How to Remove Yourself from A Group Text on Android

How to Remove Yourself from A Group Text on Android (Exciting Hacks)

How to Remove Yourself from A Group Text on Android – group calls helps to attach us with friends at a time. For example, if you’re planning for a dinner night with your friends or for a reunion plan, group texting is really useful. But after a while, they become really annoying and frustrating. It keeps on coming and a lot of notifications make your mind go crazy to find out which one is important and which one is not. 

Removing yourself from a group text is still an issue for Android users. In here I’m talking about normal message groups, not a Messenger or WhatsApp text. These online texting apps provide the benefit of removing yourself from annoying group texts. 

Leaving A Group Text on Android 

The only way of getting out of a group message is if the creator of the group removes you. Though there is no way that the group creator will easily remove you from a group text. 

So if you’re annoyed with the group messages and searching for a solution, you’re in the right place. We have the answer to how to remove yourself from a group text on android. 

Methods of Leaving Group Text on Android 

Here are the possible methods for removing yourself from a group text. 

Method – 1: Muting Group Text Notifications

Muting Group Text Notifications
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The easiest way of getting yourself out of a group text is to mute its notification. You have to mute the notification of the required group you’re getting annoyed. Thus you won’t get annoyed by the group message continuous notification. I’m suggesting it because it’s not actually the group text but the not ending notifications are too annoying for me. Follow the required steps for it, 

  1. Open the normal SMS messaging app and then open the group message you want to mute. 
  2. Tap on the menu (the 3 dots menu) and then go to the “Group Details”. 
  3. Go to the notification and then you’ll see there is a toggle option for “Allow Notification”. Switch off that option by toggle it left. 

Note: Well this method will not entirely make you out of the group message. It will stop the continuous annoying notifications. 

Method – 2: Blocking Group Texts 

Blocking Group Texts
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This one is about blocking the group message and it’s another effective option to remove yourself from a group text on Android. Besides, you can also block a specific member if you don’t want to see messages from that person in the group. 

  1. Open the SMS messaging app and then get to the group text that you want to block. 
  2. Now, this step might vary to phone, but mostly in every phone, you have to press long for selecting the specific message and then an option will pop up. There will be the blocking option for the sender and then tap on the block option. Then you’ll be able to block that specific person on the group text. 
  3. Then comes blocking the group texts. Long press the group message then select it, go to the settings or menu, and then block the group message. So you won’t be a part of the group and it won’t bother you anymore. 

Final Words 

Nowadays people use a lot of messaging apps to have the benefit while texting with others. Because the normal texting app of Android doesn’t have most of the options you need. That’s why it’s a bit tough to get yourself removed from a group text on Android. If you are searching for some android texting apps for android, you’ll get them in here.

Follow the methods that are given above and make yourself free from the annoying endless group texts easily. 

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