Top 10 Best Golf GPS Apps for iPhone in 2023!

The traditional golf course GPS devices are expensive and not at all user-friendly. Having unjustifying higher prices they offer only a hard-to-carry gadget with some tracking sensors and an average-sized display! Therefore, in this advanced world golfers do not get along with these typical gadgets anymore. They need state-of-the-art golf GPS devices that are reasonable and easy to carry along with advanced tracking systems. And with no surprise, Apple has done exactly that for them by launching many Golf GPS apps for iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad users or golfers.

You will find plenty of golf GPS apps on the app store at this moment but not every app is worth installing. In addition, none has this much time to examine every app whether it is suitable for them. That’s why in this review guide, I bring you the best golf GPS apps for iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch! Here you will get to know the best features, pros and cons, and of course the app’s pricing (in-apps prices criteria) for every app.

1. Golf GPS SwingU

Golf GPS SwingU
Fig. Golf GPS SwingU

Looking for an app that offers the best game improvement features in golf? Meet Golf GPS by SwingU! Golf GPS by SwingU is specifically designed for iPad, also available for iPhone and Apple Watch as well. It is the best free golf GPS rangefinder app that tracks the distance of the green to the center and any obstacle by using satellite photos. It also has a digital scorecard that automatically advances from hole to hole to keep a count of every score point.

The Golf GPS SwingU app is trusted by over 6 million users because of its best features. Know them below!

Top Features of Golf GPS SwingU:

  • GPS Rangefinder: Live wind speed and elevation data, short tracking and club recommendations, zoom-in distances. 
  • Enhanced Scorecard and Statistics: Easy to use scorecard that quickly finds gameplay and weaknesses.
  • Access to more than 600 lessons and drills by professional instructors.
  • Strokes Gained Analysis: identify the area of the weak gameplay that needs more attention.

What’s NEW?

SwingU PLUS – AI-Powered Digital Caddie Platform is the newest form of the app with a lower price and Hole Insights has all the other features but with more advancements.

Pros of using the Golf GPS SwingU app!

Golf GPS SwingU is one of the most used Golf GPS apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch having over 4.7 ratings on Apple App Store. Everyone loves this app because of its great features mentioned above and its fully supportive customer service. The SwingU team is 24/7 active regarding any issue you face understanding the app or its configurations. You can use this app at any golf course in the world. It can be a good fitness tracking app also as it tracks how much calories you burn while playing golf.


  • The versus data is only for the users that want to use this app as an improvement tool because it shows several analytics of where you need to improve. Many find it exaggerating.
  • Sometimes this app crashes all of a sudden.

Pricing Criteria

The best thing about this app is you can get it FREE from the Apple App Store. Golf GPS SwingU is also available for Android users. However, if you want the advanced version of the app, you can avail its in-app purchases as well. The upgraded version costing starts from $2.49 per month, $29.99 if billed annually!


2. Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard

Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard
Fig. Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard

Done using apps with outdated maps and blurry satellite images? Then start using the Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard app that has effectively solved the outdated maps and blurry satellite images issues with the support of Apple and Google maps. This app is very compatible with both Apple and Google, made for Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Android. It has made entering manual scores and viewing your friend’s data so easy and feasible with insightful stats and charts.

Best Features of Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard:

  • Fully functionable range finder that consumes minimum battery.
  • Easy insertable GPS distance and scores in Apple Watch.
  • Entirely customizable golf course, hole, tee and GPS data information.
  • Syncable group scores via iMessage, email or AirDrop.
  • A year long performance review on brand new charts.

Benefits of using Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard

Using this app will give you the privilege of launching your own golf course, in addition, you can download your favorite course from thousands of courses available. Besides you can distinguish birdie, par, bogey, and double bogey very easily using its advanced scorecard with different colors and shapes. It also has an Android version of the app for Android users.


Although the Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard is an excellent app to use on your Apple Watch, you need to avail the membership in order to use Apple Watch features. In addition, the loading of Maps might not be crystal clear with LTE and cellular networks.

Membership Costs

The in-app purchase rate for a 1-year membership is only $15.99 with a developer’s tip of $1.99. If you want to use this app on your Apple Watch, you definitely need to get a membership.


3. GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS
Fig. GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

The GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS app is specially designed for iPhone and iPad and it is trusted by over 3 million golfers around the world. As claimed by its developers, it is providing the best way to book tee times from over 9K golf courses worldwide, anytime. Using this app you can book your next round very easily as well. Here you get a golf GPS rangefinder, post-game analysis, and scorekeeping features for free. Know more about GolfNow features below!

Best Features of GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

  • Search for hot tee time deals includes weather predictions, amazing savings and best discounts.
  • Instant and hasslefree tee time booking available 24/7.
  • Golf course recommendations from thousands of professional golfers.
  • Easy findable tee times using the enhanced search option with filters.

Pros of GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS

GolfNow lets you search for courses near your location by using your device GPS and provides you with reviews and every insight of the course. The best thing about this app is, you get to book tee times without any hassle such as matching with a suitable time of the golf course, check out their contact info, and making several calls to find your slots! You do not need to go through all these as you can directly search for the tee times and book even pre-book in a minute.

GolfNow Book TeeTimes Golf GPS is absolutely free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android users. Get it NOW!


  • Not available for Apple Watch.

4. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

Golfshot Golf GPS + Caddie
Fig. Golfshot Golf GPS + Caddie

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie automatically tracks each shot on every round while providing accurate per club distance, shots review, and insightful statistics of every score. It is also the first app to introduce the Auto Shot Tracking (AST) feature on Apple Watch. With Golfshot you get to play and manage your game at once with its powerful GPS, real-time distance measurements, and 45K golf course and club recommendations around the globe. 

Best Features of Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

  • 3D video previews visualization of the entire golf course.
  • At a glance game view with Apple Watch.
  • Tracking of pace and activity with the integrated health app.
  • Easi trackable handicap index.
  • Integration with Siri for measuring the distance to the green.

Pros of using the Golfshot app

The best benefit you can get by using the Golfshot app is the financial benefit! Yes, you get a $20 discount on your tee time booking using this app. Isn’t it exciting? Moreover, you can have access to an add-free app with varieties of advanced features as a pro member. Golfshot is also feasible to use on your Android devices along with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch).


The premium features may drain your device’s battery very fast.

In-app Prices

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie has a whole bunch of in-app purchases categories. In short, its Pro Feature Subscription starts from $4.99, and its Pro Features for Classic Members starts from $2.99. However, you can get a 7 day free trial of its pro version before making any purchase.

Download and find out more from HERE!

5. Hole19 Golf GPS & Range Finder

Hole19 Golf GPS & Range Finder
Fig. Hole19 Golf GPS & Range Finder

Hole19 is claimed to be the most complete Golf GPS app that provides correct yardages and a live leaderboard with accurate scoring of you and your friends. Using the Hole19 Golf GPS & Range Finder app will give you the best rangefinder experience by measuring the distance of the green including the front, back, and middle on a full-color course map over a 43K worldwide course. 

Best Features of Hole19:

  • Digital Scorecard: Digitally tracks scores of every round and every shot. Available stableford and stroke play scoring system.
  • Live Scores: Hole19 LIVE for tracking real time live scores. 
  • Shot Tracker: Tracks strock’s accuracy and distance.
  • Highlights: Highlighted overview of golfer’s carrere.
  • Quickly tracks distance of the last shot.


The Hole19 Golf GPS & Rangefinder app is compatible with your Apple Watch, iPhone, and Android devices. You can avail many of its features for free but to use the features like shot tracking or highlights – you need to be a premium member! A premium member gets the add-free version of the app and in addition, scores tracking on the Apple Watch with full insights.


  • Hole19 has not been optimized for iPads.
  • You have to have iOS version 14 or above to use this app on your iPhone or Apple Watch.


Hole19 Premium Pro Packages start from $7.49 per month, $29.99 per six months, and $49.99 if billed annually. However, you can play with its common version with limited features for free.

Download from Here!

6. THE GRINT | Golf GPS & Handicap

THE GRINT | Golf GPS & Handicap
Fig. THE GRINT | Golf GPS & Handicap

The GRINT is one of the top golf GPS apps for iPhone that links with GHIN# (USGA golf handicap information network) to manage your handicap, scores, and pretty much everything in one place. It lets you improve your gameplay by using its advanced statistics, distance measurements, shot tracking systems, and GPS rangefinder of almost every golf course in the world. Check out what’s more in the offer below!

Best Features of The GRINT

  • Accurate distance calculation from the fairway to the green.
  • Official linking with GHIN# for handicap and score tracker.
  • In-depth past scores and shot analysis to improve gameplay.
  • Foursome competitions in real-time with live scores.
  • Automated games and points calculations.

Advantages of using The GRINT | Golf GPS & Handicap

The GRINT lets you connect with your golf buddies, share your scores, photos and stats with them and you get to view their shared content as well. You can organize your foursome competition or the next tee time by using its advanced 4somes tool. The GRINT team serves you 24/7 with the best ever customer service in any trouble. In short, you get all in one best golf GPS app experience while improving yourself as a golfer with The GRINT app. 


  • Not available for iPads.
  • Many may face difficulties while setting up the handicap.


The GRINT offers Pro Memberships for a $39.99 per year package, where you can get scorecard picture service along with advanced stats and performance indicators. It also includes dynamic shot and target tracking to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Get it NOW!

7. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line

GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line
Fig. GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line

Adopting the most recent advanced technology, the GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line app has become one of the best golf GPS apps in 2023. The best thing about this app is it provides centimeter accuracy of the course green field like no other apps! Within this feature, you get the putt line capability in order to confirm where exactly you want to aim. Thus GolfLogix is now claimed to be the best golf GPS app for beginners. Check out its top features below!

Top Features of GolfLogix

  • GPS Distance: Calculates accurate distances from any point of the fairway, green and obstacles or layout in between.
  • Crystal clear 3D approach view.
  • Putt Line: shows where exactly you want to aim.
  • Advanced club tracking and professional course statistics.
  • Official Tournament Mode: Play the official handicap tournament while turning on this mode.

Pros of using the GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line app

The GolfLogix app has been specially designed by golfers for the golfers with traditional routines. If you love to play golf, this app will only enhance your gameplay further and enrich you to the top of the competition. Use GolfLogix on your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android devices. So install GolfLogix now and try its pro features free for the next two rounds.


  • Not for iPads or iPods Touch.

In-app Purchase Package!

GolfLogix’s advanced features have to be purchased after the free trial period, and the package costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 annually! Though you can get its 2-day passes only at $2.99 for a day.

Free Trial!

8. GolfGPS++


Searching for a standalone Golf GPS app? Meet the GolfGPS++. It does not need an iPhone as it works on the Apple Watch standalone! Until now every app you noticed, offers free features for iPhone but not for Apple Watch! Unbelievably the GolfGPS++ is the first app to be used on Apple Watch for free as well! 

Best Features of GolfGPS++

  • Automated swing detection on Apple Watch.
  • Advanced distance measurement of your point from the hole to the obstacles.
  • Works without internet on the golf course if it is already loaded.
  • Automated game score tracking system by the in-built Gesture Recognition Technology.
  • 2D and 3D map view of each hole and the green.


The best advantage of using GolfGPS++ is you do not need to carry your iPhone to the golf course. You can play standalone and track all the stats, scores, and measure distances on your Apple Smartwatch. In addition, you do not need any internet connection to track your scores or distance while being on the course if the course is already loaded in your app. You do not need to connect to the internet on the next round as well.


  • Not available for Android users.
  • Has not been optimized for iPads.


Although GolfGPS++ lets you use Apple Watch features for free, it is always good to use advanced features in order to outplay in the course. Premium features from the GolfGPS++ Premium package at $6.99 monthly and $29.99 yearly. It also has a GolfGPS++ Premium Membership at $79.99 only.

Download NOW!

9. GOLF PAD: Golf GPS & Scorecard

GOLF PAD: Golf GPS & Scorecard
Fig. GOLF PAD: Golf GPS & Scorecard

Golf Pad is a golf GPS app that lets you have many advanced features like measuring the distance to the front, middle, or back of the green, maps with flyovers, and detailed scoring of 4 golfers all for free, unlike other dedicated apps. It also has a fully functional golf GPS rangefinder that helps calculate accurate distance on almost every course in the world. It is the best free app that is loaded with features, check them below!

Best Features of Golf Pad:

  • Easy and intuitive UI.
  • Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) quality scorecard.
  • Automated measurement systems for shot tracking and position recording.
  • Statistics graphs to easily visualize your progress.
  • Health app integration.
  • Sharable scorecard on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or email.) 

Pros: What do you get from the Golf Pad app?

  • The Golf Pad is specially optimized to save battery life. So you do not need to worry about the draining battery issue!
  • It is also available for Android devices and optimized for Apple Watch and iPads. So play with any device you want.
  • You do not need to waste time in the registration process while using the app, you can start playing in a sec.
  • You get to see your improvements automatically with detailed analytics. And you get everything for free. 


  • Using tags on the iPhone may crash the app.


The Golf Pad app’s premium version requires $19.99 annually, which is way cheaper than other apps. Moreover, you can use its many advanced features for free as well.

Get it from HERE!



For those who want a training app in golf within all other advanced features that a Golf GPS app contains, Zepp Golf is the perfect one for them! Zepp Golf app has a smart training system that helps you improve your golf game fast. With Zepp Golf you can create amazing shots and edit your swing videos and share them on social platforms. You can add voice-overs, ball-tracker, and infographics technology to highlight your videos that will surely bring your videos to life. Check what else you can do with this app, below!

Top Features of Zepp Golf:

  • Shot and swing analysis for free on Apple Watch.
  • Measures the important swing aspects – swing speed, swing plane, tempo, backswing length and visualize them in 3D.
  • The Zepp Smart Coach Training System: quickly identifies where you need to improve by analyzing a few swings.
  • Automatic video recording, editing and sharing.


Zepp Golf is available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android as well so that you can play around having any device. The best pros about this app is, you can use its automatic video editing, digital leaderboard, and smart coach training system absolutely free on both your iPhone and Apple Smartwatch. However, it has much to offer to its premium members.


  • Quickly drains battery in some devices.
  • Connection error may occur sometimes while calibrating to the sensor in order to capture the Zepp Golf metrics.

Get the Zepp Golf app for free!

Wrap UP!

In case you get messed up while finding the best app out of the millions, we have shortlisted the above-mentioned 10 best golf GPS apps for iPhone. For your convenience, we have found out the best features, pricing packages, pros and cons of those apps in detail. We hope you have found your desired golf GPS app for your device, be it iPhone, Android, iPad, or Apple Watch. Before concluding, we highly suggest you be aware of your device’s battery draining and overheating issue, as these are GPS apps – continuous usage may cause those couple of problems.

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