How to Add Someone to A Group Text on Android

How to Add Someone to A Group Text on Android

How to Add Someone to A Group Text on Android is the most common question on the search engine. Group text is so comfortable and easy. But some faces difficulties about how to add their friends after starting it? Adding someone to a group text on android or iOS is easy. Here are the in-depth instructions for adding someone to a group chat. We will teach you to step by step about how to add a new person to a group text. 

Sometimes I wonder about how people used to contact each other before the group text features arrived? Before, if we had to send a text to many people, we had to send it one by one and it used to take too much time. 

How to Add Someone to a Group Text on Android

Adding someone to an existing group text isn’t easier. For android, it’s much more complicated, because android doesn’t have the luxury like iPhone’s iMessage. So adding new people in group conversations is a bit hard for android. At present when the group text feature has arrived in the android things have been much easier. 

Nowadays people contact their relatives, co-workers, friends or best friends through group messaging. Moreover, we get urgent news about whatever is bad or happy, we can easily get the news. 

Though adding people to a group message on android isn’t an easy task, it’s not impossible to do either. 

The introductions for adding someone to group texts are given below, 

  1. Open the Android’s messaging app. Tap on the top right corner for the new message icon.  
  2. Now you can add each number with whom you want to make a group text. When you’re adding the contacts make sure that you have added the required people. Because if you forget to add someone, you can’t add them after forming a group. 
  3. Once the group is successfully created, send a text message to complete the process. 

So this was a 3 step process and it’s simple. But there is a small problem that, you can’t add someone after the group has been created. 

How to Create Group and Add Someone on Facebook Messenger

Adding people in SMS is a bit of a problem as it’s not an easy task. But with today’s technology, there are a lot of online messaging apps that help you to stay connected. These new communication platforms are easier than the normal SMS platforms on Android. As text messaging has become a part of our daily life, there are a lot of amazing texting apps to use. Messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, What’s App, Telegram are becoming the first choice of the people. 

I count the features of these texting apps as a bonus because these features have made them so reliable and amazing. Adding people in a new group or in an existing group is so easy and convenient. Let’s see how we can add someone in a group message in a texting app. As an example, I have picked Facebook Messenger because it’s the most popular messaging app. The instructions are given below, 

  1. Open up your android’s Facebook Messenger app. 
  2. Tap on the messaging group where you want to add someone. 
  3. Open the group message and then tap on the menu icon. From the menu pop up tap on the top right and add a new person on the group chat. Also, you can add multiple persons at a time. 

You can add persons from your Facebook friends list or who’s not on the friend’s list. 

Moreover, you can invite people to join the group too. Send the group link to the people you want to include in the group. As soon they tap on the link they will be a part of the group chat. 

Using a messaging app makes things easier for you to use.  

How to Add Someone to An Existing Group Conversation? 

Unfortunately, you can’t add someone to an existing group on android. As we’ve described before, to add someone to a group conversation, you have to create another group so that you can add that person. You have to go through the whole group message creating process again. So stay careful when you’re creating a group and adding people. 

For iOS, in the iMessage app, go to the top right corner of the group text and tap the “+” button. You can add as many contacts as you want. 

How to Add Someone to A Group Chat on iOS

The latest version of iOS allows you to add people easily to the group texts. The required instructions are given below, 

  1. Open the iMessage app and then go to the group text where you want to add persons. 
  2. Tap on the Details options and you’ll see add contacts. Tap on the option and then you’ll be able to add the specific contact or more than one contact to the group message. 
  3. After that, the person or persons will be added to the group conversation. 

Thus you can add people to an existing group on iOS. iOS comes with many features of messaging so it’s not that tough to add people to a group message. 

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Final Words 

Group messages are really useful for contacting people and reaching them easily. But as you see in Android there are not many useful tools to form your group conversations. Additionally, using messaging platforms for daily life conversations and group messages makes things easier. Follow us on Facebook or Pinterest to keep yourself updated.

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