Core Temp 1.17.1 Download

Core Temp Download

The most powerful program is Core Temp because it monitors your computer’s processor temperature and gives you some important information about your computer. It is unique because of how it works. It gives you information about the temperature of each core of every processor! Quite amazing, isn’t it? Let’s Download it today.

You can know about the temperature easily. Core Temp is easy to use and provides you with customization and expandability. It allows developers to add new features to extend its functionality.

About Core Temp Download

Many computer hardware is very sensitive to temperature which affects the processors. That’s why monitoring the temperature is very important and can solve most of your problems. That’s how Core Temp helps you to do so. Moreover, it also shows the load of each core and informs you how the temperature changes with load.

The Best Free Monitoring System for CPU

Core Temp is a free CPU temperature monitor that uses minimum power and gives you accurate results about your computer’s temperature. The program is easy to use. The best thing is it offers you a high level of customization. You can increase the functionality with the help of a developer.

Both regular and advanced users can enjoy this free tool. You can get the most out of your processor and can measure your core temperatures using this program. So, it is a must if you want to avoid any damage. You can also set up alarms to prevent excessive overheating.

The program takes very little time to install and uses a tiny amount of processing power while running. That means the program doesn’t affect the temperature of your device. So that, you can run your laptop or PC normally. The program also adds heavy loads to test how it affects your processor temperatures.

Main Features

  • It monitors the temperature of each processor and core
  • Core temp displays the processor characteristics
  • Protects your processor from overheating 
  • It supports Intel, AMD, and VIA processors

What are the Requirements to download Core Temp?

Operating System: The program works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, 2012 Server, 2016 Server.

Processor: It works with processors like- Intel, AMD, or VIA x86 based processors.

What’s New in Core Temp 1.17.1?

  • The new version has fixed the crash on some AMD Opteron/FX/APU A-series 
  • The new version has fixed crashes on old versions of Windows
  • It supports AMD Zen 3 and Zen 2 APU 
  • It supports Intel Rocket Lake 
  • It supports Preliminary Alder Lake 
  • It supports Very preliminary Meteor Lake 
  • The new version has fixed the “Unsupported CPU” message by enabling HD
  • The new version has fixed Epyc Rome/Thread Ripper 3rd gen Platform 
  • The new version has fixed the Gemini Lake platform 
  • The new version has fixed Whiskey Lake codename
  • The new version has fixed Incorrect VID reporting on some Celeron/Pentium processors
  • The new version has fixed Crash on Intel Banias based processors
  • The new version has fixed Turbo multiplier detection on Nehalem/Westmere
  • The new version has fixed some bugs  
  • The new version has fixed VID reporting on some AMD Athlon64 processors
  • The new version has improved the accuracy of information

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