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Last Updated8 March 2013
Developer(s):Gameloft, MECC
License Freeware
File Size1.8 MB
Rating3.7 out of 5

Know About The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was the most iconic game back from the ‘70s and ‘80s era. Now it has come with a more featured and more exciting gameplay system, so it’s now The Modern Oregon Trail so to say. This game with modern twists awaits with weevils, river forging, dysentery and much more.

Respect for Indigenous People

In this new edition, the developers were determined to delineate Native American perspectives. Indigenous people like that with westward expansion was not an adventure but an occupation. That’s why to bring out the real story, the developers have collaborated with the Native Americans and brought out the real complex respectful representation in the game.


Hunting is one of the important aspects of this game. You must purchase bullets in order to run the Gun during playing the game or at the starting of the game. You have to stop and hunt along with your travelling. You’re able to hunt wild animals like bison, bears, elk, rabbits, deer etc to get food reserved. The previous version of this game was not developed in graphics like the present version.


People in your party in The Oregon Trail can suddenly fall ill and die because of multiple causes such as measles, cholera, snake bites, dysentery, typhoid, or even just one is too exhausted. Moreover, you can also die from drowning in the river or from a simple broken leg. When someone dies in this game, you have to hold a brief funeral and write an epitaph to honour him or her and then continue down the trail. 


Points are awarded at the end of the game according to the profession chosen at the beginning of the game (Carpenter, farmer, banker), cash in hand, remaining possessions, and survivors. The points get doubled if you choose to be a farmer or a carpenter. 

Note: [Playing the newer version of The Oregon Trail requires DOS (Disk Operating System) in your device’s windows.]

In the modern version, you’ll be able to control the man in the game who has a rifle in his hand. It can point his rifle in different 8 directions and fire gunshots to the fast-moving animals. The Modern Oregon Trail has a realistic representation of wildlife. Additionally, you can play in different environments too.

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