Does Apple Watch Work With Android Smartphones?

An Apple watch eventually does work with an Android phone connected by LTE connectivity, but first, you need to set up and configure the Apple Watch using your iPhone.

As per the statistics are concerned, the total number of Android smartphone users are way more than the Apple users in the world currently. It shows how much people love using Android phones. But when we talk about the best smartwatches, Apple has sealed the game very easily from Android. Therefore, many Android users want to connect their Apple smartwatches with their smartphones. If you are one of them, then yes you can connect your Apple watch with an Android Smartphone very easily. However, this might cause some hardware issues with both devices but you must be daring enough to try it. It’s Fun!

In this guide, I will cover how to connect an Apple watch with an Android smartphone and other most asked questions regarding this matter (along with pros and cons). So let’s start!

How to Connect an Apple Watch with an Android Smartphone?

In order to connect an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone, you first need to pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone. Yes, you need an iPhone to fully configure your Apple watch first! 

How to Pair and Configure an Apple Smartwatch with your iPhone?

  • Firstly, turn on the bluetooth function of your iPhone as the Apple watch uses bluetooth connections to get paired with it.
  • Then make sure your iPhone is Long Term Evolution (LTE) compatible.
  • Install the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and tap on Start Pairing option. You can also pair it manually by tapping on Pair your Watch Manually option.
  • Now a 6 digit code will appear on your screen, enter it on your Apple Watch App.
  • Then tap on the Set up as a New Apple Watch option and enter your Wrist Preference (left or right).
  • Hit Agree to the Terms & Conditions button.
  • Enter your Apple ID and then press OK when asked about Siri and Diagnostics or Locations etc.
  • Create a 4-digit passcode for your smartwatch. 
  • Give access to unlock your Apple smartwatch with your iPhone if you want.
  • You can set up Emergency SOS or Apple Pay features and you can also download Apple watch versions of the apps you use. You can choose to configure these features any time you like.
  • But for now, the Apple watch is completely configured with your iPhone and you may connect it with your LTE network of your iPhone’s carrier.

Get a SIM card removal tool ready to remove your SIM from the iPhone. Now you are all set to connect your Apple smartwatch with an Android smartphone.

Connect Your Paired Apple Watch with Your Android Phone

  1. Firstly, make sure your iPhone, Android smartphone and the Apple watch are turned off.
  2. Now, remove your SIM card from your iPhone using the SIM card removal tool.
  3. Then, insert the SIM card into your Android phone and turn your Android phone on.
  4. Wait for a while and observe your Android phone getting powered on and then connect it with your cell’s carrier network or cellular network. 
  5. Next, turn on your Apple watch.
  6. Now you should see your Apple watch is connected with the Android smartphone.

Can I Pair an Apple Smartwatch with an Android Smartphone?

The most straightforward answer is NO! As Apple smartwatches only pair with Apple devices via Apple authorized Bluetooth connection, it refuses to get paired with other devices through the Bluetooth functionality. Therefore, you can not pair an Apple smartwatch with an Android smartphone. But can you use an Apple watch with Android? Yes! You can, by connecting them through the LTE connectivity.

Not every Apple smartwatch has LTE connectivity because it is costly. Apple launches smartwatches that have features like seamless calling, texting, updated versions of apps built for Apple watch, standard bluetooth, and LTE connectivity with higher prices. So if you have got an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity, you can connect it with other non-apple devices or Android phones. However, it is obvious that you won’t be able to enjoy all features or functionality (iMessage, Apple apps, etc.,) of your Apple watch when it is connected with an Android phone.

What is Required to Connect My Apple Smartwatch with an Android Phone?

In order to connect an Apple Smartwatch with an Android Phone you need to make sure having the following four things first:

  1. You need to have an unlocked iPhone (6 or later models) that is paired with your Apple smartwatch.
  2. An unlocked Apple Smartwatch with LTE.
  3. An Android smartphone (unlocked).
  4. A SIM card removal tool.

What Can Go Wrong When You Connect an Apple Watch with Your Android phone?

While paired with an iPhone your Apple watch easily keeps itself updated about the apps used via cellular connectivity. Thus when you receive calls or messages on your iPhone, you can directly access them on your smartwatch at the same time. In short, you get to utilize 100% of your smartwatch functionality while connected with any Apple device. 

On the other hand, an Android smartphone (having a whole different operating system than the iOS) while connected with an Apple smartwatch, fails to suitably align with the Apple softwares, apps, or features. iMessage is one of the big examples here. Because Android devices typically send and receive standard text messages or SMS and there is nothing called like iMessage here. So you might face trouble while texting anyone or receiving texts from anyone through your Apple smartwatch when it is connected with your Android phone.

And the last thing you won’t be able to do is, installing a new app on your Apple watch using an Android phone. Here you would definitely need to pair your smartwatch with your iPhone again and install the app.

Does an Apple Watch Work without an iPhone?

An Apple watch eventually does work without an iPhone but in order to set it up, an iPhone is a must need. When you get a new Apple smartwatch, you can not directly connect it with a non-apple device or android. As I have mentioned earlier in this article that an Apple watch needs Apple-authorized Bluetooth connectivity to get paired with, pairing and configuring a new Apple watch is only possible using an iPhone.

However, after the watch is successfully paired and fully configured and if it has LTE connectivity, then you can connect your Android smartphone with the Apple Watch by following the steps mentioned above.

Wrap Up!

Before concluding this guide, I hope you have found the detailed answers of your most asked queries related to connecting the Apple watch with an Android phone. Yet I am repeating in short that yes you can connect your Apple smartwatch with an Android smartphone using LTE connectivity, but you can not pair them using Bluetooth functionality. In addition, to set up a new Apple watch, you must need an iPhone. You need to use your iPhone in order to install new apps on your Apple smartwatch as well. However, the risk of connecting the Apple watch with an Android phone can be fatal in the case of software and hardware functionalities to both, as these devices are operated using a completely different OS.

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