The 6 Best Passport Photo App for iPhone in 2023

We all know that professionally done photoshoots cost a lot of money and it’s time-consuming. In fact, when you have to submit urgent documents and need urgent passport-sized photos, it becomes more difficult to manage everything in time. That’s why passport photo apps are in rescue. 

Using a Passport photo app you can take your own photograph from anywhere, then edit it according to the passport size which is 2’’ x 2’’ and then you can print it at home using a standard home printer directly from the app. In short, you will have an A-Z professional passport photo experience with the app but for free. A passport photo app will surely save you $10 to $20 each time you need passport photos.

Now that you know how useful a passport photo app can be, which one should you choose? Well, we have got the answer for you. Here we list the 6 best passport photo apps for iPhone in 2023 judging each features, pros, and cons, user reviews, and pricing from the app store. So that you get every information you need to know in choosing the best passport photo app for your iPhone. First, have a look at the list below!

Top 6 Best Passport Photo App for iPhone for 2023

App NameTop FeatureUser Ratings on the App StoreDownload Link
Passport BoothVisual Photo Requirement Guides – lets you explore and edit according to your chosen country and document type from 150+ countries and 500+ document types.4.8 out of 5, total rating: 5.8K, tending on #150 in Graphics & Design categoryApple App Store
Passport Photo – ID Photo AppThe Background Removal – removes photo background perfectly for official use. 4.7 out of 5, total ratings: 1.5KApple App Store
Passport Photo – ID PhotoQuick editing options with passport photo formatting, saving, and printing.4.5 out of 5, total ratings: 13KApple App Store
Biometric Passport PhotoSimilar to the Passport Photo – ID Photo app, differ from the app size only.4.5 out of 5, total ratings: 3.6KApple App Store
Passport Photo Booth US AiDDigital Passport Photobooth: Automatically generates photo templates for any document with the help of AI and recognizes biometric photo sizes.4.2 out of 5, total ratings: 1.7KApple App Store
Passport Photo & ID MakerEasy-to-use interface, takes a few seconds to edit a whole photo.4.5 out of 5, total ratings: 227Apple App Store
Passport Photo Booth CreatorUser-friendly interface and absolutely free to use.4 out of 5, total ratings: 558Apple App Store

1. Passport Booth

Passport Booth

Passport Booth is an all-in-one passport photo app that provides an easy solution to create the perfect passport or ID photo for you. It is the highest-rated photo app for passports on the app store and one of the main reasons is it supports photo requirements for passport, id, and license from more than 150 countries across the planet. It provides visual photo requirement guides for editing according to countries and document types. In addition, it has a very powerful background remover as well. You can use this wonderful passport photo app by following these 5 steps below!

  1. First, take a photo and import it on the Passport Booth app.
  2. Then, edit the background of your photo, change it to any color you want.
  3. Select the country and document type.
  4. Follow the visual requirement guides next in order to crop, rotate and for more edit.
  5. Lastly, select your preferred paper size and number of copies you want to print. Or share your edited photos with others.

Best Features

  • Automatic background removal with any colors for free.
  • Adjustable background colors, brightness and opacity.
  • All and customizable paper size support.
  • Supports printing with wireless to wifi printers.
  • Visual Photo Requirement Guides: Explore and edit according to the chosen country and document type.


  1. The Passport Booth app supports document types from 150+ countries with visual photo requirement guides. Therefore users find it very easy and reliable to create their perfect passport or ID photos.
  2. Background colors of your photo are changeable, so customize it according to your choice.
  3. This app lets you share your photos with anyone you want. Printing photos via the app is also free for a limited number.


The Passport Booth app offers only one subscription plan which includes advanced features for unlimited prints and exports, but it is quite expensive.


Passport+ by the Passport Booth app is a premium subscription plan that costs $19.99 per period with unlimited prints and exports. However, the installation and basic features of the app is completely free.

Download for Free!

2. Passport Photo – ID Photo App

Passport Photo - ID Photo App
Passport Photo – ID Photo App

The Passport Photo – ID Photo App is an instant passport, visa, or id photo editor built for iPhone and iPad. The best thing about this app is, it is perfectly capable of removing any background of your photo and making it of any official sizes for passport photos, id, visa, or license photos. You can take multiple photos, edit them and arrange them all into a single sheet of paper for printing. Taking your baby’s photographs from home can also be done easily using this app.

Best Features

  • The Background Remover: It perfectly removes the photo background to make it look official.
  • Passport Sizer: Creates standard size photos for id, passport, visa or license of any country in the world.
  • Photos are arrangeable into a single sheet for printing.
  • Photos are printable on all standard sized paper, for free.


  1. The Passport Photo – ID Photo App saves your money and time by letting you print your photos in any standard sizes. It supports every country’s standard photo sizes including the USA, Canada, UK, Spain and more.
  2. You can use this app on your iPhone and iPad as well, you can print photos from it at home or any local service providers. 
  3. This app is very easy to use and available in multiple languages. 
  4. All the basic features are free of costs including installation. You need to pay for premium features like automatic background remover. If you do not like premium features you can get a refund as well.


App support is not active. They take a long time to look into user’s complaints.


Installation and using the basic features of this app are absolutely free. Unlocking premium features needs in-app purchases that start from $3.99, however, the add-free lifetime app version costs only $6.99.

Download for Free!

3. Passport Photo – ID Photo

Passport Photo - ID Photo
Passport Photo – ID Photo

Passport Photo – ID Photo is another great passport photo app for iPhone or iPad available on the app store. Using this app, creating a perfect passport photo is a matter of a few seconds. You get passport photo templates for 100 countries which are free. Moreover, you can get printable photos for job applications too as it has 10 predefined and popular job application formats. You can store, share, email, or directly print your passport photos edited with this app.

Best Features

  • Quick editing options with photo formatting, saving and printing.
  • Photo templates of 100 countries and 10 formats for job applications.
  • Adjustable photo editing with multi-touch gestures – rotate, zoom in or out using your fingers
  • Offers directly printable photos with sharing options as well.
  • Super easy to use and edit passport photos.


  1. The Passport Photo – ID Photo app provides a quick editing experience, so you can save a lot of time using this app.
  2. You can directly print out your resulting picture using an AirPrint-compatible printer and avoid the hassle of waiting.


  1. You have to select photo size from several predefined sizes by the app. No customization of photo sizes is available.
  2. Not a great app for baby’s passport photos.


The in-app purchasing plan for removing ads is $3.99 and $6.99 for unlocking color images. The Passport Photo – ID Photo is free to download and use other features. 

Free Download!

Alternative App: Biometric Passport Photo

Biometric Passport Photo
Biometric Passport Photo

Biometric Passport Photo is another cool passport photo app on the app store. It is very similar to the Passport Photo – ID Photo app offering the same features as well. The in-app purchasing plans are the same as well. The only difference between these two apps is the app size.

Download for Free!

4. Passport Photo Booth US AiD

Passport Photo Booth US AiD
Passport Photo Booth US AiD

The Passport Photo Booth US AiD is an advanced AI-powered passport photo creator, created for generating biometric passport photo templates automatically. It generates templates for various types of documents based on the picture you upload, so it basically works like a photo booth. This app removes your photo background and sets it to white as per the USA passport photo standard. Its built-in digital passport photo booth lets you shape your photos using the US passport photo cropper and resizer. 

Best Features

  • Automatic generation of photo templates for any documents with the help of AI.
  • Digital Passport Photobooth: Automatically recognizes biometric photo sizes.
  • The crop tool or resizer adjusts photos as per the required size.
  • Offers both digital and printed biometric photos.
  • Photos are printable from any shop.
  • Passport Photo Background Remover: Sets the background to white as per the standard of US.


  1. The Passport Photo Booth US AiD app automatically generates the best-fitted template for your uploaded picture, you do not have to manually add templates.
  2. The best pros is, the app is completely free. No need for in-app purchases.
  3. This app saves your time as it makes your photos ready to print in just 3 seconds.
  4. It offers passport photos for kids and adults and supports different countries’ biometric photo standards. 
  5. Child photo resizer works perfectly on baby faces or even on infants.


This app delivers your photos if you want, but it seems quite a lengthy process. So you should print photos from any nearby local shop.


Free, no in-app purchasing plans are needed.

Download for free!

5. Passport Photo & ID Maker

Passport Photo & ID Maker
Passport Photo & ID Maker

Passport Photo & ID Maker is an easy-to-use passport photo app that lets you make and print photos from home. It supports 130+ country’s official document requirements and dozens of formats. This app automatically recognizes your facial features. In addition, you can create id photos, visa, job application photos, and more along with passport photos within the app. And your resulting photos will definitely meet every office requirement. 

Best Features

  • Provides more than 130 countries ID templates.
  • Easy-to-use interface, takes a few seconds to edit a whole photo.
  • Automatic facial features recognition.
  • Print at home, share and emailing options.
  • Supports all paper sizes for printing.


  1. You can create passport and ID photos for more than 130 countries supported by the Passport Photo and ID Maker app. You get every template there.
  2. This app has an easy-to-use editing system that lets you edit in a very short time and you can literally print your photos using your home printer.
  3. Its automatic facial features recognition does the maximum hard work for you. No need to worry about perfecting your photo manually.


  1. Sometimes the automatic background remover doesn’t seem to work properly, therefore you may need to edit the background manually.
  2. Unlocking the premium and auto background remover is expensive, costs $5.99.


The Passport Photo & ID Maker offers free download with several different in-app purchases starting from $0.99 for junior legal paper format. The price goes up to $6.99 for the premium version purchase.

Free Download!

6. Passport Photo Booth Creator

Passport Photo Booth Creator
Passport Photo Booth Creator

If you are searching for the best free passport photo app for iPhone, then the Passport Photo Booth Creator app is the best app for you as this app has no in-app purchasing plans, and downloading it is also free. You can create color passport, visa, or ID photos with this app and get it printed and delivered for under $6 only. In addition, this app is great for baby passport photos as well because you can re-take pictures again and again and for free. 

Best Features

  • User friendly interface and absolutely free to use.
  • Home printable photos under a dollar.
  • Photo shipment options under $6 only.
  • Picture re-taking option for free.
  • Resulting picture sharing option via various social media or email.
  • Prevents shadows and delivers perfect pictures.
  • Free downloadable photos in any size.


  1. The Passport Photo Booth Creator app does not charge a penny. This app is completely free to use and edit, no need to unlock any features.
  2. This app is useful for creating baby’s passport or visa pictures as well as adults. You can take as many snaps as you want for free.


Flash setting of your phone is turned off due to removing any shadow effects from the photo, many users find it a flaw because of lighting issues.


The Passport Photo Booth Creator app is free to download and use. No in-app purchase is needed. Just pay for printing your photos, at home or at a local shop for under a dollar, and shipped from the app costs you under $6 only.

Free Download!

What should you look for in a best passport photo app?

There are a few aspects to look into before installing a passport photo app given in the following:

  1. Supported country document types & templates

The passport photo app should and must support your required country document type and templates. Otherwise, it would be of no use to you. Now all the best passport photo apps that we have mentioned support multiple country’s official document types, templates, and requirements, among them the Passport Booth app supports more than 150 county’s document types for passport, visa, license, ID photos, and more. In addition, the Passport Photo Booth US AiD generates templates for any document type automatically with the help of AI.

  1. Automatic background remover

Automatic background remover is one of the key features a passport photo app must-have. Many apps have integrated this feature but some of the apps charge extra dollars for that and some do not remove the background perfectly. The best app that automatically removes background perfectly and for free is the Passport Booth app.

  1. User Interface

The best passport photo app should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and edit, and quick to respond to the user’s actions. It should be able to block ads and also have quick download and saving options. The resulting photo-sharing option is a plus. So the apps that fulfills these requirements are Passport Booth, Passport Photo Booth US AiD, and Passport Photo & ID Maker.

  1. Editing features

After taking the photo, you should upload it to the passport app you have installed. This app should have well and easy editing features included. You should be able to format, change the photo color, customize the contrast, brightness, opacity, and size of the picture. For that you might need to pay charges as well, for example, Passport Photo – ID Photo. However, if you want it for free, you can try the  Passport Booth app.

  1. The benefits you can get from the app (Pros)

The main benefit a passport photo app provides is you get your photo without visiting a physical photo booth that also saves a lot of money and time. Therefore the photos from the photo app should also have to be perfect and stand out to any official requirements. Check out our top 8 picks and see what other benefits you may get from the app you want.

  1. What the app lacks (cons)

Any app functionality that does not go in your way is identified as cons or app lackings and it is an important figure to look into before downloading any app on your device. That is why we have clearly mentioned what cons you may have to deal with each of the apps, above.

  1. Price of in-app purchasing plans

Many passport photo apps for iOS devices offer in-app purchasing plans that differ from feature to features. Some apps charge for downloading the app as well. However, you may find apps that are completely free, only charge for photo printing. Therefore you should double-check for what features you want to pay for because many apps won’t refund you after purchasing its offers.

  1. Printing costs

If you want to print passport photos from home or local shops, passport photo apps most likely would charge you less than a dollar or two. However, if you want the app to deliver your photos, it may cost you around $6 to $9. Please note, this price can be different for different apps and shipping costs according to your location. That’s why we recommend you to print on your own. Most apps support home printers and customizable paper sizes.

  1. User reviews and ratings

Last but not the least, user reviews and ratings are very important to look into before installing a photo app. While analyzing the best passport photo app, we found many scam and fraud apps on the app store with an average rating of more than 5 but the number of people who have rated those apps are limited to 30 only. So, you must check each app’s reviews, number of ratings, and average ratings as well. 

Wrap UP!

We have analyzed every aspect of the best passport photo app and picked the best 8 from the app store for your iPhone or iPad. All of the apps contain in-detail features, pros and cons, pricing, and user reviews from the store so that you are not misled. We suggest you go through those areas in this article and find a suitable app for you. 

However, if you want our suggestion, we would recommend you the Passport Booth and the Passport Photo – ID Photo App app. These two apps are the most rated passport photo apps for iPhone or iPad and provide a perfect passport or ID photos. In addition, if you want a suitable app for taking baby or infant’s passport photos, then the Passport Photo – ID Photo App app is a great option for you. 

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