Why Does My iPhone Get Hot On Facetime? How To Prevent The Issue?

Prevent Your iPhone From Overheating While On Facetime

iPhone overheating while on facetime is one of the common issues faced by its users. An iPhone normally overheats when its CPU goes through multiple large processes (charging, facetime, and browsing) all at once. Other reasons (mentioned below) can also lead iPhones to overheat.   If your iPhone is getting hot while on facetime, then this … Read more

Apple Touch Disease: What Is It, Why Does It Occur & How To Fix It?

Apple Touch Disease: What Is It, Why Does It Occur &; How To Fix It?

When you are experiencing your iPhone’s touch screen malfunctioning, for example, its multi-touch is not working or the screen is flickering, then it is possibly caused by the Apple Touch Disease.  Such touch screen problems in Apple devices are called the Apple Touch Disease. Although it is not like an actual disease that happens to … Read more

Why Do Apps Keep Crashing On My iPhone? How To Fix The Issue?

Apps Keep Crashing on iPhone

There are two main reasons for iPhone apps to keep crashing – 1. The app is buggy and 2. App’s updated version is not supportive. Besides these reasons, some partial causes can also lead iPhone apps to keep crashing. For example, the iOS 13.3 update causes many iPhone apps to suddenly crash without a warning. … Read more

18 Causes That Drain Your iPhone’s Battery So Fast: Solutions To Fix A Fast Draining iPhone Battery!

Why Is My iPhone's Battery Draining So Fast

Many iPhone users have been asking questions related to one particular issue with almost all the iPhone versions for a long time, over and over again. They seem to keep complaining that their iPhone’s battery keeps draining all of a sudden! There can be many reasons that cause your iPhone to drain faster. For instance, … Read more