10+ Most Interesting iPhone Users and Sales Statistics in 2023!

The global market share of Apple’s iPhone is about 27.47% currently and there are over 1231 million active iPhones in the world as of 2021. Which consists of about 242 million dollars in sales in total. Since 2008, the growth of iPhones has increased by over 123% in a total number of units and about 41% in sales. These numbers prove that the iPhone has come a long way since 2007. 

The founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs introduced its first-ever smart mobile handset – Apple iPhone in January 2007. Since then, Apple has been ruling the smartphone market not only in the USA or Europe but across the world as well. 

In this article, you will find out the topmost interesting facts about Apple’s iPhone and get to know why it is the best smartphone brand in the world now. Let’s start with some iPhone users and sales key statistics first.

Key Facts: iPhone Users and Sales Statistics for 2023

  • There are more than 1.8 billion active iPhone devices in the world now – as stated by Tim Cook at Apple’s earnings conference call on 27 January 2022.
  • The Apple iPhone has hit the all-time best revenue record of about $124 billion. 
  • iPhone has already earned 11% more than the last year (2021).
  • According to the latest survey of US consumers from 451 research, the iPhone has gained 98% customer satisfaction from its users. 

iPhone User Statistics since 2008 

After launching the very first iPhone in 2007, the total number of iPhone users hit 11 million in just a year, and since 2008, Apple didn’t need to look back ever as the number of iPhone users has been increasing exponentially. Here is the yearly data of total iPhone users from 2008 to 2021 given below!

YearNumber of iPhone Users
200811 million
200928 million
201060 million
2011115 million
2012206 million
2013329 million
2014442 million
2015569 million
2016710 million
2017814 million
2018888 million
2019948 million
20201 billion
20211.65 billion

Sources: Above Avalon and Tim Cook interview with Reuters.

iPhone Shipment Volume since 2010

According to Statista, the record shipment volume of the iPhone hit 231.5 million in 2015, this was the highest shipment volume record achieved by iPhone and held for 7 years straight. In 2021, Apple shipped nearly 234 million units of iPhone and broke the 2015 record for highest shipment volume. Check out the year-by-year iPhone shipment volume since 2010 below.

YeariPhone Shipment Volume
201047.4 million
201193.1 million
2012135.8 million
2013153.4 million
2014192.7 million
2015231.5 million
2016215.4 million
2017213.3 million
2018208.8 million
2019191 million
2020206.1 million
2021233.9 million

Source: Statista 

Yearly Sales of iPhone from 2008-2021

After launching in 2007, Apple iPhone has sold over 11.6 million smart handsets in 2008. Since then the total units of sales have always increased per year until 2016. In 2015 Apple sold 231.22 million units of iPhone, which was an all-time record until 2021. The yearly sales of the iPhone was 242 million worldwide in 2021.

YearTotal Units of Sales per Year
200811.63 million
200920.73 million
201039.99 million
201172.29 million
2012125.05 million
2013150.26 million
2014169.22 million
2015231.22 million
2016211.88 million
2017216.76 million
2018217.72 million
2019187.2 million
2020196.9 million
2021242 million

Source: Statista

iPhone Sales by Region 

Here we have the data of iPhone sales volume by region from the year 2015 to 2021. The values are given in millions. The sales volume of iPhone has always been covering the largest share in the USA. In 2021, it is more than 84 million, whereas in Europe, China or Japan it’s about 56, 43 and 18 million respectively. 

All Others38.840.

Source: BusinessofApps

iPhone Annual Revenue 

We have the iPhone’s total annual revenue from 2008 to 2021 in the following table. Apple iPhone has gained $191.9 billion worldwide profit in the last year (2021). The next two highest revenue was in 2018 around $166 billion and in 2015 about $155 billion respectively. 

YearTotal Revenue per Year
2008$1.8 billion
2009$13 billion
2010$25.1 billion
2011$45.9 billion
2012$78.6 billion
2013$91.2 billion
2014$101.9 billion
2015$155 billion
2016$136.8 billion
2017$141.2 billion
2018$166.2 billion
2019$142.3 billion

Source: Statista 

iPhone Active Units (Worldwide) from 2008-2021

As of 2021, there were 1231 million active iPhones in the world, which accounted for 18% more active iPhones than 2020. 

YearActive Units
200810 million
200925 million
201060 million
2011115 million
2012206 million
2013329 million
2014442 million
2015569 million
2016710 million
2017814 million
2018888 million
2019948 million
20201042 million
20211231 million

Source: Statista

iPhone Active Units in the USA from 2008-2021

As the most number of iPhone users live in the USA, iPhone active units (USA) for the year 2021 was 211 million which was 9 million greater than the previous year (2020). In the following table, we show you the yearly data of iPhone active units in the USA since 2008. 

YearActive Units (USA)
20088 million
200917 million
201024 million
201140 million
201251 million
201372 million
201488 million
2015101 million
2016140 million
2017153 million
2018169 million
2019193 million
2020202 million
2021211 million

Source: BusinessofApps

iPhone Global Market Share 

Apple’s iPhone accounted for an average of 17.18% worldwide market share among the global smartphone shipments in 2021, and it was a more than 2% increase than the previous year (2020). Here we have compiled the data of  iPhone global market share from 2008 to 2021, per year. Please note the numbers are given as an average of four quarters in total. 

YearGlobal Market Share

Source: Statista

iPhone Market Share in the USA

iPhone has held an average of 52.75% share in the US market in 2021. It is the highest percentage of market share accounted for by iPhone in any country across the world. In 2020, iPhone’s US market share was nearly 50%. Here is the date table of iPhone US market share since 2016. Please note the numbers are given as an average of four quarters in total.

YearUS Market Share

Source: Counterpoint

iPhone Market Share in Europe

In the last quarter of 2020, the European market share by iPhone was 30% and in the first quarter of 2021, it was 32%. Apple iPhone has encountered a 25% share in the European smartphone market in 2021, according to Counterpoint Research

iPhone Market Share in China 

In China, the iPhone has accounted for an average of 19.3% market share in 2020. However, in 2021 that number dropped to 13%.

YearChina Market Share

Source: Counterpoint 

iPhone Market Share in Japan

According to Statista, Apple iPhone held 44.4% share in Japan smartphone market in 2021. In 2020, iPhone was the most popular smartphone brand in Japan consisting of a 47.3% market share. 

Global Market Share of iOS

As of March 2022, iOS has secured a share of 27.57% in the mobile operating system market worldwide. However, in the last quarter of 2021, iOS held a 23.4% share in the global market which was around an average of 17.18% share in that whole year. Here we have compiled the global market share of iOS since 2008 below. Please note, the date is given as an average of four quarters in total. 

YearGlobal Market Share (iOS)

Source: Statista


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about iPhone statistics from around the world.

What are the Top-selling iPhones in 2021?

According to Counterpoint Research, in January 2021, Apple has conquered 6 of the top 10 spots for best-selling smartphones in the world. There the three models of iPhone 12 held the 1st three positions and contributed to 71% of total sales of Apple in January 2021. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the iPhone 12 Pro accounted for 6%, 5%, and 4% market share respectively in the top-selling smartphones worldwide criteria. iPhone 11 was in the 4th spot and iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone SE 2020 were in the 8th and 10th spots in that month as well. The list of 10 best-selling smartphones in January 2021 is given below!

ModelMarket Share
iPhone 126%
iPhone 12 Pro Max5%
iPhone 12 Pro4%
iPhone 112%
Xiaomi Redmi 9A2%
Xiaomi Redmi 91%
Samsung Galaxy A21S1%
iPhone 12 Mini1%
Samsung Galaxy A311%
iPhone SE 20201%

Source: Counterpoint Research

Which iPhone has the most number of Users?

In 2020 Apple iPhone 7 was the most popular smartphone in the world, holding more than 10.5% market share. In that same year, iPhone 6S, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 6 also contributed to a larger share and also in Apple’s total sales revenue. This Statista data shows that iPhone 7 is the most popular and most used iPhone globally.  

How many iPhone users are there in 2020?

There were 1042 million active iPhone users in the world in 2020 where 202 million users were from the USA alone – according to Statista

How many Apple iPhone users are there?

As of March 2022, there are more than 1 billion active iPhone users in the world. In addition, there are approximately 3.8+ billion smartphone users currently and iPhone holds more than 17% (an average of all four quarters) market share. 

What is the percentage of iPhone users to Android users?

According to Statista, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android jointly hold 99% share of the total smartphone market in the world where Google’s Android accounts for around 83% and iOS accounts for 17% and more respectively, in the year 2021. In numbers, there are more than 1 billion iOS users and more than 2.5 billion Android users globally. 

Wrap UP!

Well, that was a huge post with many key stats and numbers about iPhones, proving how great the brand has continued to become since 2008! Before wrapping the post up, please note that the data provided in the whole article was from valid web sources and credit has also been given to them. We hope that you have found iPhone users and sales statistics in 2023 interesting and we will make sure to update the data where necessary, while Apple’s iPhone keeps progressing. Stay tuned and comment below to let us know about your thoughts on iPhones and their future. 

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