DS4Windows Download 3.0.18 (Latest Version)

DS4Windows Download

If you want to get the real feel of using the amazing DualShock 4, then DS4Windows Download  on your PC and get the potential experience of it. Moreover, by emulating XBOX 360, you can get a lot of amazing games and the feel of a vibrant DS4.

About DS4Windows Download

Experience motion control, touchpad sensitivity, control mapping and exploring rainbow light bars, Launching programs with profiles and many more settings to play with just by downloading this amazing DS4Windows 3.0.18.

Automatic Profiles Switching

You can switch to different profiles automatically if you start playing by launching DS4Windows on your PC. But the manual switching profile is still on for you. 

Unique Profile Systems

It’s easier to quickly swap between different settings of your controller with profiles. For certain games, you can set up your profiles easily with DS4Windows 3.018. You don’t need to open back the settings and do the changes. Swipe two fingers along with the touchpad and you can set up controls or set up the light bar as you want for your gaming mood.

Clean and Simple UI

The sole purpose of launching DS4Windows is to get your controller ready for games. All you have to do is launch the tool and it will take you through setups where you will have to set the default profiles for your gameplay or you can change them to your heart’s content.

Features of DS4Windows Download

  1. Automatically gets updates.
  2. Both of the analogue sticks can be assigned for the Sixaxis and the triggers.
  3. It can easily access a new whole set of controls.
  4. When certain profiles are launched, the profiles can switch automatically. 
  5. To switch between different configurations for your controller, use profiles. 
  6. Easy and dynamic lightbar controller.
  7. Adding Xbox 360 will be an amazing package to rumble with the DS4.

How to Launch DS4Windows

  1. DS4Windows Download the Zip File from Pick Latest.
  2. Extract the 2 programs that are given (DS4Updater & DS4Windows) in the zip in Program files/ My docs.
  3. Launch it.
  4. A pop-up window will show how to install the driver. If not, go to the Driver SetUp or Controller.
  5. Connect your DS4 via Bluetooth or USB.
  6. Once you connect the controller, everything is good to go. If not, restart your PC. 

Note: There are some games that work with DS4 without using DS4Windows. These kinds of games can cause trouble for your controller and for your PC too. You should close these games or clients in order to save your PC and controller from conflict. 

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