8 Best Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android Users in 2023

In this era of advanced technology, finding your lost phones or tracking the locations of your loved ones have been made easy with an advanced Global Positioning System (GPS). Thus, using many tracking apps created for iPhones and Androids, you can easily track the locations of your beloved ones. You can track your iPhone or Android device using free apps or you can also do in-app purchases for more advanced applications from the Apps Store or Play Store.

In this article, I will explain the 8 best tracking apps for iPhone and Android users first. Then I will also show you how you can track your devices without using a tracking app with 2 easy ways. Stay tuned! 

8 Best Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android (with in-app purchases)

When you search for the best tracking apps for iPhone or Android on the web, it shows you literally hundreds! Yet nobody has the time to look for all of them and identify the one app that can be his/her best fit. Regarding this, I have shortlisted only 8 apps that are users’ favourite. Here the priority is given to the iOS and Android users. 

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1. Glympse -Share your Location

Glympse is a simple, fast, and secured real-time location sharing app that helps you track your iPhone or your family and friends locations for free. It works on your terms where you get to choose when and where your location can be tracked. So the authority lies within you 24/7! The best thing about Glympse is, you do not need to sign up to start using the app right away. With an automatic safety feature, your Glympse expires your location sharing after the session you have chosen it for. You can even ask your lazy employees to share you a Glympse and guess what, they can never lie! Thus it is a tracking app for your colleagues and employees as well. 

However, having a lot of pros, Glympse sometimes shows false locations when it expires the session before you wanted it to! Not an iPhone user? No worries as Glympse is available for Windows, Apple, and Android as well.

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2. LocaToWeb

LocaToWeb is a real-time GPS tracking app with no ads, only live actions! Here you do not need to register to access the app. You and your family and friends can follow each other’s live location along with altitude, distance, speed, and duration via the map at locatoweb.com. Yet you can go private and be non-searchable whenever you feel like it. To locate and track a group of users you can set race groups on LocaToWeb. It is available in 8 different languages for both iPhone and Android users. Get it for free and track people in the best way possible. Not to mention but LocaTo Web is one of the highest-ranked GPS tracking apps on Google Play and Apple Apps Store.

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Life 360

3. Life360: Find my Family & Friends

Life360 is an advanced location sharing app that comes with advanced and high-quality features. Unlike other apps, Life360 backs up your location history for a couple of days along with alerts of 2 places of your loved ones such as ‘Home to School’. Life360 can also be your best tool in case of an emergency. Its automated SOS and automatic crash detection feature let you respond to a car crash quickly! 

All new features of Life360

  • SOS to alert emergency contacts silently with your real-time location.
  • 24/7 extensive live specialist support.
  • An Identity Theft Protection feature for all the member’s cyber security.

And That is not all! Life360 has yet a lot more to offer. Just get it for free from the Apple Apps Store for iPhones or iPads and from the Google Play Store for Android. Avail the in-app purchases in order to upgrade to premium or platinum memberships. 

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4. mSpy The Best Phone Tracker for Parental Control

Want an application that can track a huge amount of information from a targeted device? Meet mSpy: Find my Friends Phone for iOS and My Family Locator, GPS Tracker for android users powered by mSpy.com.

If you have kids, this app is exactly designed for you. It lets you have full control on your child’s device and track everything that they are up to. It lets you check your loved ones location history for three months. Save your nerves with the Geo-Fencing feature of mSpy by creating safety zones for your family and knowing when they are there. Add your kid’s teacher, trainer or doctor, to your Geo-Fence to be safer. In case of any emergency, tell them to press the Panic Button. Its in-app purchasing offers might seem expensive to you but not more expensive than your family’s safety. So spend a Lil more to have the best tracking service. Talking about the ratings, apple (4.⅕) users love using this app more than android users.

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5. FamiSafe 

FamiSafe is the most reliable family app, highly ranked by Apple and Android users across the world. It comes with parental control features where parents can limit their kid’s screen timing. They can also filter websites and block games or sensitive contents on their kids’ devices. 

By detecting suspicious photos and text from social media apps, you can keep your family safe from sensitive issues using FamiSafe. Track your loved ones current location or past history and create safe zones for them. FamiSafe also provides you with driving speed, driving time, or hard braking of cars. Just install the app from the Apple store or Play store and register to its parental control app account. FamiSafe is available in 8 languages and offers in-app purchases starting from $9.99.

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6. FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

Track your family and friends with a GPS tracker like FollowMee that converts your device to work as a spy! The best part of using FollowMee is – it does not allow any ads on its app or website, providing you with the best data privacy. Just log in to the app then turn it ON and it will keep running in the background quietly to provide you all the tracking services. When you go out of cellular data or WiFi connection, this app saves your last data and updates it when you get the connection back. If you are not bothered about your iPhone’s battery draining fast, then keep your GPS ON and enjoy the best service of FollowMee. 

FollowMee is available for free and in-app purchases on both Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store.

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Find My Phone

7. Find my Phone – Family Locator

Stay connected with your family using the Find my Phone – Family Locator application created for both iOS and also Android devices. Get it for free from the respected apps stores. It is an amazing app that notifies you with unlimited alerts after your loved ones reach their destinations. It creates safe zones or places for you and makes your own family groups. Here you can also view location history for the last 7 days. Tap the SOS button via Family Locator, if you face any emergency. Find your lost or stolen devices if Family Locator was previously installed. 

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Find My Friends
Find My Friends

8. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is one of the best location-sharing apps for iOS users. You can use it on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Android users can also install it from the Play Store. After you install the app, you can immediately share your location with your favourite contacts. Keeping track of your friends is also simple here when they share their location with you. Hide or stop sharing your location when you feel like with just a tap! Your data can be viewed for only about 2 hours, then it is deleted for privacy. 

Find My Friends is available in 48 other languages with simple language configurations. This app is absolutely free. In fact, you do not have to do in-app purchases to enjoy its best services. 

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How to Track your iPhone or Android device without Using a Tracking App! 

Many users do not want to use a separate application to track or locate devices and many do not want to go for in-app purchases. In addition, many might have lost their phones without having those tracking apps installed before. Unfortunately, if you are one of them then here are two easy solutions for you.  

1. Track your iPhone with iCloud Location Service

Apple has brought a great way to find your lost iPhone or other iOS devices using iCloud – Find My Phone feature. Having the apple id and using the iCloud, you can easily locate those even if those are offline. Moreover, your privacy is secured and protected all the way. This is a feature that works on every single iOS device be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, AirPods, AirTags, or even Apple Watch. Here is how this feature helps you locate your device. 

  • Use your location or GPS to check the position of your phone via Map.
  • Play the specific sound designed in your AirPods to locate your device if you feel it is somewhere near your reach.
  • Put your device on the Lost Mode – it will start tracking your location, send a missing text and show it on your device’s lock screen. 

Bonus: Attach AirTags on your devices or items like keys, remote, etc., and find these easily when lost or missing. 

Using iCloud you can invite other friends using the app and locate them on the map. This will also let you know when your friends leave a place or arrive at a particular place. However, Apple does not guarantee you that it will always work. Sometimes tracking may fail due to poor connection or server error. 

2. Track your Android Device with Google Maps

If your android device has its location turned ON and connected to WiFi or cellular data, google maps can help you find it. Here is how:

  • Visit this site and log in to your Google Account.
  • Click Accept on the Find My Device message. 
  • After successfully connecting to your device, Google Maps will be able to ring your phone even if it is silent, erase your phone’s all content and secure your device by signing out of that. Choose your option.
Google maps track your device
Fig. Track Location of your Android Device using Google Maps – Find My Device Feature

If your device has location turned on, then this feature can track the current location which will play a huge role in finding your lost phone. For iPhone users, you need to use Google accounts in order to avail this feature of Google Maps. 

A Key Suggestion to End!

In order to track your iPhone or Android device, GPS has to be turned ON all the time. This surely will drain your phone’s battery life faster. Therefore, you better be aware of when you want to track locations of your or your loved one’s devices and take actions accordingly. 

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