The 8 Best GPS Smartwatches for Kids in 2023 [Reviews]

As the first tenet of responsible parenting is to make sure your child is safe, it means understanding their whereabouts at all times. GPS watches for kids are an excellent way to achieve this as they are specifically designed for children’s smaller wrists and more limited attention spans. GPS watches have comprehensive features to track your kid’s activities, geo-fencing sends you an alert that they are passing the safe zone, and an SOS button helps them in case of an emergency. There are many built-in games and health tracking services that keep your kids more active. For those who are concerned about their kids’ whereabouts and want to keep them from using a smartphone until their adulthood, then GPS watches for kids will be the best choice for you.  

The 8 Best GPS smartwatches for Kids in 2023: A Guideline for Concerned Parents

We have researched almost 30 best-selling GPS Watches for kids. In our research, we gave priority to some undeniable features, such as Accurate location tracking, SOS alert, Touch screen, Camera, Storage, Network compatibility, Two-way calling, Health monitoring, Battery life, Water Resistance capability, and Durability. 

Considering these factors we have researched the experience of Parents and kids. Then we listed the 8 Best GPS watches for kids which were preferable and convenient to parents and kids both. 

Our Picks:

1X plora X5 Play
Suitable for 4-11 ages kids
2Apple Watch SE
Suitable for Kids above 5 years old and teens.
3Tick Talk 4
Designed for 5-12 ages kids.
4Laxcido GPS
Mostly suitable for 6-11 ages kids.
5Fitbit Versa-3
Suitable for kids and elder people both.
6Angel Watch
Perfectly suits 5-12 years old kids.
Designed for kids under 12 but is mostly preferable for girls.
8Cosmo jr
Good choice for 5-12 aged children.

1.  XPLORA X5 Play- Best GPS Watch for Kids

Xplora is regarded as Europe’s top smartwatch brand for kids and one of the most trustworthy brands. It has won numerous accolades. An innovative and effective idea that instructs kids about getting enough screen time has been developed by Xplora.

XPLORA X5 Play- Best GPS Watch for Kids
XPLORA X5 Play- Best GPS Watch for Kids


  • 1.4″ TFT Gorilla Glass
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • 4 GB Storage Space
  • Touch screen
  • Pedometer
  • SOS alert
  • 4G
  • True GPS tracking
  • Color: Blue, Black, Pink
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Waterproof
  • POGO charging method
  • Wifi connectivity

Key Features:

  1. It is designed with active wifi and GSM triangulation to locate your child. You can also enable a safe zone that will alert you if your children are out of the safe zone besides giving information when they come into the safe zone area.
  2. Using a SIM card, you can make and receive calls to up to 50 approved contacts. 
  3. The watch can show text messages and emojis during a conversation.
  4. The 2 Megapixel camera is suitable to take pictures a whole day long and 4 GB storage space can keep a maximum of 1000 images. 
  5. School mode can be activated besides SOS alerting during an emergency.
  6. GOPLAY activity is installed in this watch.
  7. This watch is water and dust-proof.
  8. It can be connected to WiFi.
  9. 5 hours phone talk time.


✅ Outstanding GPS tracker

✅ Reliable

✅ High Quality 

✅ Easy to set up and use

✅ Powerful emergency alarm

✅ Screen Protector

✅ Good call Quality

✅ A powerful emergency alarm

✅ Step counter is available


⛔ The child has access to the APN and Wi-Fi settings and can change them as

      well as turn off the device without notifying the parents.

⛔ Little bit pricey.

⛔ Younger kids might find it difficult to operate.

⛔ No video calling feature

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2. Apple Watch SE- Overall Best Featured GPS Watch for Kids

One of Apple’s less expensive smartwatches is the Apple Watch SE. An iPhone 6s or later with iOS 14 is needed to use the Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch SE- Overall Best Featured GPS Watch for Kids
Apple Watch SE- Overall Best Featured GPS Watch for Kids


  • Retina display
  • Optical heart sensor(2nd Generation)
  • 45 mm case size
  • Storage:32 GB
  • S5 Processor
  • Always-on altimeter
  • 1.5 hours (LTE) talk time
  • 6 hours GPS workout

Key Features:

  1. It has fall detection, noise monitoring, an emergency SOS feature, and global emergency dialing.
  2. One can set a fitness goal with this watch.
  3. This watch can monitor your heart rhythm in the background, and alert you if it notices an irregular heartbeat.
  4. Tens of thousands of apps in the App Store can help you boost the capabilities of your watch.
  5. You can control and set up an Apple Watch SE for your kid using Family Setup, besides tracking them where they are.
  6. It comes up with a wide variety of sizes, colors, and bands to select from. 
  7. You can call for assistance with Emergency SOS, send a text, make a call, take a call, listen to music and podcasts, use Siri, and more via Built-in cellular.
  8. Apple Pay is another good addition to this watch.
  9. Apple watch SE comes with a limited warranty that covers hardware repairs for a period of one year and up to 90 days of free technical support.


✅ Large screen

✅Optional LTE connectivity

✅ Vast App Library

✅ Wonderful Family Setup

✅ 50-meter water-resistant

✅ Comprehensive features

✅ Built-in GPS

✅ Crack resistance

✅ Classic design


⛔ Mediocre battery life

⛔ Might be itchy for people who are sensitive to metal

⛔ No always-on display

⛔ Without iPhone it is not compatible

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3.  Tick Talk 4 – Best Durable Smartwatch for Kids With GPS

It’s a hefty watch that feels sturdy in your kid’s hand. This watch is a high-tech watch with extraordinary features. You are able to be connected with your child the whole day long.

Tick Talk 4 - Best Durable Smartwatch for Kids With GPS
Tick Talk 4


  • Cellular wireless communication
  • Touch Screen
  • Video calling
  • Wifi connectivity
  • True GPS (3-way location tracking)
  • SOS button
  • Works with AT&T and Verizon 
  • 62 hours battery life
  • Dual 5MP camera

Key Features:

  1. It offers free and unlimited music streaming, 2-way voice calling, and Face Talk.
  2. Preset text messaging, Voice messages, and Photos are available.
  3. Talk-to-Text capability.
  4. SOS for emergency calling.
  5. Can be sent Voice messages, Photos, and emojis.
  6. More than 20+ parental control application
  7. Accurate GPS Tracker in order to identify the exact location of your child.
  8. Fitness Tracker to live a healthy life.
  9. Charger-based smartwatch for kids.
  10. Sturdy design and waterproof for durability.
  11.  Children can be more focused with activity trackers setting their daily goals.
  12. To help kids stay on task, parents may set alarms, calendar events, and reminders for them.
  13. Drop and Shock Proof
  14. Upto 53+ parent-approved contacts are accessible.
  15. Do not disturb mode is present.


✅ Well synchronization

✅ Balanced weight

✅ Easy to set up and use

✅ Durable

✅ Users in the US have unrestricted access to iHeartRadio Family for free

✅ Plenty of parental controls, safety, and tracking options 

✅ Budget Friendly

✅ Geofencing

✅  Red Pocket offers a free SIM kit


⛔ Chunky design

⛔ Not enough improved in waterproof features

⛔ Two-way video chatting may not be appreciated by some parents

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4.  Laxcido 4G: Best Waterproof Kid’s Smartwatch With GPS

This is an excellent GPS watch to take into consideration if your child enjoys diving, windsurfing, or swimming. Because this GPS watch is extremely waterproof, so don’t be worried about your children’s outdoor activities on a rainy day, no need to take off their GPS watch.

Laxcido 4G: Best Waterproof Kid’s Smartwatch With GPS


  • Touch Screen,1.69 inches display
  • True GPS Tracking (4G LTE)
  • Health Step counter
  • Geo-fence
  • Historical route tracking
  • Flashlight
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • SOS button
  • Pedometer

Key Features:

  1. This 4G GPS Watch for kids ensures real-time tracking that is quite desirable.
  2. This watch only supports a 4G network.
  3. As it is IP67 waterproof, so your kid can easily play in the rain or with water without taking off the watch. It provides a strong waterproof guard in kids’ hands.
  4. In this watch, a Geo-fencing feature is available, which means you can optimize the safe zone area for your children. A built-in alarm will ring when the wearer passes the fixed zone. 
  5. You can use a sim with this watch and track multiple devices at a time. Voice and video calls are super easy.
  6. Footprint recording can be identified and the data remains accessible for 1 month.
  7. SOS alerting helps to make an emergency call to preset contacts.


✅ Provides accurate location

✅ One touch SOS call

✅ Makes call perfectly

✅ Historical route tracking

✅ Upto 50 meters of water resistance

✅ Easy to operate

✅ Good battery life


⛔ Can’t be used as a cellular phone alternative

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5.  Fitbit versa -3: Best GPS Location Tracker Watch for Kids

The Fitbit versa-3 GPS watch for kids completely removes the anxiety of concerned parents as it has comprehensive features to care for the kids remotely. Built-in GPS ensures the exact and precise location tracking of kids. It is not less than a smartphone but quite secure and convenient for kids as well. 

Fitbit versa -3: Best GPS Location Tracker Watch for Kids
fitbit versa 3


  • Built-in GPS
  • 3- axis accelerometer
  • Google assistance and amazon Alexa built-in
  • Battery life: 6+ day
  • Health Tracking
  • 20 exercise modes
  • Workout intensity map
  • Red and infrared sensors for oxygen saturation
  • Microphone,NFC,Speaker
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Altimeter
  • Daily Readiness meter

Key Features:

  1. Depending on your daily readiness score, you should either prioritize resting or getting in a workout.
  2. Built-in GPS tracks your outdoor runs, rides, hikes, and distance from your phone, and then checks out a map of your workout path in the Fitbit app.
  3. You can use hands-free Bluetooth calls, send a voicemail, and control volume using the built-in microphone and speaker.
  4. Google Assistant or Alexa Built-in on your watch, you can check the weather, set alarms and reminders for bedtime, and manage your smart home devices.
  5. Within just 12 minutes you will get a day’s worth of battery life with quick charging, and get 6+ days of battery life on a full charge.
  6. You can control Spotify, save music and podcasts on Deezer or Pandora, and play them all.
  7.  Each night one can analyze his/her sleep quality, track the amount of time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep and then get a Sleep Score.
  8. This GPS Watch is water resistant upto 50 meters.
  9. Active zone minutes measure your resting heart rate.


✅ Complete fitness features

✅ Clear AMOLED display

✅ Heavy battery life

✅ Built-in GPS, Goggle assistance, and Amazon Alexa

✅ Comfortable to wear

✅ Light-weight

✅ Fast charging

✅ Touchscreen


⛔ No Offline Spotify Music

⛔ Limited application

⛔ Need premium membership to access more features

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6.  Angel watch: Best 4G Broadband Cellular Network Technology Based Watch for kids

Angel watch: Best 4G Broadband Cellular Network Technology
angel watch


  • Built-in GPS
  • One Press SOS
  • 1.4” Display Size
  • Touch Screen
  • Hypoallergenic Silicone Band
  • 4G Network
  • 800mAh Built-in Battery
  • IP65 Waterproof

Key Features:

  1. Geo-fence to locate your child when they are out of the safe boundary.
  2. Crystal clear cellular voice and video calling experience.
  3. With Angel Watch you can limit who can communicate with your child and whom they may communicate with.
  4. Your youngster can dial up to three emergency contacts, and they can be reached by pressing the SOS button.
  5. You can avoid the dangers associated with using social media or the internet.
  6. To hear and view from the watch, turn on discrete drop-in audio and video.
  7. IP65 water resistance makes the water more durable.
  8. You are able to take measurements of your body’s temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and other parameters automatically.
  9. 4G SIM is included for free.


✅ No browser, and games

✅ Accurate Location tracking

✅ 3 sec SOS button 

✅ Class schedule, alarm

✅ Discrete drop-in audio and video 

✅ Health monitoring

✅ Tracking history

✅ Works with AT and T


⛔ GPS accuracy is only within 5-10 meters 

⛔ Limited contact setup

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7.  CJC 4G GPS Smart Watch: Best GPS watch for kids as a Birthday Gift

Once the SIM card is properly installed, this watch functions as a little smartphone for making or receiving calls. It supports a 4G nano SIM card, but please confirm that the 4G network is available in your area before purchasing the watch. Parents may keep an eye on and interact with their kid’s watches using the plugin.

CJC 4G GPS Smart Watch: Best GPS watch for kids as a Birthday Gift
4g cjc


  • True GPS
  • Accelerometer
  • Pedometer
  • Touchscreen
  • Supported SIM card carrier
  • 620mAH
  • 72 hours standby time
  • IP 67 waterproof
  • 1.3 inches screen size
  • Silicon band material
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Time display
  • DND mode
  • One press SOS button

Key Features:

  1. Reliable 4G Network technology
  2. Through the phone app “Setracker2,” an LBS+GPS tracker, parents may find out where their children are.
  3. Two-Way Calling and Blocking unknown calls are super easy.
  4. Kids can take photos via camera and parents are also able to take remote photos via phone app.
  5. Do not disturb mode can assure that kids won’t be disturbed by calls during their class
  6. 2-way voice, video calling, and texting are more interesting.
  7. The SOS button will help the kids in case of emergency just press 3 sec on this button and the watch will repeatedly dial one of the pre-programmed three phone numbers until someone picks up.
  8. Math game has added a new dimension to recreation and learning as well.
  9. Flashlight, alarm, geo-fence, bluetooth, voice chat and phone book are another great addition in this watch.


      ✅ Study mode

      ✅ Well functioned camera

      ✅ Two-way communication

      ✅ Water resistance body and belt

      ✅ Math game


⛔ The cellular network works only with a nano 4G SIM card.

⛔ App quality isn’t so improved.

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8. Cosmo Jr Track 2: Best GPS Watch for Kids Within an Affordable Price

Cosmo Jr Track 2 is one of the best GPS watches for kids which gives accurate GPS location tracking. It provides you with all the tools you require for anxiety-free living with your kids. For convenience and savings, COSMO gives you three simple-to-use data plans. 

JrTrack Cosmo 2
JrTrack Cosmo 2


  • Time display
  • SOS mode
  • Touch screen
  • Safety zone
  • Standby time: 1-2 days
  • Silicon Band
  • Two-way calling
  • Pre-installed SIM card
  • 3-way location tracking via GPS
  • Class mode
  • Pedometer
  • Cellular communication
  • True GPS
  • Nationwide 4G network

Key Features:

  1. Every 15 minutes, the location will update automatically.
  2. You can refresh the location at any time to check your kid’s current location.
  3. Setting a safe zone relieves you to check the location of your child repeatedly.
  4. You can view a history of your kid’s whereabouts going back as far as you like.
  5. Texting and messaging every moment is quite fun.
  6. SOS mode immediately calls the parent’s in case of emergency.
  7. The built-in pedometer gives pleasure to the kids to see their activity.
  8. Parents can track the live location via a mission-controlled app.
  9. Class mode helps kids to be more concentrated in their studies and there are no distractions during class.
  10.  Two-way calling is the ultimate safety for kids.
  11.  Data security and privacy are more precise in this watch.
  12.  No access to social media or internet browsing.
  13.  Most powerful GPS tracking is enabled in this watch that sends alerts if your kids are out of the safe zone.


      ✅ Flexible and affordable data plans

      ✅ AT and T wireless carrier

      ✅ School mode

      ✅ Easy to use

      ✅ Precise GPS tracking

      ✅ Multifunctional GPS watch for kids within a budget 


⛔ Battery life isn’t so good

⛔ Less durable

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What Features to Look For in A GPS Watch for Kids

There are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for a GPS watch for your child. These are: 

  • Screen Size
  • Connectivity
  • Number storage and Text messages
  • Water Resistant
  • Sos alerts
  • Camera
  • Battery life
  • Voice calling

Screen Size

First, consider the screen size. A larger screen will be easier for your child to see, but a smaller watch will be less bulky and more comfortable to wear.


Second, think about connectivity. A watch with Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity will be able to connect to your smartphone and send you alerts if your child strays too far from home.

Number storage and Text messages

If the watch has the ability to send and receive messages without a mobile phone nearby the kids, then it will be great for parents and children both.

Water Resistant

Make sure the watch is water resistant. This way, your child can wear it in any weather and not worry about damaging the watch.

SOS alerts

SOS Alerts seeks to improve access to emergency information in adverse situations. After that, the watch will automatically dial a list of numbers that will also receive calls when notifications are received. So, your children can stay safer.


Smartwatches with cameras are thought to be more expensive and sought-after than those without them. Kids will love this feature for fun and recreation purpose.

Battery life

You should choose a good battery life smartwatch that can last all day long. 

Voice and video calling

Two-way voice and video calling features ensure the optimum security of your children.

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for a GPS watch for your child. Choose one with a screen size that is comfortable for your child to wear, Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, and water resistance. When shopping for a GPS watch for your kid, there are several features you’ll want to look for. First, consider the screen size. A larger screen will be easier for your child to see, especially if they’re in a hurry. Second, think about connectivity. A watch that can connect to your phone will be more convenient than one that doesn’t. Finally, make sure the watch is water resistant. These will ensure that it can withstand accidental splashes or spills. Besides, battery life, two-way calling, camera, SOS alerts, Number storage, and Text messages are also considerable. 

There are a few GPS watches on the market that have all of these features. It can connect to your phone so you can receive notifications on your child’s whereabouts. The great choice is the Xplora X5. It also has a large screen and is water resistant. Plus, it offers built-in GPS so you can track your child’s location even if they’re not carrying their phone with them.

What Benefits Do Kids get From Having A GPS Watch?

There are many benefits to using a GPS watch. GPS watches for kids can help them stay safe while enjoying outdoor activities. They can also help people keep track of their children. In addition, GPS watches can be used to track fitness goals and monitor heart rate.

There are several benefits that kids can get from having a GPS watch. First of all, GPS watches can help to keep kids safe. If a child gets lost, the GPS watch can help parents or guardians track their location and find them quickly. GPS watches for kids can also be used to set boundaries for kids. For example, parents can set up a “geofence” around their home so that they will be notified if their child wanders outside of the designated area. 

Why GPS watches are important
Why GPS watches are important

GPS watches can also be used to teach kids responsibility. For example, some GPS watches for kids come with features that allow parents to track their child’s activities during the day. This can help kids to learn to stick to a schedule and stay active. Additionally, some GPS watches allow kids to earn “rewards” for completing tasks or meeting goals. This can help to motivate kids and teach them the value of hard work.

Overall, there are many benefits that kids can get from having a GPS watch. GPS watches can help to keep kids safe, teach them responsibility, and motivate them to stay active. There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a GPS watch for your child. The most important thing is to find the best GPS watch for kids that is comfortable for them to wear and that won’t be too bulky or cumbersome. It’s also important to find a watch that is durable and can withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear. And, of course, you’ll want to find a GPS tracker watch that is easy for you to use so you can keep track of your child’s whereabouts.

Top Pick

Wrap Up:

Numerous parents want their kids to be able to do activities like walking to school, a friend’s house, or the bus stop on their own since today’s kids aspire to be self-reliant. With the ability to track your cognitive upbringing and whereabouts, a GPS tracker for kids can help you feel more relaxed. You won’t have to run around screaming your child’s name if they walk off to explore in the park or zoo because you’ll be able to find them right away using the GPS watches on their wrist. If you are thinking that you can offer a smartphone for them, but remember in that case you aren’t able to access everything about their whereabouts. Besides, they are too young to browse different staffs.  Again you can’t control whom they are talking to or strangers can call them without any interruption. From our consideration based on our research, we can say that the Apple Watcg SE or Tick Talk-4 GPS watch is the overall best kids’ smartwatch with GPS. Using GPS watches for kids, you can control and monitor everything. As you are aware that you can easily discover them in every position so you can give them more freedom. That will be good parenting to bring up your child nicely and make a healthy relationship with them.

FAQs about GPS watches for kids:

Q. What is a GPS Watch?

A. GPS watch is a watch that uses the Global Positioning System to track the wearer’s location. GPS watches are most commonly used by people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing. They can also be used by people who want to keep track of their children.GPS watches come in a variety of styles and designs. Some GPS watches are designed to look like traditional watches, while others are designed to be more rugged and durable. GPS watches can also be purchased with a variety of different features, such as heart rate monitors and step counters. 

GPS watches features
GPS watches features

Q. How Does A GPS Watch Work?

A. GPS watches work by using the Global Positioning System to determine the wearer’s location. The GPS system is a network of satellites that orbit the Earth. These satellites send signals down to GPS receivers on the ground. GPS receivers use these signals to calculate the wearer’s location. This process is operated by “Triangulation”, Triangulation can be used to evaluate the difference between the time a GPS signal is received by your watch and the time that was transmitted to it. Repeating that procedure with satellites located farther from the watch receiver identifies its precise location and keeps track of it throughout the activity.

how a GPS watch works
how a GPS watch works

Q. What is the best GPS watch for kids?

A.Tick Talk-4 is the best GPS watch for kids. Because it is designed with active wifi and GSM triangulation to locate your child precisely. It is water, shock, and dustproof which makes the watch more durable. The SOS button helps to reach your child in danger. Some advanced features have been installed in this watch like two-way calling, School mode, Geofencing, and more.

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