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Put your adventurous imagination in crafting and mining your own game with Minecraft. It’s a popular game with an open-world theme and lots of mobs. You can set up your game according to your choices. Moreover, you can craft and build something extraordinary and protect them from the attacks of monsters with your survival skill.

DeveloperMinecraft | Mojang
OSMultiple Platform
File Size37.5 MB
Last Update26 July 2021

About Minecraft 1.17.1

The aesthetic block graphics and 3D look have made this game look more lively. It’s an excellent multiplayer game, so you can team up with your folks and save your mining with lots of enjoyment. Minecraft is a sandbox mixed RPG based game with lots of survival tactics. Explore lots of places here and craft your game as you want.

What’s New

  • Minecraft 1.17.1 edition is released in Java edition.
  • Zombie Villagers, Zombies, drowned, and husks no longer pick up glow ink sacs in the new edition in Minecraft.
  • Powder snow fills up two times faster than before.
  • The drop rates are increased for copper ingots to go under to 11% + 2% per looting level.
  • When the goat is ramming or jumping, Status effects on goats now apply well.
  • When goats are bred, non-screaming goats have a chance to produce a screaming goat. Though it’s rare.
  • Blue axolotls can only be obtained through breeding in the new edition.

Technical Changes

  • Now it keeps logs of death mobs.
  • The client will send the hostname generally used to connect, in case of DNS based redirection. 

Some Bug Fixes

  • MC-230716 – “death.attack.dry out.player” and “death.attack.dryout” displays untranslated strings.
  • MC-229614 – Wandering Trader obtains only white kob. 
  • MC-229441 –  Steal an item from a villager that is holding for trade by killing it.
  • MC-229299 – The Blue axolotls spawns genuinely.
  • MC-229246 – Piglin brutes and Piglins after attacking one of them behind walls no longer call other piglins.
  • MC-229191 – Diamonds are distributed between 1.17 and 1.16.5.
  • MC-228828 – The server parameter is specified when starting the game, causing the game to crash.
  • MC-228802 – Chunks cannot load/chunk on a server.
  • MC-228599 – While playing it constantly switches the player from swimming into a normal mode when the player attempts to walk through flowing water.
  • MC-228430 – Long loading pause while booting the game.
  • MC-228343 – When random_selector default feature isn’t found java.lang.NullPointerException.
  • MC-228219 – Thrown ender pearls vanish upon getting into the exit end portal.
  • MC-227891 – When the player logs out of a server the ender pearls despawn.
  • MC-227821 – When trying to edit/create a realm immediately after deleting the previous one the client crashes.
  • MC-227651 – There is a Group for lapis lazuli, where blasting and smelting recipes are misspelt. 
  • MC-227618 – Without being placed Small drop leaf is consumed when used on tall seagrass. 
  • MC-227557 – Afterworld conversion end portal texture appears stretched.
  • MC-227520 – At bedrock level overworld fossils always generate.
  • MC-227483 – The root_system uses a wrong field that features config’s codec.
  • MC-227435 – When non-existent players are on servers it lags when placing heads.
  • MC-227387 – The world gen data packs of Minecraft will likely soft-lock or crash the game. 
  • MC-226948 – Now withers are affected by potion effects.
  • MC-226926 – Emerald generates too often.
  • MC-226512 – When goats are ramming entities they do not use the damage of held items.
  • MC-226505 – When the goat jumps long, it is not affected by the jump boost effect.
  • MC-226461 – Stone near lava pools with logs can be replaced.
  • MC-225816 – When an item entity Hanging Roots appears large.
  • MC-224894 – The light tickets of Minecraft are released too early.
  • MC-223368 – Weakness and strength custom/potions attack damage attributes does not change the damage from goats.
  • MC-223350 – Sometimes loaded chunks don’t render until the player moves their head a little.
  • MC-222731 – Captured axolotl when it constantly tries to leave the water.
  • MC-221656 – Only spawns one kind of tropical/axolotl fish Creative mode obtained Bucket of Tropical/Axolotl Fish.
  • MC-219290 – By comparing other blocks, Calcite is too silent. 
  • MC-219018 – Servers don’t update client inventory as they should be, so it remains incorrect. That’s why ghost items can be created by item/using. 
  • MC-213986 – To create ghost blocks using powder snow, the dispensers and pistons can be used. 
  • MC-194736 – U+00B7 is for duplicate text mapping. 
  • MC-196999 – The wrong font in Minecraft is U+1FEC.
  • MC-131290 – Enchantments are function and load with the integer values, but also are saved as shorts.
  • MC-123654 – The sun, moon, clouds will only show if the render distance is up to 4. 

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