10 Best Spy Apps For Android for 2022

Want to know about Spy Apps? Why do people use them? Using a spy app has some significant reasons. You can use these to track the employees of your office, your kids, and your phone. We don’t support using these apps without the exact person’s consent. However, you can use these apps with their consent.

Moreover, it’s not that much easy to keep on track. If you want to keep on track the required devices of people, pick the best spy app for android. There are a lot of different spy apps for android. Here we enlisted the ten best spy apps for Android for you. Grab the one you like to use. In other words, use the spy apps with extra care and responsibility. We do not support any kind of misconduct. Let’s check out the 10 best spy apps for Android for 2022.

Why Do You Need This Spy App?

Generally, spy apps have features to track messages, location, call history, search history on the internet, etc. You can quickly get to know what someone is doing with his or her phone. 

  • Besides, people also use spy apps to keep an eye on their spouse too.
  • However, it’s the user’s concern on whom he or she wants to use it.
  • It allows them to know about what is the hidden factor they want to know. 

Moreover, with a spy app, one can easily access the desired device without any passwords. So it works as a hidden spy app, and the tracked device can’t know it. 

How do Spy apps work? 

Spy apps have the feature of tracking targeted devices. Whether it’s your spouse’s phone, your kids’ activity, you can look upon that. Moreover, these monitoring apps for android can be used for tracking employee’s works and movements. Nobody can know that you’re spying on them unless you say because these hidden spy apps for android run secretively. Also, they don’t show any notifications too.  

  • This hidden monitoring process starts with downloading the app.
  • Then, you have to make an account there.
  • After this process, it may require the number of the phone you want to track. Finally, you can track that phone you wanted.

It gives you access to messages, call history, location, and track the movement of the device. Again, we do not support any misconduct. So please use the spy apps for android with care and responsibility. 

Best Spy Apps For Android Reviews

The 10 Best Spy Apps for Android for 2022

  1. Spyera – Best Compatible, hidden spy app for anyone.
  2. mSpy – Family phone tracker.
  3. Google Family Link – Free kids phone tracker app.
  4. Flexispy – Most powerful hidden spy app.
  5. Prey Anti Theft – Anti-theft and protects your phone.
  6. Find My Device by Google – Free personal phone tracker app.
  7. T-Mobile FamilyWhere – Best family location tracker app.
  8. Cerberus – Personal Phone Tracker app.
  9. XNSPY – Powerful parental monitoring app.
  10. Find My Phone App – Personal use and Anti-theft app.


Price: 199-479$/year.

If you want to know about your kids when they are out of home, SPYERA is the best parental monitoring app for your kids. You can know where your kid is or what she or he is doing? SPYERA remotely observes your kid’s activity from time to time and notifies you.

Moreover, you can know about the movement of your employees. What are they doing in the office? What are they talking about? Etc. You’ll get to know that if any of your employees are sharing the secrecy of the company. 


Besides, SPYERA supports all kinds of devices. It is open for use in iOS, Android, Windows PC, and MAC OS. You can access the targeted device’s call history, messages, and internet surfing history. However, it hiddenly monitors devices. So you will be stress-free about your kid or office. SPYERA is the best-hidden monitoring app to protect your family and office from threats.


  1. You can easily understand your kid’s device world and monitor them.
  2. It is compatible with all devices – ios, Android, Windows PC, Mac OS.
  3. It helps you to protect your work life from threats.
  4. Time to time free upgrades.
  5. The app monitors devices remotely.
  6. It records the call quickly.
  7. It provides a live call listening feature.
  8. SPYERA Enabled online call recording.
  9. It saves keystroke history.
  10. Easy to monitor and install.

2. mSpy

Price: 8.33$/month

mSpy is an app to track your family members’ or your kids’ movement on devices. It is an excellent choice for you as a parent and a responsible family head. It has unique features to monitor your child’s device activity. You can feel relief about your kids with this monitoring app. Because finally you will be able to know about their all-day doings and where are they going!

mSpy App
mSpy App

You can learn about the location of your family members, keeping them tracking manually. This app enables you full access to the call history and messages, and online messages are also included. Besides, this app properly works on iOS and iPad too.


  1. Works on iOS, iPad, and any android devices.
  2. This app monitors the location of the device.
  3. Monitors call history and messages.
  4. Monitors all sent, received, and deleted messages.
  5. Have access to social media.

Price: It’s a free app.

Google Family Link is the best choice if you want to set a device ground rule for your teenage child. You can check on their internet surfing. You can manage the apps that your children are using. Not only that, but you can also suggest to them what they can see or do.  Moreover, this best free hidden spy app provides teacher-recommended apps for your children.

Google Family Link
Google Family Link

You can also locate their place with an approximate location. Where are they going and doing? You can also control downloading apps or other things on your kid’s phone. You’ll get a notification, and there you have to choose whether you want them to download the app or not. 


  1. You can locate their place.
  2. Monitor their device’s internet surfing.
  3. It helps you manage apps, screens, and downloads.
  4. It has proper parental control on the child’s Google Account.
  5. It’s a free app to use by everyone.
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4. FlexiSPY

Price: Free (for Android and ios) and 99-199$/month.

Use the world’s most powerful spy app FlexiSPY for tracking any device. You can track your teenage child’s device easily. Moreover, you can also use it for your office employees so that you can keep track of them quickly.  However, nowadays, technologies are a bit tough to understand.


But don’t worry about the FlexiSPY tracking app. You can easily monitor any device from wherever you are because it provides a remote monitoring service. You can quickly stop your kids from the wrongdoings or unsafe zones, save your company from any kind of threats with this hidden spy app for android. You can have complete access to the devices you want.


  1. FlexiSPY can work for monitoring office devices.
  2. Check your children’s texts, internet surfing history.
  3. It can monitor any device.
  4. It provides remote monitoring.
  5. It is a free app for all devices.
  6. Records call from online calls.
  7. The app stays hid in devices.

5. Prey Anti Theft

Price: Free app.

This app (Prey Anti Theft) has been securing people’s devices and data for ten years. You can use the Prey app to secure your data, track the location of your phone, and find it. Prey can be used against theft and protect your device correctly.

Prey Anti Theft
Prey Anti Theft

Moreover, it takes pictures of the thief, locks your phone so that your data stays safe. Besides, if you’re the forgetful one and leave your phone here and there, the Prey app will help you with the find my device feature. It will send a notification to your device.


  1. Find my device featured app.
  2. Tracks device location.
  3. It locks your data.
  4. It helps to find a lost device.
  5. This app provides proper device management.
  6. It encrypts data properly.
  7. Reports lost device statistics.

6. Find My Device by Google

Price: Free

Here is another find my device featured app by Google. This app has its name on its feature, Find My Device. This app can lock, erase and find your lost device from anywhere. However, you should have an account in Google to run this app.

Find My Device
Find My Device

So your data will stay safe with the Find My Device app by Google. It finds your device through the google account. For this, you have to enable the function of location access of Google. It would give you the approximate location of your phone if you lost it somehow. 


  1. It shows battery and network statistics.
  2. Locks the device or erases the data from the device.
  3. It provides full sound if your phone is silent.
  4. Find My Device app provides navigation to your device.
  5. It is the perfect app for your device.
  6. It sends a notification to your lost phone.

7. T-Mobile FamilyWhere

Price: Free for 30 days, 10$/month after that.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere is a family location tracker app. You can see if your family is safe and sound through this app. You can keep an eye on your kids while they are at home or in school. It provides you on-demand location tracking for your concern. You can also monitor their internet using time and can stop it too. If they have been suitable for the whole month, reward them with this app.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere
T-Mobile FamilyWhere

However, T-Mobile FamilyWhere is a perfect parental monitoring app this far. You can know the approximate location of your family members. Through this app, a notification goes to the device you want to track.


  1. There is no need for extra software.
  2. You can track the previous seven days’ location.
  3. You don’t need any android phone to track other devices.
  4. Automatic location check alerts.
  5. It provides a remotely functioning system.
  6. The primary user can send a check notification via this app.

8. Cerberus 

Price: 1 device 5 EUR/year, three devices 14 EUR/year, five devices 22.50 EUR/year.

Cerberus is a familiar and straightforward personal phone tracker app. It helps to find your lost or stolen phone easily. Moreover, you can use it to track your child’s activity too. It sets an excellent secure area, and you’ll get notified if someone enters there.


Besides, it won’t help you track other devices, such as you can’t monitor your office stuff. But you have complete control over your phone if it gets lost or stolen. You can keep your phone from getting stolen easily. It follows the phone and controls it via SMS.


  1. Android wear support.
  2. Enable to take a picture of the thief.
  3. It locates the device quickly.
  4. Wipe and lock your data.
  5. It shows app use data.
  6. This app sets secure areas. You will get notified if someone enters there.
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Price: 4.99-7.99$/month.

XNSPY is one of the world’s most powerful parental monitoring apps. It also helps to detect your employee. However, this app is all in one app. It contains all the features for monitoring devices. You can monitor the calls, messages, social media surfing, and many more. It also tracks media shared files. XNSPY has complete control of a device. It gives notifications 24/7.


Moreover, it records the screen. It also keeps track of the online calls. You can also check the location of the desired device quickly. The app keeps all the statistics. 


  1. It monitors all kinds of texts, whether it’s online or offline.
  2. It has proper access to the on-call lists, incoming and outgoing calls.
  3. You can read all the texts with dates and times.
  4. It notifies you of everything from time to time.
  5. It enables you to access multimedia.
  6. You can listen to the calls.
  7. It can detect screen recording.
  8. It has access to social media platforms.

10. Find My Phone App

Price: 4.99-9.99$/month 

Find My Phone app is a personal use app. It will help you to track your phone if it gets lost. Also, it stands against phone theft. So it is also an anti-theft app. Moreover, if you’re frustrated about finding your device here and there, the Find My Phone App is the right choice for you. It lessens your stress by finding your phone quickly by tracking your location. 

Find My Phone
Find My Phone

It provides a ringtone feature if your phone is silent. You can check the location status of your stolen phone. Also, you can see how much the battery will last. This easy-to-use app is almost compatible with all kinds of devices. You can use it on Android, ios, iPhone, iPad, Macs, Apple AirPods, and watch.


  1. You can find a phone easily without any internet connection.
  2. It tracks the phone quickly.
  3. It is compatible with all devices.
  4. It secures your phone from getting stolen.
  5. This app adds your favorite places and their location.
  6. The app guarantees your stolen or lost phone.
  7. It tracks your daily activity.

FAQ- Best Spy Apps

Can Spy Apps read messages?

Yes, spy apps are specially for tracking the activity of your phone. It can read all kinds of messages you send or receive. Besides, it detects online messages too.

Can someone spy on a device without touching it?

Yes, anyone can spy on a device without touching it. Spy apps provide easy access to all kinds of devices. The apps don’t need any password or a fingerprint to detect a device. Someone can easily track a device by spy apps for android without a target phone.

Can I track my partner’s phone without letting her know?

You can track your partner’s phone without her knowledge because hidden spy apps are used for monitoring devices. That is why its name is SPY apps.

What is the best free spy app?

We have enlisted the ten best spy apps. There are some free apps included too. Please read through our article. The apps are mentioned above.

Can the spy app see the deleted message?

Yes, these hidden spy apps for android can detect your deleted texts. When a spy app tracks your device, it has access to everything on your phone.

Do spy apps work remotely?

Spy apps work remotely. You can get any information about the monitored device from wherever you are.

Is the spy app stays hidden?

Yes, almost every spy app hiddenly monitors devices. The apps are invisible to the targeted phone. But it is not ethical to track someone’s phone without their consent.

Can I track my kid’s activity with the spy apps?

Yes, you can monitor your kid’s activity. You can know about their exact location, call history, internet surfing history, used apps, and many more features you can use. Many family monitoring apps are mentioned above.

Is spying on someone’s device illegal?

Yes, it is HIGHLY illegal if you monitor someone’s device without their consent. You don’t have any right to track someone’s privacy. Though monitoring apps are available in the office using. But they have the employee’s consent. 

Besides, using a spy app on someone’s phone without their permission is not ethical.


Mainly spy apps for android are for official use and tracking the kids. Because safety is everyone’s concern, whether it’s about your children or your business, you can easily monitor a device using a spy app. It gives you all the access to the other device or devices. 

Using hidden spy apps is not that much allowed, mainly when you don’t have suitable consent to the targeted person. We will suggest you use the best spy apps with extra responsibility. It doesn’t hamper someone’s privacy. We do not support any misconduct.

Enjoy your monitoring with the best spy app in 2022!

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