Best Smart Tracking Jewelry You Can Get

9 Best Smart Tracking Jewelry You Can Get

In this time of digitization, almost nothing is left out of the touch of technology. There was a time not so long ago that phones were the only things considered as “smart devices”, but not anymore. Nowadays, technology is incorporated into more or less everything. Namely jewelries and wearables. Smart jewelry is a very trendy thing now as it serves the purpose of being both fashionable and useful. 

It’s not like the title is given without any reason. Smart jewelry does a lot of things given its size. In its small capacity, it serves the purpose of acting like a companion in our day to day lives. A lot of people depend on these smart devices, just like they do on their smartphones these days. 

If you are new to this wearable smart device frenzy and just jumped on the bandwagon without knowing much about it, take a look at our picks to know and decide for yourself which one of these is best suited for you. 

Our Picks for the 9 Best Smart Jewelry 

You can get numerous options but selecting the right one is not so easy a task. To make it an effortless job for you, we have gone through in depth investigation, we were able to make a list. Check out our picks for the best smart jewelries you can get in the market. 

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Bellabeat Leaf Urban
Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Jewelry Health Tracker  
Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit RayMisfit Ray – Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Black Sport Band  
TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker
MIJOBS Necklace Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2MIJOBS Necklace Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2 Band Stainless Steel Pendant 
Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker

kate spade new york black scallop activity tracker        
  Motiv Ring Fitness and    Sleep/Heart Rate TrackerMotiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker 
  Ringly’s Aries Smart RingRingly Aries Smart Ring 
      Invisawear Rose Gold Beverly   Necklace Personal Safety Device Invisawear Smart Jewelry – Personal Safety Device – Rose Gold Necklace 
                        Fitbit Flex 2  Fitbit Flex 2, Black (US Version)

1 Bellabeat Leaf Urban

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

 The first pick on our list is a smart pendant. It can be worn as a bracelet, brooch or a necklace. As the name suggests, the body of the pendant is shaped like a leaf, which is made out of recycled wood. The overall look of the Leaf Urban resembles more of a pebble than anything. The metal on the upper part that holds the pendant comes in two colors: silver and rose gold. You need to attach a chain to wear it as a necklace or a belt to use it as a bracelet. Both the belt and chain come with the box of the product.  To change the look of your Leaf Urban, you can buy handmade bracelets for it which can be found on Amazon. 

The Leaf Urban is basically a health/activity tracker. It has the usual features like fitness and sleep tracking. It counts your steps and measures distance from it, keeps track of your burned calories, and calculates your active time. It also keeps track of your sleeping cycle. Just wear it when you go to sleep and it will do the job spontaneously. An interesting feature of this smart jewelry is its stress detection. It takes the data and compares it to your usual routine. If it finds the data varying from the regular numbers, it detects that you are stressed. It also offers some customary meditation lists and breathing exercises to relieve you of stress and exhaustion to maintain a more healthy lifestyle.  Bellabeat Leaf Urban lets you track your menstrual cycle and pregnancy progress. It has an alarm system as well, and gives you a reminder if you have been sitting for too long. Last but not the least, it is IPX6 certified, which means the device is water resistant. But it doesn’t mean you can wear it for a long period underwater. 

You can track all of your activity from the Bellabeat App. It runs on both IOS and Android. 


  • Multiple styling choices
  • Health/activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Stress detection 
  • Meditation list
  • Alarm and break system
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Water-resistant 
  • No need to change battery for six months 


  • No display 
  • No notifications 
  • No heart rate monitoring  
  • Changing battery 

  1. Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray
Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray
Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray is from the Misfit Wearables, which is the wearable startup of Fossil Group. It looks like somewhere in between a bracelet and a sleek smartwatch. Instead of a display, the Misfit Ray sports a metal cylindrical shape made from aluminum with a LED light. A silicon or leather belt holds it from both sides. You can also change the belt if you want. There are plenty of choices in the market. The cylinder holds the three battery cells Misfit Ray needs to run on.  Weighing only 0.02 pounds, it’s also lighter than traditional smart jewelries found in the market. The overall design of the Misfit Ray is pretty minimalistic, sleek and fashionable. 

In terms of its’ features, the Misfit Ray is actually a fitness tracker. It can track all the general things a fitness tracker can track like steps taken, distance traveled, sleep quality and duration, calories burned etc. It also has notification features. It sends you notification alerts for calls and texts that your phone receives. You can customize the color of the LED light for different notifications from the app. The Misfit Ray is swim proof but the submerge limit is 50 meters. One good thing about Ray is that you don’t need to charge it. However, you do need to change the batteries every 4-6 months, which can be a bit of hassle.  


  • Elegant and minimal design
  • Very light
  • Non charging
  • LED alerts with vibration 
  • Fitness tracking  


  • No display 
  • Changing battery 
  • Not entirely waterproof
  1. TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker 
TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker
TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker

TMYIOYC has done a nice job with their Fitness Tracker in terms of design. This smart jewelry doesn’t look like a fitness tracker at all. On the contrary, it looks like a very formal analog  watch. The size of the display is 0.96 inches which the metal wristbands hold from both sides. The metal bands come in three colors: silver, gold and black. 

The TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker can track your day to day activities such as distance, calories, steps, sleep. You can wear it when sleeping. The tracker will keep tracking your vitals and record it. You will find the recorded data in the companion app on your mobile. It can also measure your heart rate. This fitness tracker will keep recording your heart rate and blood pressure consistently if you turn on the “Heart Rate Continuously Monitor” option from the “WearHealth” app. It alerts you when you receive incoming calls or texts on your smartphone. Thanks to its display, you will be able to see the name of the caller. While you can’t receive calls directly from the TMYIOYC Fitness Tracker, you can use the display for reading texts. A drawback of this tracking jewelry is that it is not waterproof. 


  • Interactive display
  • Modern design 
  • Tracks heart rate 24/7
  • Activity and fitness tracking


  • Not waterproof
  • Companion app lacks usability 
  1. MIJOBS Necklace Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2
MIJOBS Necklace Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2
MIJOBS Necklace Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2

 As its name suggests, our fourth pick on the list is a smart necklace that is compatible with the Fitbit Flex 2. The MIJOBS Necklace does the job of casing the Fitbit Flex 2 with style. With a golden chain and case made of stainless steel, it goes elegantly with any outfits. MIJOBS makes use of a Neodymium magnet to keep it steady which is a very fitting system. Also it is assured that the color of the necklace will not lose its color or get faded with time. 

Since the MIJOBS Necklace was made to be used with a Fitbit Flex 2, you will get all the usual features of the Flex 2. Tracking your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, time period of your exercise, sleep tracking are some of the things you can do with it. All you need is your Fitbit Flex 2 on your wrist. You will be able to access your data through the Fitbit mobile app. Just download the app on your smartphone and you’re good to go. 


  • Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2
  • Secured with a Neodymium magnet
  • Charming design 
  • Usual activity and fitness tracker 


  • Cannot be used as a standalone device
  • No display 
  1. Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker
Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker
Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker

Kate Spade is a fashion company based in New York. The Black Scallop is an activity tracker from them. With its minimal and sophisticated design, it’s bound to catch fashion lovers’ attention. Even though it’s shaped like a wristwatch, it looks like a bracelet more than anything. The main reason being it doesn’t have a display. The Black Scallop sports a golden ring in the middle in place of a dial or screen. Contrary to its name, it does come in different patterns and colors. You can get your own choice of band when you order. 

Since it doesn’t have a screen, you will need to install the companion app on your smartphone to check your data. Having said that, the Black Scallop doesn’t offer much in terms of tracking, you can only track the utmost basic stuff like steps taken, calories burned and your sleep quality.  Therefore you are missing out a lot of features of a smart tracker if you’re planning to get a Black Scallop. Nevertheless, if you’re not very familiar with fitness trackers and just want to give it a try, this tracker is a good starter. 


  • Minimal and sophisticated design
  • Renowned manufacturer company  
  • Basic tracking 


  • No display
  • Lots of missing features
  1. Motiv Ring Fitness and Sleep/Heart Rate Tracker
Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker
Kate Spade New York Black Scallop Activity Tracker

It’s almost unbelievable to think that you can get a ring as smart jewelry. Well, it’s not so unbelievable anymore as you can get many smart rings on the market these days. Motiv Ring is a good example of that. At first glance, you can never guess that it’s a smart ring. It looks like a basic band: monochrome with a very flat finish. It comes in three colors: black, silver and rose gold. Owing to its thin and light build, it doesn’t compromise with your comfort. Needless to say, it looks pretty stylish while worn. 

The Motiv Ring works like a basic fitness tracker: tracks steps taken and distance, heart rate, activity, calories burned and monitors sleep. Additionally, it keeps tracking your heart rate and sleep 24/7. It’s also waterproof and scratch proof, so no need to think if you’re planning to go rough on it. The ring can last around 3 days without charging and is compatible with both IOS and Android. A drawback of the Motiv Ring is that it doesn’t have any kind of indicators, which means you won’t get any alerts. 


  • Can be used like a normal ring 
  • 3 days of battery life
  • 24/7 heart rate and sleep tracker
  • Waterproof and scratch proof


  • No indicators
  • Expensive piece
  1. Ringly’s Aries Smart Ring
Ringly's Aries Smart Ring
Ringly’s Aries Smart Ring

This smart ring from Ringley does the job of being smart and gorgeous at the same time. For the big black stone set in the middle of the ring in a golden chassis, it can be easily passed as a chunky ring. It handles the style with elegance. Ringly makes their rings with real semi- precious gemstones and uses precious metals as chassis coating. So there are options available for choosing different stones and your preferred kind of plating. 

The Aries smart ring can track your activity, manage and set goals, set up smart alerts and to put a cherry on top, it can sync with many of your favorite apps like Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Slack etc. It also provides guided audio meditation and breathing exercises to achieve mindfulness. A LED light which sits on the side of the ring lights up in various shades and it gives a vibration alert when you receive a notification. Of course, you can customize the color and vibration pattern of your choosing. In terms of charging, the Aries ring can be charged with its wireless charging box. It’s as easy as putting the ring on the box and that’s it. The duration of charge will depend on your usage. 


  • Elegant design with top notch quality
  • Can sync up to hundreds of apps
  • Guide to mindfulness 
  • Charging box 


  • Can’t track sleep
  • Chunky ring 
  1. Invisawear Rose Gold Beverly Necklace Personal Safety Device 
Invisawear Rose Gold Beverly Necklace Personal Safety Device
Invisawear Rose Gold Beverly Necklace Personal Safety Device 

This Beverly necklace is from Invisawear. Sporting a rose gold pendant hung by a thin gold chain, the necklace gives off a very charming vibe. This is a special edition item produced in collaboration with the Beverly Carter Foundation in order to ensure the safety of real estate agents.   

The locket holds a personal secret safety device. The back panel of the locket can be pressed. In case of any danger, just press the back of the locket twice and it will send a text message to five people (you can select your trusted contacts) along with your GPS location to inform them that you are in danger. As it sends them your location, your friends/family can alert the authority or come to your aid themselves. The bluetooth used on the device consumes fairly less energy so charging it isn’t necessary upto a year, which is a great deal. There is a companion app that works on both IOS and Android. Just login and you can choose your five trusted contacts from there. The app has a feature where you can add 911 as your emergency contact as well. Enabling this option will allow you to share your location with 911 dispatchers in case of any emergency. 


  • Charming design 
  • In-built GPS
  • Double press safety feature
  • Notifies trusted ones when needed


  • No health/activity tracking
  1. Fitbit Flex 2  
Fitbit Flex 2
Fitbit Flex 2

It’s hard to find somebody who hasn’t heard of Fitbit these days. Anybody with a slight idea of wearables must have heard of Fitbit. The Flex 2 is in the shape of a thin wristband made of rubber material. You can also get the metal bracelet version that comes in the variety of silver, golden and rose gold. Both the basic and the metal versions are sleek and chic in terms of design.  

The Fitbit Flex 2 works like any other activity tracker. It tracks the steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled, calories you’ve burned and the time you keep yourself active. It also tracks your sleep seamlessly and you can set up a silent alarm that wakes you up with a slight vibration. In addition, you can get notifications from your phone on your Flex 2. The unique vibration patterns and color-coded LED lights are programmed for call and text notifications accordingly. Another great feature of this tracker is that it’s entirely waterproof, so no need to worry about you recording your swimming data anymore. One drawback of the Flex is that it can’t measure altitude and your heartbeat. 


  • Ultra slim and chic design
  • Ideal activity tracker
  • Notification alert for calls and texts
  • Color coded LEDs
  • Entirely waterproof


  • Lacks altimeter and heart rate monitor

Why Do You Need Smart Jewelry?

The significance of owning smart jewelry these days can’t be just put into words. Rather you need to put it to test yourself. If you don’t own any kind of wearables yet, just get yourself one and compare your life before and after. We can guarantee that you will never go back to the time when you didn’t have one. Your wearable jewelry companion offers a lot of things that tremendously help you in your daily life. Be it fitness tracking, sleep tracking, monitoring your heart rate, notifying you when you receive calls or texts, guiding you to achieve mindfulness, and overall activity tracking, smart jewelry does it all. And in this generation where everybody is busy, smart jewelry, in many cases, is a lifesaver. So now, the decision is yours, whether or not to get one. 

How to Select the Suitable One?

Now that you’ve decided to buy a smart jewelry, the question easily comes to how you would pick the one that suits you best and what to look for in it. Well, the answer to that is quite simple: just note down your personal preferences and compare them to the products available in the market. It would most often be the case that you might not get everything you desire in a product. In that case, you need to reevaluate your choices and act accordingly. For example, you’re looking to buy a GPS tracking jewelry that also is a fitness tracker. But the ones that are available in the market don’t have GPS installed. In situations like this, you can either go for only GPS tracking jewelry or other fitness trackers. It entirely depends on which one of these features is your main concern. 

From our rigorous research for this article, following wearables are the one we suggest:

  1. The smart jewelry that packs the most features – Bellabeat  Leaf Urban
  2. Best fitness tracker – Misfit Wearables S500BM0RZ Misfit Ray
  3. GPS tracking jewelry for safety purpose – Invisawear Rose Gold Beverly Necklace Personal Safety Device 


People used to think of smart jewelry or wearables as a very futuristic thing before. It is true that wearables have revolutionized the way of fitness tracking. Similar to any other technology in the industry, the wearables sector is being developed and made better and smarter each day. The day is not very far away when we can do a lot more with wearables. Some wearables in this list come very close to looking like actual jewelry. We might hope that in the near future, we can see wearables that cannot be distinguished from real jewelry. Nevertheless the wearables that are available now do more than enough job in many cases. A great many wearables users depend on these little devices for getting their work done and we can definitely say that they don’t disappoint.