How to Forward Text Messages on Android

Nowadays when we see a funny or beautiful message, picture or video we forward it to our friends or families to cheer them up. If you’re wondering how to forward text messages on android or something else but you aren’t sure how you will do it? 

On Android devices, the forwarding process is simple and easy. Most of us have forwarded emails for our official work. Forwarding messaging is as simple as that. The steps may differ from the messaging app that you’re using. But the basic process of forwarding a message is the same for every texting app

We will give an easy guide about how to forward text messages on android. 

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How to Forward Text Messages on Android

Forwarding Message Steps
Forwarding Message Steps

Forwarding texts is an easy task. Here I’ll show you forwarding messages on an Android Messaging app. The required steps are given below, 

  1. Open the messaging app. Tap on the conversation that has the message you want to forward. 
  2. After opening the conversation, find the message you want to forward. Tap for a few seconds on the message a pop will show up. It has functions including forwarding messages. Tap on the Forward Message, and then the message will be selected for forwarding. 
  3. After the message has been selected, tap on the arrow icon on the top right side. 
  4. Then your contact row will show up, choose the contact you want to forward the selected message. Check the circle icon beside the contact name, and it will be selected. 
  5. After selecting the contacts, when you’re ready to forward the message, simply tap on the arrowed icon on the downright corner. 

Thus your texts will be forwarded to the recipients you wanted to. Now, these options might vary from device to device. The forwarding pop up option might rise up from below, or the sending button might be circled by blue. Here I’ve given the screenshots for forwarding messages on my Android device. 

Forwarding message from iPhone to Android 

Those who use iPhones must have 1 or 2 friends who use Android for their convenience. Now how will they forward messages from iPhone to Android? Basically, you can’t forward messages from your iPhone to other different devices. If you want to, you have to ask your cellular carrier for further information about it. 

Final Words

We have shown you how simple is forwarding messages on Android. The given instructions work for Android Messages. But for the other messaging apps it precisely works the same. If you’re wondering why your calls going straight to voicemail? We have all possible solutions. Stay connected and keep yourself updated by following our Facebook Page and other social media.

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