GPU Monitor 12.5 Download (Latest Version)

GPU Monitor Download

GPU Monitor 12.5 is a utilitarian gadget for Windows that easily tracks the status of your graphics card and maintains the temperature of the used memory. Moreover, it provides a vast assemblage of the statistics of the video card on your Desktop. Let’s Download GPU Monitor from Pick Latest if you’re in a search for a nice and informative video card monitor. 


Last Updated18 August 2020
DeveloperIgor Bushin
File Size288KB
Rating4.4 out of 5

About GPU Monitor 12.5

GPU Monitor 12.5 is not a great application but a simple windows gadget. But the monitoring options here are really convenient for a PC. It allows picking the necessary graphic adapter as your choice. The refresh rate, alarms sound, and temperature units can be adapted as you wish. Additionally, you can compose its appearance settings, logging and interface colours, and temperature graph range. 

Why GPU Monitor?

  • Being a normal Windows gadget GPU Monitor provides a great amount of information about your Desktop that shows everything from GPU load and fan to memory and temperature. This small and amazing gadget helps to achieve the statistics of GPU load, presenting temperature, fan, used, free and total memory, and video card details easily in it’s not so great interface.
  • It might take a few minutes to figure out how this gadget works but in general the first thing you need to do is change the size of the windows and then briefly read the information that is given. The number of resources this gadget needs is very little and it runs exclusively on Windows 7 and Vista.
  • It’s one of the best and amazing gadgets as it provides the best amount of information about your PC.

What’s New

  • Updated Translation: French by LogoLargo.


  1. To smart scan your desktop system, click on the Nvidia icon. It automatically detects Nvidia products.
  2. Run the Control panel or Control system by clicking on the background.
  3. Switch between different GPUs and GPU settings with your mouse wheel. (Make sure to click on the gadget’s body before using the wheel.) 

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