Privacy Policy

Last updated March 2021

By visiting our site, you must accept our website’s privacy policy, otherwise, refrain from using our site.

Pick Latest can update its privacy policy at any time without notice. If you continued to visit the website, you are continuing to accept our privacy policy changes.

We are not associated with Android, It is the property of Google LLC. 

The third-party privacy policy will be followed by their policy, you are also accepting all the staff we use like Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Other websites, or affiliate links.

What information is collected?

We value your information to protect you from hackers. Mainly, we collect two basic information from you: non-personally identifiable information and personally identifiable information to use our sites. The non-personally identifiable information can not identify your real identity. But the info can be used to track you and your general location, demographics by using unauthorized and harmful sites. The Personally identifiable information may include: your name, address, phone number, and email address to verify you as a real user on our sites. And this information is required for our website’s safety.

Sometimes, we may also collect information about your use of the sites like your search terms and search results, and additional data (Traffic Data), including time and date of access, software crash reports, session identification number, access times, and referring website addresses. And these data we collect when users do not provide their info to verify Personal Identification.

How do we use your information?

We use the information to learn from you that helps us to personalize and improve your experience on the sites like:

  • Serve you the products, contents, and other services at your request. And this search can generate a new niche as per your likes.
  • As you requested, we post your user-generated content to our sites.
  • We believe communication has the power to satisfy customers’ needs.
  • If you suggest including some trendy products, then we assure you of our best performance.
  • You can give suggestions about changes to our policies.
  • Communicate with you via comment to a story or topic.
  • Personalize content and experiences can be shared on our sites and need recommendations based on your preferences.
  • Send you offers, promotions, and newsletters for our products and services through e-mail, text, or other mediums.
  • Provide the promotions, polls, administer contests, giveaways.
  • Optimize or improve the products, services.
  • Analyze, investigate, and prevent activities that may violate our policies.
  • Perform statistical, demographic, and also marketing analyses of users of the sites. And most importantly, their purchasing items.

We may use the information in our Picklatest Sites, all of which are owned and operated by us. Pick Latest may combine information gathered from multiple portions of the Sites, including offline or from third-party sources. Collecting data from a particular browser or device is used to check the accuracy of our records.

Who can see your information?

Pick Latest never exposes your personally identifiable information towards any organizations or their subsidiaries that are collected from the sites except as described below:

Third-Party Agents

We have third-party agents, partners, affiliates who perform functions including hosting, content management, social media integration, marketing, analytics, billing, and customer service on our behalf. To perform these entities, we need your personally identifiable information. Third parties can handle the security issues because they follow some restrictions like using, selling, distributing, or alternating this data in any harmful sites. We mention some important listings about Third-party scripts or SDKs that Picklatest uses.

How do sites use cookies and other tracking technologies?

Common ID Cookie

This site is responsible for tracking similar technologies and uses cookies, including Common ID cookies, to provide its services. Cookies are considered as the important devices for measuring advertising effectiveness and can ensure robust online advertising. The common one stores a unique user id in the first-party domain and is accessible to our ad partners. The ID can be utilized to improve user matching.

GDPR Compliance for European Territories

European privacy laws, European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Picklatest provide specific additional rights for citizens of the European Territories like the right to object, complaint, and access. In below describe details:

  • The law gives the right to request information about whether and which personal data is rectified or amended.
  • Under some circumstances, you also can request that personal data should be deleted.
  • The right to demand the processing of personal data should be restricted.
  • Can withdraw your data for future application building.
  • Have the right to obtain personal data, structured readable format.
  • If you have any questions, then contact our data protection officer and provide your comments, complaints, or requests regarding data protection and processing of your data.

In brief, according to the GDPR, citizens from “European Territories” mainly refer to the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. If you face any confusion, then feel free to contact us. We reference the rights of European Territory citizens throughout this privacy policy.

Please email picklatestllc (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “GDPR Request” for any questions about exercising any of the above rights.

Other Policies

How We Secure Your Information

Pick Latest takes the necessary steps to secure your information, including the use of physical, technical, and administrative controls. We try our best to protect your personally identifiable information and serve you in a better way. The public network and other data over the internet can not be guaranteed to be 100% secure. For this reason, you also need to maintain some precautions like:

  • Be aware of sharing personal information to unauthorized sites, open access.
  • Take necessary precautions to use home networks, wireless routers, wireless (WiFi) networks, if needed.

Contests or Games

In general, the contest or giveaway, or game relating sites have a set of rules. The rules specify how the information gathered from you for entry will be used. And provides a full format of the description on this privacy policy page. If you submit it properly, you get access to enjoy contests or games.

Children’s Information

Pick latest never collects the personal information from children under 16 years of age. For this reason, if you are under 16 years, prohibited from providing personal information on our sites without your parent’s confirmation.

If we find out these types of cases, then we immediately delete the information. Please notify us at picklatestllc (at) gmail (dot) com. If you identify this type of info, then inform us.

Questions About this Policy or Access to Your Information

If you have a user account in Picklatest, you may review and update your information by logging into your account profile. If you have any questions, contact us.

Email: picklatestllc (at) gmail (dot) com