SpeedFan 4.52 Download (Latest Version)

SpeedFan Download

SpeedFan monitors your computer’s voltages, fan speeds and temperatures with hardware monitor chips. The programme can also access S.M.A.R.T. info showing hard disk temperatures. SpeedFan supports SCSI disks and can change the FSB on some hardware. It is considered as a bonus feature of the programme. Download SpeedFan 4.52 the latest version and keep your device cool whenever you use.


Last updatedFebruary 27, 2021
DeveloperAlfredo Milani-Comparetti
File size2.9 MB
Downloads 335,093

About SpeedFan 4.52

SpeedFan is the programme that can access digital temperature sensors, and change fan speeds according to the temperature to reduce noise of your computer. If you don’t want to face any problem with your system performance, free download it right now! It will inform you of every little detail of the micro, HD, fan speed and charge of the CPU. So download SpeedFan and it will make your work a lot easier. This is not all, it also offers the information and allows you to control the speed of the fan. It is very easy to use as it is an automated function so you have to do nothing. Just run it and you have all the information you need. 

What the Latest Version Includes?

  • It supports IPMI fully
  • It fully supports IT IT8771E
  • It fully supports Intel Sunrise Point (Z170) SMBus
  • It fully supports STMicro STTS2004
  • It fully supports NCT6793D
  • It fully supports Giantec GT34TS04 and GT34TS02
  • It fully supports Atom E3800 SMBus
  • It fully supports Atom C2000 SMBus
  • It fully supports Fintek F71878A/F71868A 
  • The new version has been enabled to SMBus on Intel 6 Series / C20x
  • The new version fixed the SCSI_PASS_THROUGH access
  • It has fixed Nuvoton NCT6791D and NCT6792D
  • It supports alternate registers of NCT6793D
  • The new version has fixed German translation for CPU Usage


  • It can handle almost any number of South Bridges
  • It can handle almost any number of monitor chips
  • It can handle almost any number of hard disks
  • It can handle almost any number of temperature readings
  • Any number of voltage readings can be handled easily using the programme
  • Any number of fan speed readings can also be handled easily 
  • It can handle almost any number of PWMs


SpeedFan can be an extremely powerful tool. It is useful for many reasons. It can tell you every detail of the temperature, and can help you to reduce the noise. SpeedFan has been used since 2000. But you should keep in mind that no program can be perfect so we won’t be held responsible if SpeedFan causes any damage to your system.

SpeedFan is a free programme to help you monitor various features of your system. It informs you about all data so you can find what you’re looking for without any hassle. For power users, SpeedFan is a great tool and you can download it free from us, so what are you waiting for!

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