15 Best GPS Apps For Android in 2022

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to go to a new place? Yes, the GPS app is the thing. These apps have been trusted apps for a long time. However, when we think about GPS apps, Google maps is the one that comes to our mind because it is one of the most used Best GPS apps for android for the last couple of years. 

Besides, if you want to make your navigation not just stay in Google maps, this article is for you. There are more best GPS apps for android for navigating and finding your required destination quickly.

So today, we present you with the 15 best GPS apps for android in 2022.

How Can GPS Apps Help You?

GPS apps have always been there when you wanted to find a new place or navigate a spot for your needs. The fundamental responsibility of GPS apps is to show location data and help people to reach their destination safely. 

But are there more features that the best GPS apps for android provide?

Yes. Technology has made these GPS apps do more than navigate a place.

  • The Best GPS apps for android navigate places by their zip code, address, and voice assistance.
  • Counts the distance from your present place to your destination and shows you the required timing.
  • These best GPS apps for android show you traffic info. Moreover, they are lifesavers when it comes to establishing data on traffic jams.
  • You can’t get distracted while you’re driving. So the GPS tracker apps for android come with audible turn-by-turn guidance to your destination.
  • When we go to a new place, we need to know if there are any gas stations or restaurants, or police stations nearby. Moreover, these Best GPS apps for android have a feature that shows you nearby shops or gasoline stations.

The 15 Best Navigation App For Android in 2022

Best GPS Apps For Android Reviews

  1. Sygic (World’s best free GPS app and most downloaded app for android)
  2. Google Maps (Faster and easier free GPS app for android)
  3. OsmAnd (best free offline GPS tracker app for android)
  4. MAPS.ME (Navigates any place in the world)
  5. Here We Go (Free navigation app for global travelers)
  6. Polaris GPS (Navigate areas remotely)
  7. Genius Maps (Free offline GPS app for android)
  8. Handy GPS (Perfect free navigation app for adventure)
  9. Mapfactor (Free GPS tracker app for android)
  10. BackCountry Navigator (Best Selling GPS app for android)
  11. Mapquest (Audible voice navigation)
  12. Waze (Navigates with real-time alert)
  13. Scout GPS (Free navigation app for android)
  14. Copilot GPS (Trusted navigation app)
  15. TomTom Go (Offline navigation app)


Price: Free / 13.99$- 29.99$/ year

Sygic is a trusted app for navigation for more than 200M people. Besides, it provides offline navigation with the stored 3D map. You can easily depend on this app as it updates yearly free for all users. However, it shows you the traffic jams in your route or helps you with an excellent excuse to reach your destination safely and efficiently. Besides, its advanced features make driving easy and hassle-free. This one of the free Best GPS apps for android is an excellent solution if you plan for a new exciting road trip.

Sygic GPS App
Sygic GPS App


  1. Park your vehicle quickly with parking space suggestions.
  2. It shows you speed limit controls and tracks your speed.
  3. The lane assistant guide will help you to choose the right lane.
  4. It allows you to stay focused on the road as it provides auto connectivity.
  5. This app gives you real-time traffic jams information.
  6. This free GPS tracker app for android offers offline maps for all countries in the world.

Google Maps

Price: Free GPS app for android

The world’s oldest, faster, more straightforward, and demandable free GPS app for android is Google Maps. It helps you to know your neighborhood quickly by showing you the nearest shops, garages, and many more. It is used by over 220 countries and millions of businesses to show them on the map.

Google Maps App
Google Maps App

Save your time and day using the Google maps apps to rerouting the destination that helps you reach there safely as it is one of the best GPS apps for android.


  1. It helps you to discover new shops and restaurants nearby you.
  2. Know about the trending areas by Google Maps.
  3. This offline free GPS app for android provides map downloading and offline navigating.
  4. It gives the indoor image of big malls and offices.
  5. This app creates a list of your favorite places and makes your navigation easier.

It saves your time by rerouting the destination if there is an accident or traffic jam ongoing.


Price: Free, 8.99$/year

OsmAnd is one of the best offline navigation apps for android that provides maps worldwide. Moreover, you can just download the map and use it to drive, cycle, or track. However, OsmAnd provides contour lines visualization for navigation. It gives you audible turn-by-turn guidance that will keep you focused on roads. Also, it switches between day and night mode and makes your driving safer.

OsmAnd GPS App
OsmAnd GPS App


  1. You can keep track of your speed and altitude while cycling with this app.
  2. The app shows you hiking and walking paths.
  3. High-quality information about the place you want to navigate.
  4. It provides excellent and high-quality maps and contour lines.
  5. Allows you to choose between different languages.
  6. It provides a route recording system.


Price: Free

MAPS.ME is the fastest, over-rated, detailed, and offline map that has turn-by-turn navigation. The GPS app gains the trust of over 140 million travelers worldwide. You can save data by using this app, and you need no internet connection to run this app. Use this app as per your needs, and the tracking capacity is beyond description. You can use it when driving, walking, and cycling. The app can navigate your location anywhere at any time. 

Maps.ME App
Maps.ME App

The app serves travel guides to choose interesting places that save your time. You can enjoy various guide catalogs for hundreds of destinations worldwide, including city travel, car tips, or outdoor activities.


  1. Explore excellent travel guides with exciting places. 
  2. Serves POI (Directions to points of interest) that can hike trails and places missing from other maps. 
  3. It is updated by millions of OpenStreetMap contributors daily. 
  4. The map is available around the world.
  5. Check the updates on traffic info and explore the fastest driving routes in 36 countries
  6. You can search via different categories like restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, hotels, ATMs, ac and public transport.
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Price: Free GPS app for android

HERE WeGo is another one of the best GPS apps for android. It is a free offline navigation app that provides a valuable map guide to global and local travelers. However, its easy-to-use interface and easy-to-follow walk guidance will help you to enjoy your walk freely. You can get accurate driving guidance without any distraction as this app has the feature of audible voice turn-by-turn guidance.

Here We Go App
Here We Go App

It saves your frequently visited places’ data and helps you discover new places by suggesting them. Besides, if you want to go for a holiday, HERE WeGo helps you with booking hotels and transports. Now isn’t that excellent?


  1. It saves your required data for offline use.
  2. You can find the places you are interested in and plan a trip with friends through this app.
  3. This app helps you with booking hotels and transports to a new location.
  4. You can point to your stops or unique places in your route, and this app will help you reach there safely.
  5. This app enables you to sort out your frequently visited site and suggest a new location according to your interest.
  6. You can also get an excellent parking suggestion for your vehicle.
Video Courtesy: HERE Technologies

Polaris GPS

Price: Free GPS app for android

Polaris GPS app is a powerful GPS app for android. The significant thing about this app is it doesn’t stop you from going anywhere. Yes, it is an all-purpose GPS app. It doesn’t have any road limits as it provides offroad and marine navigation too. So you won’t have to find different apps for your other choice, Polaris can be the only choice for you. It provides offline navigation for the user. Besides, you don’t need to make an account or subscribe to this app. This app shows the satellite navigation of your off-trail or marine journey.

Polaris GPS App
Polaris GPS App


  1. Account making and subscription-free app.
  2. It is an all-purpose GPS app for android.
  3. This app helps you to navigate off-road trails and waterways.
  4. It keeps your GPS data safe and has your backup by showing satellite navigation.
  5. Easy to use offline map download system.
  6. It provides all types of maps.
  7. This app helps you to find off-road hiking trails and proper camping locations.
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Genius Maps

Price: Free GPS app for android, 1.99$/month

Genius Maps is an offline use free GPS app for android. All the maps will be stored on your device after you install the app. So it won’t use any data or internet connection for navigation. However, this app has professionally graded maps for easy navigation. The 7 days free trial of Pro guidance will provide you the feature of live traffic notification. It makes your traveling more hassle-free with its connect to vehicle feature.

Genius Maps App
Genius Maps App


  1. Navigates through the world.
  2. It provides free downloaded maps.
  3. This app has the feature of a safety camera that tracks your journey and reports about your safety.
  4. The app has the quality of vehicle connectivity.

You can instantly know about the traffic updates by its live traffic feature.

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Handy GPS

Price: Free GPS app for android, 8.49$/ month for premiere version

If you’re looking for a GPS app for your next outdoor adventure, Handy GPS is the right choice for you. Moreover, you don’t need to create an account or subscribe to the app to use this app. Besides, It is a free-to-use app for those who love outdoor adventures. This app is not just helpful for outdoor adventures only, and it can also help you in surveying, forestry, mining, and archaeology in addition. Besides, if you like the performance of this app, you can also install the premiere version of this app easily.

Handy GPS App
Handy GPS App


  1. Adventure-based GPS app for android.
  2. It shows your current location, distance from your destination, off-trail hiking spots, and nautical units.
  3. This app saves the data of your navigated places.
  4. It shows a gridded or simple map as you like.
  5. The app shows signal strength and GPS satellite locations.


Price: Free GPS app for android

MapFactor is an overrated GPS app for android on google play and quite renowned to users. This app has been installed 35M+ times. It is a free-to-use and offline GPS navigation app for android. Moreover, this app includes free updates monthly. Moreover, it navigates places without any internet connection in more than 200 countries in the world.

Mapfactor App
Mapfactor App


  1. It provides hassle-free navigation by the voice navigation system.
  2. The maps appear with the postal codes of the areas.
  3. It saves the maps on the device or your memory card.
  4. You can swipe between day and night mode according to your choice.
  5. This app provides a 2D/3D realistic visualization of the app.

BackCountry Navigator

Price: Free offline GPS app

BackCountry Navigator by TOPO is a fantastic free GPS app for android. Moreover, this app doesn’t require any internet connection for navigating. It automatically downloads maps for your navigation. This app is also a helpful app for off-road trailing. Besides, it keeps track of both your off-trail and hiking-trail data.

BackCountry Navigator App
BackCountry Navigator App


  1. It shows you the query about your destination.
  2. This app helps you with outdoor adventures.
  3. It has offline use services, and you can download all the maps.
  4. This app keeps you safe in your journey by showing you the right directions.


Price: Free GPS tracker app

Get the perfect turn-by-turn direction to your destination with MapQuest. Moreover, even if you’re walking, going for an outdoor adventure, or going on your next weekend road trip and need an app that will show you proper maps and give you exact information about your destination, MapQuest is the one for you. It has all the tools and features that you will need to navigate Canada and the United States.

MapQuest App
MapQuest App


  1. Audible turn-by-turn voice navigation for driving and walking.
  2. It gives you updates about traffic routes
  3. You can see the road before you start your journey through this app’s incredible Live traffic camera.
  4. It often updates the satellite map.
  5. This app saves your routine, so it saves your time.
  6. It shows you the nearby exciting places and restaurants.


Price: Free navigation app for android

Know about the updates about your known or unknown roads with Waze. Waze shows you all the information when you navigate a place. If your destined highway is full of traffic, Waze will change the route to save your time. Moreover, you can also listen to music or talk with someone through this app. It shows you the approximate time of your arrival at your destination in addition.

Waze App
Waze App


  1. Get the audible voice navigation from different voices.
  2. It has the feature of android auto-use.
  3. Play music and listen to the news through this app.
  4. Reach your destination faster with the instant route change feature.
  5. Get exact alerts about your routes.

Scout GPS Link

Price: 24.99$/year

Get an interactive navigation experience with Scout GPS Link. It is a free GPS app for android. Moreover, it shows a map powered by real-time cloud information, and this app is specially designed for your car’s multimedia surface. You have to look at the multimedia screen of your vehicle, and you’ll get all the information about the routes.

Scout GPS App
Scout GPS App


  1. Supported on iOS too.
  2. This app provides a 2D/3D map for navigation.
  3. You can control between night and day mode easily.
  4. Get a voice-controlled navigation feature.
  5. Full tracking on your car’s multimedia.
  6. All the components are optimized.
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CoPilot GPS 

Price: 5.99$ – 119.99$/ month for each feature

The CoPilot GPS app is mainly for truck drivers who need a GPS navigation app. This app is trusted by millions of drivers and many of the world’s most popular delivery companies. Moreover, this app is specially designed for the world’s professional truck drivers. It meets the desire of the drivers and vehicle difference that will keep your journey safe and sound. However, this app provides 14 days free trial of premium features such as voice navigation, live traffic, route planning, etc. You can effortlessly subscribe to it if you love the features of this app.

Copilot GPS App
Copilot GPS App


  1. Provides the essential feature of truck driving navigation.
  2. It helps you to skip the lower bridges and makes your truck driving easier.
  3. This app has a driver-friendly interface that keeps you focused on the road.
  4. It allows you to discover exciting places nearby.
  5. Explore new places anywhere in the world.
  6. It makes your travel easier and traffic-free.

TomTom Go

Price: Free navigation app for android

TomTom Go is another fantastic GPS tracker app for android. It provides both online and offline map navigation services. The maps of this device are customizable, which means you can set your map according to your preference. Sometimes we have a picture of the place, but we don’t know about the area; TomTom goes to this feature named drive to photo that helps you go to the pictured site. It updates weekly, so you’ll get new suggestions about your most visited routes as it saves them. It navigates the road by satellite map too.

TomTom Go App
TomTom Go App


  1. You can avoid traffic jams with the feature of live traffic with this app.
  2. It provides hassle-free and safer driving with the speed camera feature.
  3. You can share your location on your social media platforms or with your nearby ones.
  4. This is an add-free app that helps you to stay focused.
  5. It has the unique feature of driving a photo.
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If you’re not that much attached to roaming here without knowing the place, read through this article about the best GPS apps for android. Drive to your destination and reach there safely by using these GPS tracking apps. 

Have safe and sound GPS tracking.

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