10 Best Icon Packs For Android

Android Icon Packs – nowadays, many third-party launches support them, and they provide a cheap yet beautiful way to customize your device. Also, they offer you a lot of options to customize your device. In this article, we have decided to make a list of the best android icon packs. 

There are different options in the Google play store, so it can be a hassle for you to pick the right one. That’s why we have listed free and premium android icon packs here. We are here to help you with the ten best icon Packs.

Why Do People Use Android Icon Packs?

Many people shift from iOS to Android because of Android customization. Ever guessed why? This is the reason. These customizations can change your phone’s wallpapers with the help of the operating system with Custom ROMs. People like trying out new themes on their devices. Many people do it for fun, while others use it to get rid of previous custom skins. Some android icon packs are free to download while others are paid. In this list of ours, you’ll get the best icon packs for android free download. Let’s dive deep into it.

App icons come in different shapes, sizes, and color schemes. Other icon packs have different colors. For example, Samsung’s icons are different from Google’s icons, look different from Microsoft’s icons and look different from every other icon. Top android icon packs can change the entire look of your phone’s wallpaper.

List of 10 Best Icon Packs

Best Icon Packs For Android Reviews

  1. Delta – Best for light shade icon.
  2. Viral – Best for dark-style icons.
  3. CandyCons – Best for material design color palette.
  4. Pixel Pie – Best for a massive library of icons.
  5. Whicons– Best for white icon packs.
  6. Moonrise – Best for true colors of moonlight and dawn.
  7. Icon Pack Studio – Best for customizing.
  8. SILHOUETTE – Best for Decent and colorful icon sets.
  9. Flight Light – User-friendly and White icon packs. 
  10. Moonshine – Best for flat and long shadowed themes.

Here, we enlisted some of the best icon packs for androids. There are many icon packs all over the play store, and you can drop their favorite icon packs in the comments to enrich the list. Icon packs are here to make your theming adventure smooth. They are colorful, fun and they come in every style under the sun. However, Android icon packs and themes are one of the trending things nowadays. Below we mention some exciting and awesome lists of the best android icon packs.


With over one million downloads, delta is one of the best Nova launcher themes. These minimalistic icons are best if your eyes want something soothing. The light shade pastel icons will transform your Android device into beauty.

Delta Icon App
Delta Icon App

If you like standard and minimal designs, Delta Icon Pack would be the right choice. Its pastel color and matted outlook will customize your screen nicely. Moreover, it will give your screen an updated style keeping it basic and minimal. Delta icons are minimal, so it creates an elegant and fresh look. The icons aren’t different from the official icon. One is a little more pastel-looking than the other. The icon pack can go over 1,00 hands-designed for your home screen. 

Important Features

  • The app has about 2000 icons that are specially designed for your devices.
  • The app supports more than 20 launchers. 
  • You can create sector-based icons contributing to them if you wish.
  • There is a lot of variety, like- nature, satellite imagery, buildings, and more.
  • Different icon sizes are available for Android devices.


  • The app has some fantastic dark themes. 
  • You can replace stock Material Design style icons.


  • The app doesn’t include other popular apps.


If the stock icons make a mess in your device wallpaper, you don’t need to be worried anymore. The icon pack, Viral, has a lot of matches to put on. Viral comes with dark-styled icons, and they provide you with a vintage theme and come with matching wallpapers. The icon pack can give you pastel-painted artwork. The app also has dark-themed wallpaper.

Viral Icon App
Viral Icon App

It works with all the popular launchers, Nova, Atom, Go, Holo, etc. It doesn’t cost you money. This is one of the best android icon packs with the most icons. The app is a set of 4000+ icons, and Viral comes with dark-styled icons for the most popular apps. The app provides you with a vintage theme and has different types of wallpapers. 

Important Features

  • It has 200 matching wallpapers with over 4,148 icon packs.
  • You can send icon requests 
  • You will get a dynamic calendar
  • The icon will change every day
  • Alternatives to the heroes with new styles and colors.
  • If you are looking for any specific icon, you can search and showcase them.


  • This pack includes Android O settings.
  • You can change your system with popular system styles.
  • You’ll get icons of different styles and colors.


  • The orders are not listed alphabetically, so it may be a hassle to find them  
  • It doesn’t suit dark wallpapers 

CandyCons – Icon Pack

On the list of the best Icon packs for Android, we have CandyCons for you which is the best option for you if you are a fan of diversity. This app follows Google’s Material Design language and uses the material design color palette. The expert team paid attention to every detail, and they kept each app icon in its shape, and the figures are fun. It can be round, square, rectangular, or spheroid, etc.


The app is a colorful and fun pack inspired by Google’s Material Design language, and you will fall in love with the app while using it. CandyCons allows every app to be in its unique shape. This icon pack offers more than 1,000 icons with multiple colors and variants.

Important Features

  • It has more than1127 icons are available to apply
  • The icons are free to apply
  • This app supports a lot of launchers
  • You can customize the color as your wish.
  • There are 20 wallpapers with the icon pack.
  • You will have a dynamic Google Calendar with the app.


  • CandyCons supports Muzei. 
  • The icons are designed with the highest definition for your device.

Pixel pie icon pack

This icon app is a complete package of icons that you can change the whole outlook the way you want. Pixel Pie icons are beautifully designed, and they have a massive library of icons created using Material Design. This app has different shapes, sizes, bold colors, and linear designs of icons. You must need a unique launcher to work with this set of icons if you want to avoid it.

Pixel Pie Icon Pack
Pixel Pie Icon Pack

Important Features

  • There are almost 10000 icons.
  • If you want to replace any icon on the home screen, press it for a while and tap.
  • You can use a search bar to find alternate icons.


  • It also runs well with POCO Launcher. 
  • You can customize your wallpapers, themes, or animations. 
  • You will get a tremendous visual change on your phone.


  • The app does not take support from Pixel Launcher, Google Now Launcher.
  • It doesn’t support square-shaped icons.

Whicons – White Icon Pack

Whicons is a convenient icon pack, and it has a lot of dozen packs to choose from. This pack is a massive library of elegant icons colored in white, and it is a customized icon pack for your device. You can customize your home screen with colorful, eye-catchy wallpapers. The app will also provide you with Muzei support, and it offers live wallpaper and refreshes your home screen with different and creative wallpapers. Whicons can be your first option in this list if you’re a fan of monochromatic designs.

Whicons - White Icon Pack
Whicons – White Icon Pack

Important Features

  • The app will provide 6618 icons and cloud wallpapers.
  • The app can cover 28,680 apps without any hassle.
  • The icon pack has multi Launcher support.
  • It supports the ADW launcher, and it is excellent for home screen customization. 
  • The home Launcher offers 100 beautiful Android themes.
  • It has a dashboard app with an icon request tool.


  • The icon pack works best with Solo Launcher.
  • The Launcher helps horizontal and vertical scrolling and offers beautiful tile effects.
  • Provides various wallpapers


  • The Icon packs do not work with other launchers.


Moonrise uses the true colors of moonlight and dawn to decorate your phone’s wallpaper. The app provides you with 1,050+ icon packs along with 60+ wallpapers with cloud-based wallpaper. The icon pack is beautifully crafted for vector graphics. This is a beautiful android icon pack, and it would be a perfect choice for night owls.

Moonrise Icon Pack
Moonrise Icon Pack

It gives your smartphone a new look, new icons, and much more. The app supports many Android theme launchers, and you don’t have to check for theme compatibility. The app is made with moon and night, creating a distinct icon style.

Important Features

  • It gives 60 premium wallpapers and growing
  • Cloud-based wallpaper 
  • Dynamic calendar support 
  • Smart icon request tool
  • Designed in vector graphics
  • Over 1040+ Premium Icons and more
  • Supports 20+ Launchers 


  • You’ll get 60 wallpapers
  • 1040+ icons
  • Supports 20+ launchers 

Icon Pack Studio 

What if you can have as many icons as your device needs to have? And you can make and customize your icon packs by yourself? Pretty cool and fun, isn’t it? Icon Pack Studio provides you an opportunity to make your icon packs by yourself. Pick a color from the app. You can choose a wallpaper using color equalization. Moreover, you will get some effects to put on. 

Icon Pack Studio
Icon Pack Studio

Even the best icon packs have apps, and there are many apps in Google Play or third-party app stores, and it’s impossible for icon makers to customize icons for them. Icon Pack Studio helps users to make an icon mask as per their needs.

Important Features

  • This app provides you with thousands of icon packs.
  • You can make and design new icon packs using its editor app.
  • You can move any element of your custom icon.
  • There are many filters for the icons, including light, shadow, bezels, texture, and more.


  • You can stop the appearance of any app. 
  • It works well with almost any launcher.


  • You can not pick the apps’ icon you wish to edit.


The app is made of some decent and colorful icon sets. This is another exceptional offering on our list of the best Icon packs for Android. The app has a dark glyph with a colored background; you will get a floating feel using this app. Moreover, the app supports 20 custom launchers. 


Important Features

  • It has 820 beautifully designed icons with Quad HD.
  • Provides you with 13 high-quality wallpapers that are cloud-stored. 
  • The app offers dynamic calendar support.
  • You can simply search and preview any icon you are looking for.


  • You can give your icons to whomever you want. 
  • The app provides Muzei Live Wallpaper compatibility.


The icon pack is not big enough.

Flight Lite

Flight Lite has a lot of options to customize your home screen. The icon pack comes with very user-friendly and straightforward white icons. The icons match with the screen so perfectly that this simple design will amaze you. The app will provide hand-picked wallpapers and so on.

Flight Lite
Flight Lite

Important Features

  • The icon app offers about 2500 flat white HD icons, and it has 4,000 icons in the full version.
  • More than 2,000 wallpapers. Without any hassles, you can download them.
  • The icon pack provides high definition icons with HD screens.
  • It will give an Analog clock with an integrated alarm clock.
  • You will get live rotating wallpapers.
  • It offers outstanding views on the home screen.


  • You will get all the icons in 192×192 format, 
  • The size is quite visible for the users.
  • The icon pack works with Microsoft Launcher, Poco Launcher, Next Launcher, Lucid Launcher, Holo Launcher, Smart Launcher, etc.


Moonshine icon packs can give you a fantastic outlook. The app is one of the best that comes with a flat and long shadowed theme. Moreover, you can customize your home screen to give a creative look. Being a pack of 920+ icons, this app can uniquely design your phone using Google’s Material Design. The icons are simple yet decent, and the variety of colors will give a soothing outlook to your eye.


Important features

  • Provides 28 homemade wallpaper and gives a fresh look to your device.
  • You will get 925 vectors designed icons
  • The icons are mainly in XXX-HDPI – 192×192 formats.
  • You can check the weather, calendar, and schedule of the appointments.


  • Moonshine supports Muzei Wallpaper
  • Moonshine works with KK Launcher 
  • You can customize the height of the icons.


  • No color variations for the icons


This was the list of the best android icon packs. Want to download these exciting icon packs for Android? Then download from Google Play Store.  The download process is very easy too. I have linked the download option within each app. So you can easily download android icon packs for apk.

The above list is the best icon packs for android. If you love to decorate the phone’s wallpaper nicely, you can check out the list to know about the icon packs. They are trendy, colorful, and fun to use.

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