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PuTTY is a lightweight, open-source, renowned terminal emulator, and a free SSH client. Simon Tatham developed it amazingly with C language. The main function of PuTTY Download is offering manipulating data, transferring files while connecting to a computer remotely.


Last Updated17 July 2021
DeveloperSimon Tatham
File Size2.9 MB
OSWindows, Linux

About PuTTY 0.76 Download

It offers a variety of network protocols like Telnet, SSH, SCP, SFTP, Serial etc. PuTTY has a command-line tool called “psftp” that offers secure transfer between computers in an SSH network.

What’s New

  • The Unix tool of PuTTY 0.76 can connect directly to a Unix domain socket.
  • It supports an alternative provable time generation algorithm for DSA and RSA.
  • The terminal supports 9 m ESC for strikethrough text.
  • The SSH key fingerprint format is upgraded to OpenSSH-style SHA-256.
  • The private key file format is upgraded to PPK3. 
  • PuTTY 0.76 upgraded new protocols, SUPDUP for talking to old systems such as PDP-10s and bare ssh-connection layer for use over already secured IPC channels. 

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