How to Text Someone who Blocked You

How to Text Someone Who Blocked You – is the most common question for android users. Well, we know that an Android phone user can block you from their phone like other mobile platforms or operating systems. When they block your number, you won’t get any phone calls or text messages anymore. It is the best option if you want to get rid of any spam calls or text messages. However, things can get difficult too. If any of your friends or relatives block your number from their phone, it would be hard for you to reach them if necessary.

But many features allow you to call or text someone who blocked your phone number. Here we are giving you all the details to know how to text someone who blocked you. We have included how to know l if someone blocked your texts and many more details about android blocking. 

How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Number?

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Before starting, try to text someone who has blocked your number on an Android phone. Thus you will be able to know if someone blocked your texts or not. Sometimes, your messages or calls cannot be reached because of network issues. Moreover, they can also delete your phone number without blocking you. So firstly, you must know if someone has blocked you or not. 

Try Calling them on their Phone

The first and easiest thing is to check if you are blocked or not is to try calling them. If someone blocked your number and you called them, you either get rejected or you get forwarded to voicemail. Sometimes, your phone may keep telling you that the dialled number is busy which means you have been blocked. 

Try sending a message on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging service that has so many users. So, there is a high chance that the person who has blocked you on android, may not have blocked you on WhatsApp. So, you can try sending any message to their contacts on WhatsApp. If double ticks appear, that means you are not blocked and the message has been delivered. If otherwise, your contact has been blocked.

How to Text Someone who Blocked you?

If you have been blocked by someone, there is no way to test them. But yet there are many options by which you can text someone who blocked you. These methods may not send a text, they will certainly convey your message. So, check these out to text someone who blocked you. 

Text using WhatsApp for Android

If you want to text someone using a smartphone, you can text them on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an amazing messaging service and the best thing about WhatsApp is it can inform you about if someone has blocked you or not. They may block you on regular texts but not on WhatsApp. Hence, you can simply send any message over WhatsApp.

Use Anonymous Texting Services

Another way to text someone is to use an anonymous texting service. You can text any phone number out there without a phone number at all. Moreover, they work even if you are blocked. Simply visit it, enter the number, and send a text to them. 

Place a Call over WhatsApp

The first thing to try is to call them over WhatsApp. If he has not blocked you, then you will be able to call them. Another great thing is you can either place a voice call or a video call.

Use a Random Number Generator

There are a few apps to generate a random phone number. You can use this number to call anyone, and you can still call them even if you are blocked. Just open and log in, enter any phone number you want to call for free.

Find their other contact details 

Finding other contacts of someone who has blocked you is the best way to text them. If you can find their contact phone numbers, emails, social media profiles, you can contact them through that. So if you predict that someone has blocked you, just look for the other contact details.

Try Google voice

When using Google voice people get a new number that’s not their main contact detail. So write your message to the number that blocked you. It won’t detect your real number because it is Google voice. Google Voice doesn’t show while making a call or sending a text to someone. 


There come many situations when people look for alternatives to text someone who blocked them. In these situations, you can use the options and alternatives to send a text message to someone. Tell them what you have to say and fix the problem. After reading the article, you know the details about Android phone blocking. You can find all of the steps to text someone who blocked you. Follow us on our Facebook Page to keep yourself updated.

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