How to Hack Pokemon Go on Android (Easiest Ways)

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular android games at this time. This game is developed for Android and iOS by Niantic. This game is based on augmented reality. This game lets us catch all the different kinds of pokemon in different areas. However, to catch different pokemon, the gamer needs to step out and visit different places. Though always stepping out and visiting places isn’t rewarding, the user might not get the desired pokemon. That’s why most of the Pokemon Go players search about how to hack pokemon go on android. 

In this guide, I will show you the hacks of Pokemon Go and how the gamer can change the location without going somewhere. Also, I will guide you about the risks and how to use reliable Android Pokemon Go spoofing apps. Get the hack of getting Free Pokecoins too. 

Tips of how to hack Pokemon Go on Android?

It’s really important for you to know the basics before knowing the hacks for Pokemon Go on Android. As I have said before, Pokemon Go is based on augmented reality and the gamer has to go here and there in search of pokemon. The users visit parks, cafes, and tons of various places where they can catch pokemon. Besides, after all this searching it will make the nearby pokemon tired of waiting. 

If you want to visit more gyms and collect more pokemon, you need to do GPS Pokemon hacking on android. By doing this, the game app will believe that you’re somewhere and then it will unlock the newer pokemon for the gamer. Additionally, you can hack Pokemon Go at your home easily by using the spoofing apps. So you don’t have to roam here and there to find pokemon for your Pokemon Go game. 

Must Know Risks for Pokemon Go hacks 

Recently Niantic has figured out that a lot of people are misusing the game by utilizing the android’s feature for changing location. Because of this Niantic has come up with the three-strike policy in order to control the Pokemon Go hacking. Here are the strikes described below, 

  1. If the authority detects that you are using Pokemon Go hacks for android, you’ll receive the first strike. It is called “Shadow strike” because it won’t entirely remove you from the game as it’s a temporary strike. You can’t play the game for seven days but you can play it after 7 days. 
  2. The next strike is kind of dangerous as it’s called a “temp strike”. The authority will block your gaming account for 30 days. After 30 days you’ll be able to retrieve your account. 
  3. The third and the final strike is permanently blocking your pokemon go game account forever. You can’t retrieve the account once you have got blocked because of the final strike. Though if you want to restore your account by thinking that your account was suspended by mistake, you can appeal to Niantic to get your account back. 

Ways for Android Pokemon Go hacking

As we have described the Niantic strikes in the Pokemon Go game, you might have understood that using a Pokemon Go hacking app for android can’t deceive the authorities. Besides, it can harm your device and make it unprotected from security cautions. That’s why we have picked the best hacking app for Pokemon Go on Android. It’s the most secure option that will help you to spoof Pokemon Go on Android in 2021. Let’s explore them together, 

Use a VPN 

Nord VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the safest bet to hack Pokemon Go on Android and everyone suggests that. At first, it will hide the gamers original IP address while changing his or her location so that he or she can access other Pokemons easily without going anywhere. Since most of the VPN software or application would encrypt your data, it also minimizes the risks of getting blocked by Pokemon Go authorities. Besides, it will also let you play Pokemon Go if the gaming app is not available in your region after changing your location. 

Here are the best VPNs for android that I will recommend for you for your other works but to hack Pokemon Go on Android these 2 are the best among them, 

These VPNs have a user-friendly Android application and work similarly. You can protect your IP address and select from available servers to hack your location at the same time. The steps of using a VPN to spoof Pokemon go hacks are given below, 

  • Firstly, install the Pokemon Go game on your android and create an account if you never had one before. Also, install a secure VPN like Nord VPN and make an active account. Though some accounts ask for monthly subscriptions they provide free trials too. 
  • Make sure that the Pokemon Go application is closed from the background too. Because we don’t want it to detect that we are spoofing it right? Now launch the VPN app and then open the list of servers. Select the appropriate location from the list where Pokemon Go is active. 
  • Once the VPN is activated, automatically it will hack your location. Finally, launch the Pokemon Go game and access the location. Start your journey in Pokemon Go without moving from your place. 

Use a Fake GPS 

Fake GPS Go

The perks of having an android device, you can use any kind of fake GPS app to track your location in Pokemon Go. Moreover, these apps don’t even need to get installed which means they don’t even need root access to your device. You have to unlock the Developer option of your Android and then enable the mock location feature. It is a freely available option that allows you to pin your location wherever you want. Besides, it will let you hack Pokemon go on android without getting detected. The required steps are given below, 

  • First, go to Settings <  System < About Phone and then tap the “Build Number” option. These steps will unlock your phone’s Developer option.  
  • Then install and launch the Fake GPS Go app and grant its access. Next, go to the Developers option and turn it on. Then select Fake GPS Go from the Mock Location App feature and give it the access to change the location. 
  • Once you give the app access to the location, you can flawlessly play Pokemon Go on your android by spoofing your location.

Moreover, if you turn off the Fake GPS Go app it will run in the background so the Pokemon Go won’t be able to detect you. Also, it’s free to use so don’t worry about the subscription and all. 

Final Words 

Now you have all the ideas about how to hack Pokemon Go on Android. Moreover, for your convenience, we have included the basics, strikes and step-by-step ways for spoofing Pokemon Go. So go ahead and give the ideas a try. 

A big world filled with Pokemons is waiting for you.

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