Sound Booster 1.11.514 Latest Version Download

Sound Booster 1.11.514 Download

Sound Booster software works as an amplifier for your computer. It enables you to boost up the sounds from your computer’s system. Moreover, you can turn up the sound levels higher and lower as your taste. Sound Booster provides a satisfying listening experience and powerful sound. Download Sound Booster 1.11.514 Latest Version today and enjoy the melody of music.


Last Update10 March 2021
LicenseFree to Try
File Size6.5 MB
Rating3.9 out of 5

Know About Sound Booster

Sound Booster 1.11.514 amplifies the sound of your devices’ system by stirring the volume to higher levels which comes equipped with strong tools that the user can easily establish with hotkeys. 

Some of us don’t have the right music set up when it comes to listening to music aloud, it can be a problem. Especially when you feel the sound is not loud enough. Thankfully there are some solutions you can try and we have come with the best one and that is Sound Booster 1.11.514.

Higher Volume

The prime purpose of Sound Booster is to intensify the sound of your system. The system volume will no longer be bounded by the volume constraints that come with the user’s SD card or windows. Sound Booster processes the sounds on the users’ computer before it reaches the sound card. 

The overall sound of the device can be increased and surpass the highest possible sound restrictions that the device usually has. 

The user can be able to reach sounds that are several times stronger than the actual sound and it is easy and quick to set the programme up.

Hotkeys Setup

The user has to set up the hotkeys to increase and change the sounds in a short time span. The user will gain the ability to boost up the sounds just by clicking a few buttons on the keyboard by using the hotkeys they have fixed to use. Additionally, as it minimizes the system tray, it makes the app easy to use. 

If you want to increase the sound quality of your PC, Sound Booster 1.11.514 is the best choice for the sound boosting app. 

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