How to Get Water Out of Your iPhone (All Possible Methods)

Nothing is more difficult than getting water into your favorite and precious iPhone. There is a lot of fear and worry about how to get the water out of the iPhone. I am scared even thinking about it. Though iPhones come with a lot of technology with nice IP ratings of a great level, they are not entirely water-proof. In this context, you can explore some exciting and useful techniques about how to get water out of your iPhone. Let’s dive together!

What if Somehow iPhone Fall into the Water?

It’ll be a nightmare if the camera, lightning port, or speaker gets water. That’s why we are here with all the possible techniques of how to get the water out of your iPhone and not only that you’ll get information about how to get water out of the camera lens, lightning port, and more. You can get all kinds of remedies here, whether it’s domestic remedies or using apps, functions, DIY methods and at last the Apple Service. We have all the solutions here in Pick Latest. So without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have upfront for you. 

How to Eject Water out of iPhone?

Use the gravity 

To rescue your water-damaged iPhone, you should try gravity first to get out the existing water as much as possible. Tap around the frame of your iPhone. Also, you can point the iPhone’s speaker towards the ground and mildly tap on the top of your iPhone. These tricks will make the access water flow down because of the gravity that is stuck into the speaker of your iPhone. 

Use the siri shortcut

As many of us know that, Apple watches come with a handy way to get the water out of the grills of the speaker. To eject water out of the speaker allows you to play sounds and it’s really effective. Unexpectedly, iPhones don’t come with such amazing built-in ways but you can make one for yourself easily. You can use the Siri shortcuts that are created by other iPhone users to remove water from your iPhone speaker. Here are the steps below, 

  1. Enable the installation of untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone first. Go to the iPhone Settings < Shortcuts < Toggle on “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts”. Additionally, you have to give your passcode to finally enable it. 
  2. Then download the shortcut named “Water Eject” and add it to your iPhone. This outstanding and handy shortcut is created by Josh0678. To enable the shortcut, scroll down of the Add Shortcut page that opens up and tap the “Add Untrusted Shortcuts” 
  3. Open the shortcut app you downloaded now > Open the “My Shortcuts” tab > Tap on the “Water Eject” shortcut > Choose to begin from the pop-up menu and the water ejecting function will start. You’ll be able to hear some kind of sound while the shortcut is doing its work. After a while, the remaining water will be ejected by spraying out of your speaker.  
Siri Shortcut Steps
Siri Shortcut Steps
Siri Shortcut Steps

Note: Don’t use Airpods or any headphones while using this shortcut. For a better result point, the speaker of your iPhone to the ground and the gravity will also help you. 

Using an app to get water out of iPhone

If you don’t trust shortcuts that are created by some anonymous person on the internet or if you find a hassle in using the Siri method, We are here with different solutions for you. There are also some apps that provide similar facilities for ejecting water from your iPhone Speaker. The most recommended app in the App Store is Sonic. Here are the steps below, 

  1. Download the App from the App Store.
  2. Once the app is installed, launch it. Sonic uses the sound to eject the water from your iPhone speaker. It plays a sound in a frequency of your choice, which means you can observe the low-pitch and high-pitch sound frequency to get the best result. 
  3. Select the frequency > Tap on the play. Stop the frequency after the water is ejected. 
Water Eject Siri Shortcut

This water ejecting app is free to use and you can adjust it as you please. So it helps you to expel water from your iPhone more efficiently. 

Use a website 

If you don’t trust or want to use any shortcuts or apps then this is another helpful option to get water out of your iPhone speakers. Using a website also does the same work as the app and shortcut. Here are the ways for how it works, 

  1. Go to this website from your iPhone. The name of this website is Tone generator. 
  2. Tap on the frequency value and set it at 165 Hz. By default, the frequency level will be 440 Hz, but you have to change it to ejecting the water out of your iPhone. 
  3. When you click on the “Play” button, then a sound will start to play. The process will help to eject the water that’s stuck into your iPhone speaker easily. 

Domestic Method of Extracting Water out of Your iPhone 

The methods that are given above are the technical methods of removing water from your iPhone. But now we will talk about some domestic methods that won’t cost any space, or you won’t have to install anything. The methods are given respectively. 

Use rice to soak the water from your iPhone

In Asia, using rice to fix water-damaged electronic devices is a technique to swear on. We have seen our mothers use this technique when nothing technical worked. But somehow it used to work on those water-damaged devices. 

For your information, I have never seen it for the iPhone, so I don’t know if it will surely work or not. 

However, rice is an amazing water-absorbent so that means it can help your water-damaged iPhone. The process for this technique is pretty simple. Power up your iPhone and then immerse it into the uncooked rice. But you have to make sure that the phone is submerged in uncooked rice for a couple of days. By doing this almost every kind of moisture will be taken from the device. Moreover, this will also help to absorb the water from the iPhone charging port and the camera lens. 

Use silica gel to absorb water from your iPhone

Like the rice, there is another thing that stays at our home for various purposes and really amazing at absorbing moisture and that is silica gel. These silica gels come with a little packet and they absorb any kind of moisture that is stored with shoes, dresses, medicine, bags, etc for saving it from humidity damage purposes. 

If you want to try this method you can surely go on with this process. Just see your shoe boxes or old medicine boxes, you’ll find silica gel packets in there. It’ll be better if you tear and submerge your phone into those silica gel beads for two or three days. These will help you to absorb the water in your iPhone. But you should be careful that after a while these little silica gels can burst after their absorbent ability. 

How to Get Water out of the iPhone Camera?

We love how Apple works on their camera and that’s why the pictures come out so aesthetic and amazing. But if you get moisture stuck in the camera of your iPhone, the pictures will become dotted, blurry and additionally, it’s not even a great thing for your phone. The stucked moisture can damage your phone too. 

As I described before, submerge your iPhone in rice or silica gels, it will absorb all the moisture stuck especially in the charging port or camera lens of your iPhone. 

Consult to Experts

If you have tried all of the methods but didn’t work on them, you can simply consult some experts. You can take your phone to the nearest certified servicing center or Apple store and take advice from them.  

The repair experts or Apple geniuses can surely help you to get water out of your iPhone. Also, they’re able to fix your iPhone that is out of order for any unknown issues. It’s notable that the iPhone comes with water damage indicators, so if your phone is damaged by water, the repair executive will know that easily. It’ll be best if you don’t hide the fact about your iPhones water damage. Accidents can happen, and it’s not anybody’s fault. 

DIY Methods

Nowadays there are so many DIY enthusiasts that have ideas to do anything easily. As we’re talking about how to get water out of your iPhone, I can’t trust my iPhone with this DIY method. Moreover, we do not suggest you open your iPhone on your own. Do it at your own risk.

If you open your iPhone on your own, you can dry out every possible moisture that has gotten into it. You can dry out all the water from the camera lens, speaker, charging port, and from the body of the whole iPhone so to say. 

Note: We do not recommend you to open your iPhone by yourself. Opening your iPhone lessens the warranty. If you follow this DIY method, make sure that you’re out of warranty and have enough confidence and courage to open up your iPhone and fix it. 

Saving Your iPhone Death from Unwanted Water Damage 

Losing your precious iPhone due to water damage is the most helpless and frustrating situation. There is no guarantee that your iPhone can survive any water-exposed damaged situation, not even the newest IP Rated iPhones. If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone in the pool or used it in the rain, you have to make sure that there is no water stuck in your iPhone’s speaker, charging port, or camera. If there is any moisture stuck into your iPhone, use the methods that are given above and save your phone from creating a short circuit or untimely death due to water damage. 

Some Extra Points

The “Salt Water” issue

If you drop your iPhone in the ocean water (saltwater) on your beach trip, there’s nothing more that can happen to spoil your fun and trip. Saltwater is really corrosive and it can be a disaster for your iPhone. To save your iPhone from this saltwater damage, if your phone drops into the saltwater, immediately toss the phone into the normal or distilled bathwater. About the bathwater, try to keep it 91% of isopropyl alcohol as we want to bring down the corrosiveness of the saltwater. After 5/10 minutes of this tossing, place your phone over the bowl of rice. We will use both the gravity and the amazing soaking system of rice and then cover your iPhone with rice. Additionally, it can take 7 to 10 days to recover your iPhone from the saltwater moisture. So please don’t rush when you’re using this method. 

The “Data Recovery” issue

When unfortunately your iPhone is water damaged, there’s no way you can recover the data from your damaged iPhone. Surprisingly, Apple has water damage indicators but doesn’t provide data recovery. So you better not expect that after your phone is water damaged you’ll get your data back. 

Final Words

Be careful when you’re near water or going out in the rain with your iPhone. But if you somehow get water in your iPhone, keep calm and see through the methods given above about how to get water out of your iPhone will surely work. If they don’t we have the solution given for that too. We will suggest that you do not open your iPhone on your own, because that will void the warranty of your precious device and you really don’t want that right? 

If you can use it properly the iPhone can last many years though it faces water damage. If you have tried the methods we have given about how to eject water out of your iPhone, leave a comment and let us know.

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