How to Name A Group Text on Android and iOS (Easiest ways)

How to Name A Group Text on Android and iOS – in this article we use all tactics to guide in a proper way. In the digitalization era, we all use group text with friends, families and in the workplace for better communication. That’s why each group conversation needs a unique name to stay separated from other groups. Naming a group text is not a hard task at all. It explains briefly how to give your group chats a name in an easy way. 

How to Add  A Group Text Name on Android 

How to Name A Group Text on iOS Steps 1
How to Name A Group Text on iOS Steps 1
How to Name A Group Text on iOS step 2
How to Name A Group Text on iOS step 2

Android has brought an improvement in texting across the android ecosystem. Now it has an iPhone like texting system, settings for naming a group, removing or adding someone in the group, and access to see how many people have seen your message. 

To name or rename a group message follow the given instructions. 

  1. At first, go to the messaging app. Select the group conversation you want to rename or give a name. 
  2. Tap more < Group Details. 
  3. Next, tap the group name and then enter a unique name. If you want to rename it give the new name. 
  4. Tap OK for confirming the name. 
  5. The new group conversation name will be visible to everyone. 

How to Change or Add A Group Text Name on iOS

In iOS, there are three types of group messages. These are iMessage Group, group SMS, group MMS. The messaging app auto-selects the type of group texts by the type of messages and recipients. Here are the instructions for naming or renaming a group iMessage. 

  1. Open the group chat in iMessage and then tap on the top of the conversation. 
  2. At the upper right corner of the screen tap the Information icon. 
  3. Enter the group name you want to give the group chat. 
  4. After finishing giving the name, tap Done. 
  5. Finally, the group name will be shown on the top of the text conversation. All the iOS message users in the group will be able to see it. 

Note: In a group iMessage everyone can set or change the name as they want, But if an Android user is a part of iOS group chat, that specific recipient never ever change the group name. 

Final Words

If this instruction about how to name a group text on android and iOS help you, please let us know and suggest to us if there’re more ways to do it. Follow us on our Facebook Page and keep yourself updated.

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