10 Best Yoga Apps for Android in 2022

We all Know that Yoga has been a great workout system for years that can erase stress and give us a good shape. However, technology has made things easier. Now you don’t need to go to a Yoga class or follow a yoga instructor. Besides, you can do it from home. We have brought you some best yoga apps for android in 2022 to give your day a relaxing boost at your own home.

But, how?

You’ll wake up from your bed and can get started with these splendid yoga apps for android. From sweating to relaxation, Yoga has all the things that you need in your body. So wake up, and let’s get started with some yoga apps first. Read our article about the best yoga apps for android and give yourself mindful fitness from your home or anywhere. 

How can these yoga apps help you?

All of us know that we are living in a decade where everyone stays stressed. Yoga is a mental, spiritual and physical practice. That will not only make you physically sound but also will give you mental peace.

However, these days we are not able to go out and join a yoga class. 

Now, what is the solution?

  • A yoga app can help in mediation which is the key thing to manage stress. 
  • It will give you mind, body, and spiritual relaxation that will strengthen your muscles.
  • These best yoga apps for android contain lots of yoga asanas that will help you get relief from back pain.
  • The different types of yoga asanas will help you to sleep better.
  • These yoga and meditation apps will promote your self-care. 

However, you can do Yoga from anywhere with a yoga app easily. Also, you can keep track of your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your physical changes. The apps provide video, audio, or picture tutorials for the users. Now that sounds pretty good. So let’s dive into the yoga apps for android.

The 10 Best Yoga Apps for Android in 2022

Best Yoga Apps For Android Reviews

  1. Yoga, Wake up – For morning workout sessions and blissful meditation.
  2. Find What Feels Good – A high-quality yoga app for everyone.
  3. Asana Rebel – Fitness Expert.
  4. 5 Minute Yoga – Yoga instruction with details.
  5. Alo Moves – Yoga workout session with international instructors.
  6. Yoga-Down Dog – Simple and beginner-friendly.
  7. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body – HD video yoga tutorial with international instructors.
  8. Daily Yoga – Yoga instructions with a fitness tracker.
  9. Pocket Yoga – Versatile yoga app.
  10. Grokker – Yoga workout tutorials with health tips.

Yoga Wake Up

Price: 9.99$/month

If you end up scrolling in social media just after waking up, this app is for you. Yoga Wake Up transforms this bad habit into a good one. With this first yoga alarm clock, wake up peacefully and relax. It is an audio-guided app that provides you different kinds of music too.

Yoga Wake Up
Yoga Wake Up

It has a vast range of yoga instructors. You can choose any as your opinion. From getting up from bed to meditation, Yoga Wake Up will give you the best morning boost with its unique features. Make your muscles awake, and your mind calms with this sweet morning yoga app.


  1. It is an audio-guided app.
  2. It has an extensive range of instructors.
  3. Yoga wake-up provides audio for relaxing.
  4. Make your day easier with this app.

Find What Feels Good

Price: Free.

Find What Feels Good is found by Adriene Mishler. It is a more growing library for Yoga that encourages you to do Yoga. This app provides more than 100 hours of yoga videos of different categories of Yoga. It would be best if you had a valid subscription to enjoy all the yoga sessions.

Find What Feels Good
Find What Feels Good

However, Find What Feels Good works on high-quality Yoga for every age, shape, gender, and size. Adriene Mishler- an international yoga instructor, actress, writer, and successful entrepreneur from Austin. She works on providing quality yoga at home for every person through this app. Also, she has an online community of 5M on youtube.       


  1. HD videos for yoga practice.
  2. It provides 100+ hours of a yoga session.
  3. No internet connection requires. It syncs automatically and connects videos easily for offline use.
  4. It enabled the social media sharing option.
  5. This app provides high-quality yoga practice and peaceful health and mind.

Asana Rebel

Price: 58.99$/year.

If you want to get fit, Asana Rebel is the best choice of yoga app for you. This yoga app is for those who want to stay in shape and healthy. It gives you tip-to-toe fitness that will keep you healthy. This app provides flexibility; as a result, it works as an anti-aging system.

Asana Rebel
Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel not only works on body shaping, but it also gives you peace of mind by meditating. It calms your body and mind by deep exhale and inhale. This app is available in six different languages for the easy use of users of other countries. This app is inspiring fitness among 10M users all over the world. 


  1. Get a fine and lean body and proper fitness with Asana Rebel.
  2. Maintain a stress-free day by meditation session of this app.
  3. It has different ways of Yoga that will make you sweat.
  4. This app provides flexibility and increases the range of your motion.
  5. It gives a relaxing breathing session to remove your stress.

5 Minute Yoga

Price: 5.99$/year.

5 Minute Yoga is the best choice for those who want to work out daily through Yoga. This app provides easy, but impactful yoga workouts that will help you to high-quality beginner-friendly get in shape. The detailed instruction and clear image of yoga poses make it easier for beginners. All yoga poses are performed for a proper amount of time so that it affects quickly.

5 Minute Yoga
5 Minute Yoga


  1. It helps you in easy yoga workouts.
  2. This app works with a practical timer function.
  3. It has a 5-minute good yoga session.
  4. 5 Minute Yoga has effective yoga poses.
  5. It increases your flexibility and decreases your stress.

Alo Moves

Price: Free 14 days trial, 199$/year.

Turn your yoga practice into a good workout session with 2,500+ video classes from international yoga instructors of Alo Moves. Make your workout yoga session sweaty, advanced and connects your body and mind soulfully. Alo moves yoga classes give you precisely what you need according to your body. The yoga training series helps you strengthen your immunity and relax your mind—practice yoga with the renowned international yoga instructor through Alo Moves.

Alo Moves
Alo Moves


  1. International yoga instructors give training.
  2. Workout session with 2,500+ video classes.
  3. Brand new and fresh classes every week.
  4. Distraction-free feature to practice your Yoga.
  5. Different categories of the yoga sessions.

Yoga – Down Dog

Price: 49.99$/year.

Down Dog, the outstanding yoga app, gets you brand new yoga practices for your daily workout session. This app doesn’t repeat the same yoga session. The user interface is straightforward and beginner-friendly. The stretching session helps you to cope with your back pain and removes it gradually. It provides an audio tutorial, and you can choose a different voice also. This versatile app works on every type of device.

Yoga - Down Dog
Yoga – Down Dog


  1. Beginner-friendly user interface.
  2. You can explore multiple practice sessions. 
  3. This app helps to reduce your back pain by stretching sessions. 
  4. It provides the best yoga sessions with different types of instructors.
  5. This app works on all kinds of devices.
  6. It’s available in 9 other languages.
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Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Price: 7 days free trial, 9.99$/year.

Practice yoga with the instructor commentary and HD video yoga tutorial in Yoga Studio: Mind & Body. It is divided into different categories of yoga learning. Moreover, this app has all the classes perfectly organized. If you want to customize your courses according to your needs, you can do this through the app. You can play the lessons on TV as well. If you download the feature of easy access in this app, you won’t need any extra internet connection.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body
Yoga Studio: Mind & Body


  1. Affordable for beginners, excellent for experts.
  2. It has a yoga library with 280 poses and explicit instructions.
  3. This app tracks your daily and weekly workout sessions.
  4. You can create your yoga session.
  5. 100+ yoga and meditation classes to practice.

Daily Yoga: Fitness Yoga Plan & Meditation App

Price: 30 days free, 14.99$/month.

Daily Yoga inspires fitness lovers all over the world by providing world-class yoga tutorials. All types of people can practice over more than 100 yoga and meditation classes. However, this yoga app is beginner-friendly and helps you to find the yoga classes you need.

Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga

Besides, Daily Yoga keeps track of your practice session and shows you the difference you have made. You can also get connected to different kinds of people through Daily Yoga and whole communities. This app also provides various types of music to make your yoga session fun.


  1. You can track your daily yoga activity.
  2. It helps you to set your own yoga time in your country.
  3. You can create your yoga workout plan.
  4. It enables you to connect the other people in Daily Yoga and make your community.
  5. This app has 40+ yoga instructors.
  6. It is a complete app for both beginners and advanced yoga lovers.

Pocket Yoga

Price: One-time cost, 2.99$.

Keep up your yoga practice in a go with Pocket Yoga. It is a versatile yoga and meditation app that boosts up your daily workout session. It has 27 different yoga sessions depending on the difficulties and duration. Moreover, this app provides the details of yoga poses and proper posture definition. This app supports all kinds of devices, and as a result, you can practice Yoga from anywhere you want. You have to open the app and place your mat, and the rest is the Pocket Yoga App’s responsibility.

Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga


  1. You can choose and play music according to your choice from the library.
  2. The best instructors provide the yoga classes.
  3. It helps with a quick preview session to see if it’s suitable for you.
  4. The app keeps data and tracks your daily yoga session.
  5. It has the whole dictionary of Yoga poses with descriptions.
  6. This app also guides the learners with illustrated detailed pictures.

Grokker Yoga Fitness

Price: 14.95$/month.

More than a thousand videos of Yoga, fitness, health and healthy cooking videos of Grokker will make your daily life easier. This app helps to learn new skills every day and adds variety to your daily workout session. Grokker is more than a yoga app, and it has standard workout sessions, health tips, and healthy cooking videos for everyone. It makes your daily beneficial sessions easy and helps you to choose the right one for yourself.



  1. It has a six video program of yoga sessions for stress reduction that will help you to relax.
  2. This app allows you to cultivate your yoga practice every day.
  3. It is a beginner-friendly app.
  4. Different yoga sessions for various purposes.
  5. It gives you muscle relief by providing different types of exercise. 
  6. A practical workout session of Grokker will boost up your daily life.


You can practice Yoga in any place by using our suggested apps. You can choose any app from the mentioned one. These ten best yoga apps for android will help you thrive in your daily life and remove your daily life stress. A yoga app comes with both yoga instruction and everyday life healthy tips. You can practice Yoga and meditation that will keep you going for a long time!

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