How To Get Pokemon Go Free Coin?

Free Pokecoins is the rare thing to earn in Pokemon Go. The coins are considered the main currency, and they can be achieved in (Pokemon Go) games or bought with real money.

Pokecoins can be used to buy different types of things. The coins represent the game currency so that you can buy with real money. In the technological era, there are so many spam sites that promise to give you free Pokecoins, but it is harmful and doesn’t work as per your acceptance. For this reason, we highly recommend avoiding these sites. There are two ways to get free Poke coins in Pokemon Go. Let us show you both of them.

First, we want to know what Free Pokecoins are?

Free Pokecoins

Pokemon Go coins are the game’s premium currency that can help buy pokemon new items and upgrades features. 

You can earn many items through regular play; some things are – clothing items, storage upgrades, new pokemon Go coins. There are two ways to earn your Pokecoins through playing games. One is through paying real-world money, and the other is by interacting with Gyms.

How to Get Pokecoins?

Method – 1(Buy Coin)

The most secure way to get Poke coins is to buy them. You can access coins in the shop and also can buy other things with these coins. Here are the prices to get coins:

  • $0.95 – 100 coins.
  • $4.95 – 550 coins.
  • $9.95 – 1200 coins.
  • $19.95 – 2500 coins.
  • $39.95– 5200 coins.
  • $99.95 – 14500 coins.

This is a standard pricing structure for free games in general and Pokemon Go. Now you have an idea about buying coins and it’s pricing. However, there are many ways to get credit from Google Play for free; let’s discuss in details:

  1. Download Google Opinion Rewards from Play Store.
  2. Open the app to get access and start5 it. Then you may have to face an introductory survey for their App development or better performance.
  3. After completing the survey successfully, start to go hunting Pokemon as usual.
  4. All the survey questions are essential and answer the question honestly.
  5. You get a Google Play Credit that you can spend on Play Store purchases. But bear in mind that not every survey will generate money, so do beware of that.
  6. When you earn enough Google Play credit to buy poke coins, you won’t be rolling in coins. 
earn coins free
Earn Coins Free

As we discussed above, they are all effective and can earn free coins easily. For this reason, we recommend you take this suggestion carefully and follow it. 

Still, free coins are free coins.

Method – 2 (Taking Gyms)

Want to earn Poke coins while playing the game? Well, the best solution is to achieve gyms. So, there are some tricks mentioned below:

  • To find a Gym, you should put your Pokemon close there. Are you confused about the method of gathering gyms? Then check out our excellent Gym capturing.
  • Every 21 hours, you will store your Pokecoins based on how many Pokemon you have on a Gym. 
  • You can earn ten coins and 500 Stardust for every Pokemon. 
  • If you collect five Pokemon on five Gyms, you can easily earn 50 coins and 2500 Stardust.
  • Bear in mind that an endless number of Pokemon Gyms can earn an infinite number of Pokemon. 
  • The “cash in” system follows out at ten to earn 100 coins and 5000 stardust per day.
  • You can also earn up to 100 Pokecoins and 5000 Stardust every 21 hours. 
Earn PokeCoin
Earn PokeCoin

To achieve these coins and maintain the collection of Gyms, you need to follow the methodologies strictly. Want to stock up? Then achieve tons of coins and potions.

How You get free PokeCoins in Pokemon Go

If you want to get a PokeCoin without paying money, you must collect Gyms as much as you can.

The gaming tricks can be taken over by one of the game’s three Teams and be defended by placing Pokemon inside.

  • You can earn six PokeCoins per hour defending a Gym.
  • Fifty coins per day, depending on the Gyms you are supporting.
  • When your Pokemon has been removed from the Gym, then you can get your earnings automatically.
  • If your Pokemon remains in the Gym at the end of the day, you won’t earn any PokeCoins.
  • Placing a Pokemon in a Gym, you can earn 10 Coins per Creature. 
  • By this method, you can easily make 50 PokeCoin in the same period.

In a nutshell, the more your Pokemon is in a Gym, the more you will earn

poke coins. However, there is a limitation that you can only make a maximum of 50 poke coins per day if all Pokemon are removed from the Gyms when you defend at once. 

In other words, if your Pokemon is stored in a Gym for several days, they will provide 50 coins when they come back to you. If your Pokemon comes back to you on that same day, you won’t receive any more Coins.

So, it is the best way to have your Pokemon return to your Gyms. Suppose you want to achieve your gains. You can only have one Pokemon in one Gym at a time. 

You can earn Pokemon in multiple Gyms so that there you can place creatures inside around 20 Gyms. Do you want to explore more information on keeping Pokemon in Gyms for longer? Read our page very carefully.

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What can you buy with Pokecoins?

If you are new to these game, then you need to know how to buy Poke Coins and also maintain some tricks:

  • Poke Balls – To earn 100 coins, need 20 Poke Balls, and for 460 coins, need 100 Poke Balls. To gain more, around 800 coins, you need 200 Poke Balls.
  • Incense – 80 coins for One Incense, 500 coins for eight Incense, 1250 coins for 25 Incense. 
  • Lucky Egg – 80 coins = One Lucky Egg. Earn 500 coins for eight Lucky Eggs, 25 Lucky Eggs for 1250 coins for 25 Lucky Eggs.
  • Lure Module – Earn One Lure Module for 100 coins and eight Lure Modules for 680 coins.
  • Egg Incubator – You can use 150 coins that last for three games.
  • Bag Upgrade – 200 coins can have the ability to increase your item storage by around 50 slots, and this upgrade is permanent.
  • Pokemon Storage Upgrade – The upgrade needs 200 coins to increase how many Pokemon you can carry by 50, and the promotion is permanent.

In the Pokemon Go game, Poke coins play a vital role in achieving any targeted point. Poke coins are expensive and rare too. Always make sure you should spend them wisely and effectively. If you have any suggestions related to Pokecoins stories, tips, or tricks, share your opinion in the comments!

What can you use PokeCoins for?

When you have started earning PokeCoins or need to buy them from the store, you can use them to purchase items. The instructions are given below:

  • Premium or Remote Raid Pass including 100 PokeCoins for 1 Poke Balls.
  • Maximum revives require level 30 and 180 PokeCoins for 6 Poke Balls.
  • Maximum Potions need level 25 required, 200 PokeCoins for 10.
  • Poke Balls 100 PokeCoins for 20, 460 PokeCoins for 100, 200 PokeCoins for 800.
  • Lure Modules – 100 PokeCoins for 1, 8 PokeCoins for 680.
  • Egg Incubator – 150 PokeCoins for 1.
  • Lucky Egg – 80 PokeCoins for 1, 500 PokeCoins for 8, 1250 PokeCoins for 25.
  • Incense – 80 PokeCoins for 1, 500 PokeCoins for 8, 1250 PokeCoins for 25.
  • Bag Upgrade – 200 PokeCoins for 50 PokeCoins extra item slots).
  • Pokemon Storage Upgrade – 200 PokeCoins for 50 extra Pokemon slots.

How to Update Pokemon Go Coins Due to Work

How to Update Pokemon Go Coins Due to Work?

It is the most precious question to know. Let’s discuss how it works. The coins were tested in various countries New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, and Germany. Gyms can be collected to be the only way to earn Coins for free in the game:

  • You need to earn 50 Poke coins per day to achieve the cap.
  • You can earn poke coins from various sources – 30 from Gyms per day, 20 from featured activities per day.
  • PokeCoins earned from defending Gyms will remain at six. PokeCoins per hour.

Pokemon Go Featured activities include:

  1. Make an Excellent Throw.
  2. Evolve a Pokémon.
  3. Make a Great Throw.
  4. Use a Berry to help catch a Pokemon.
  5. Take a snapshot of your buddy.
  6. Catch a Pokemon.
  7. Power up a Pokemon.
  8. Make a Nice Throw.
  9. Transfer a Pokemon.
  10. Win a raid.
  11. Team Go Rocket depends on related tasks.

You could earn PokeCoins easily by defending Gyms. Not only that, you can add to your daily PokeCoins total by completing highlighted activities, up to a total of 20.

These were the best tricks to earn poke coins. The aim appeared to be to earn the source of PokeCoins for players, giving them more freedom based on their circumstances.

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Earning Coins From Gyms

Want to earn coins, then you need to win in battle. To do this, follow some instructions which are given below:

  • You need to bear in mind that place yourself near a Gym with your team. 
  • Firstly, choose a pokemon to add. You would not be able to add another pokemon when already in the Gym. 
  • Gyms are limited for accessing six Pokemons.
  • The best use of Poke coins with a high defense needs to defend against another team.
  • Try and verify the types compared to Pokemon, which exists in the Gym.
  • Newly caught Pokemon is in poke balls so that you won’t need to waste Revives and Potions healing it afterward.
  • If a Gym is not your team’s colors, you need to fight to gain more coins for improving Pokemon health, and then the color of Gym will achieve your team colors.
  • If a Pokemon defends a Gym within 10minutes, you gain 1 coin.
  • Your daily rewards are planned at 50 coins per day. 
  • The rewards are the same if your Pokemon defends a gym around 8 hours and 20 minutes or 6 days.

When you play with your friend on a diverse team, you can ask them to take your Pokemon out of the Gym. But make sure that you have control over your income and not waiting for days for someone to defeat your Pokemon. If you can gain 50 coins a day every day, that’s quite a vital point to increase to a healthy 350 a week. 

Note: ** Always bear in mind that layers under level 5 can not use Gyms. And can get Gym from their friend from a diverse team around 8 hours 20 minutes have passed in playing time. **

What Should I Spend My Coins On?

There are lots of exciting and valuable items in Pokemon Go’s in-game shop. But it is up to you which you prefer to buy. The most trendy and purchased items are Raid Passes and Remote Raid Passes, which cost 100 Coins.

You can also buy bundles of three Remote Raid Passes for 250 Coins. However, you can gain one free Raid Pass per day by spinning a Gym. Will eager to do Raid events? Then chase down the 5-star and Mega Raids to get lots of Raids in a week. The shinies, Rare Candies, and max stat Legendaries are the most trendy, and you will buy a lot of Raid Passes that require you to purchase some Coins.

The regular Egg Incubators cost 150 coins and Super Incubators 200 coins. In the Pokemon Go game, the most popular things are Raid Passes, Egg Incubators. You can get one permanent Egg Incubator in the game. The Incubators allow you to hatch more Eggs. When adding rare Pokemon to the Egg pool for a brief window, these can be most effective in the game. You can find more in the Pokemon Go Egg Chart.

Want to boost your Item Storage and Pokemon Storage? Then you spent 200 coins.


Pokemon Go coins are the game’s premium and most important currency to buy new and latest items. You can also upgrade by acquiring from the shop—no need to pay for your coins. Want to grab free coins in Pokemon Go?

I tried to point out the most exciting methods and tricks to describe How to Earn Pokecoin in Pokemon Go. I hope this article will help you to earn more Pokemon and Gems.

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