer wrapped with a traditional memory foam interior and offered a separate, stand-alone wrist rest for your mouse. The pad is unique for its rubber feet on the bottom of the wrist rest and size covered all keyboards. All the material has durability enough to hold up for a long time. The weight is only 8.8 ounces.

Type: Keyboard Accessory

Dimensions: ‎17.51×3.55×1.04 inches


  • Comfortable and smooth.
  • High-quality.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.
  • It has much durability. 


  • Higher price.

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1. Why need a wrist rest device?

The “wrist rest” device is designed to keep your wrist in a neutral position (not bent up or down). And every expert doctors suggest using this device. Let’s discuss more:

  • When you type, your wrist/palm should move freely. But some postures do not allow to perform moving effectively. The pad contacts the heel or palm of your hand, not the wrist. Here comes the necessity of wrist rest. 
  • If you use wrist rest, then it can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • The wrist can maintain neutral posture and in-line typing. 
  • The wrist rest is adjustable with the width, height, and slope of the front edge of the keyboard or mouse. 

Want to reduce bending wrists by adjusting different workstations (chair, desk, keyboard)? Use Wrist Rest without any hesitation. 

Note: “Bear in mind when you are busy in typing, then keep your shoulders straight, elbows hold out, arms held forward, and wrists help up.” The instruction can help to reduce muscular tension and musculoskeletal injuries. 

2. Do wrist rests prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes, you can trust this point blindly. The experts suggest using wrist rest for reducing carpal tunnel syndrome. When we work on various devices and busy typing, we forget about the perfect posture of typing. The disease is the worst thing that may cause unbearable muscle pain in your wrist. Want to lead a healthy life, then you should use this device. 

3. Do wrist rest work?

There are debates about this topic. Well, users or workers who use the keyboard for performing various activities review that the device gives them relaxation and can engage themselves long term in working mode. 

On the other hand, we know very well that game lovers use the keyboard and mouse for a long time compared to general tech workers. Moreover, wrist rest can prevent the alleviation of tension in the neck and shoulders. For this reason, if you consider the benefits of your health and work-life, then a wrist rest device is the best choice.  

4. Should you need to use them?

Well, its depend on users choice and needs. If you are comfortable and enjoy your daily using the keyboard and mouse habit, then there is no need to use them. But if you want to reduce wrist pain, it is clever to use the wrist rest device. Typing with bent wrists will create tension. If you can not adjust your workstation to reduce wrist tension, then pick one. 

5. How wrist rest benefits the user?

The wrist rest gives users a proper typing posture and relaxation of using the keyboard and mouse. The use of wrist rest can benefit the gamers most. You have no worries when you work. If you want to care for your body then ensure the longevity of your physical condition. 

However, wrist rest comes with various shapes, designs and adjusts different keyboard and mouse types and lengths. In addition, you can pick foam wrist rests that can give you extra comfort and relief.

Top Pick


Every human has unique needs and designed differently. Some accept the power of wrist rest, and some debates they face carpal tunnel by using them. In the end, all the argument comes to the user’s preference. We believe that a wrist rest for the keyboard and mouse can be helpful for comforting sitting posture and typing. 

However, if you adequately face a lack of keyboard, mouse, pc settings, then wrist rest is the best option. For this reason, we listed the best gaming wrist rest in 2023 only for you. Enjoy!

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